Thursday, April 21, 2011

Great Night!

Video Games Live was fantastic last night even though my husband, the huge numby, parked like 8 blocks from the theater for no apprant reason. Hope the bastard isn't trying to tell me something lol.

Best performances were the songs from Halo and Castlevania, the host pulled out a really awesume steampunk themed electric guitar for them. ''One winged Angel'' from FF7 was really well done too really moving.

There was a guitar hero contest on stage and a 1 vs 1 frogger match too on the big screen which was pretty hilarious. Right before the show started was a cosplay competition, winners were a guy dressed as the dog from Duck Hunt, and someone dressed as a massive cube thing with a face from Minecraft.

We got to see this guy doing a bunch of Final Fantasy songs on the piano as well as playing his Mario compilation blindfolded which is how he got discovered by Video Games Live in the first place.

This girl (and this video is actually straight from a video games live show) playing Zelda tunes on the flute while dressed as Link. She actually recorded herself playing all the other parts of the song beforehand too.

The audience also all sang together with the choir and singers ''Still Alive'' from Portal!!!! for the finale


  1. Ugh I could beat myself in the face with a stick for missing that when it came to Huntington. Just kinda forgot to get tickets *cries*

    Sounds awesome!

  2. Totally worth it!
    You can even win stuff too, they gave away a play-station 3 and a PsP on our gift bags for the people who participated in the on stage stuff (they had vouchers, games and a CD of the show in them)

    Next time it rolls around you should definitively get tickets :D