Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The title of the post is also the name of the 8th Assignment for Dark Shadowz, two more assignments left in this non elimination competition, and it looks like I'll be taking second. I need to get my hands on a tablet so I can actually start getting into editing, my hand just isn't steady enough with a mouse.

I have however been playing around with the new animation player, made by the same modder who created the now widely used pose player. One other creator made a couple of animation unlocker downloads, I havent tried out the WA ones but I don't think you need the Expac to play them which is awesume.

Anyways here is the entry for Dark Shadowz, as always the story behind it is posted on the actual thread over at Unbound

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Double Entries

Made sure I organized my time well today so I could get two entries in today, since I will be busy with real life stuff for the next day at least, if not two.

Assignment 3 for Beech Modeling which required our model to be enjoying the water in whatever way possible, in a swimsuit that must feature the color blue. I was thinking about doing an editing job and have Laleina on a jet ski but I decided on doing this instead.

And then I also managed to get Assignment 3 for All About Me finished which required me to age my simself down to either toddler or child stage and put together a snapshot like picture. So here's me as a toddler (yeah I had white blond hair when I was that young, it started to darken at about age 9)

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Shameless plug of an awesume competition.
No I'm not in it so I'm not trying to talk up my own work, I am judging though, so I guess that could be taken a different way lol.
In all seriousness though, my judging skills aside you should check this competition out just for the pictures.

Inspiration is run by Evie, and is very different from the average comp. Each assignment is just a picture either a photograph, a painting or some digital art, a song or even a video. Contestants then have to get inspired by that source material and create a simming master piece.

Sign ups have been closed due to the sheer number of interested simmers, but lurkers are very much welcome, the pictures are well worth stopping by.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Vampire the Masquerade Assignment 6

Assignment 6 was to show off a few of our particular vampire clans ''Disciplines''. As a Tremere I knew I would be rocking some Thaumaturgy, but as it also breaks the Masquerade I had to come up with a plan for the picture. Hopefully I got the right idea, I've never played the game so I took a guess as to what the abilities might look like when performed, but here's the entry and blurb.


Most of the time the human police are not a bother to the vampire community, unfortunately for Dezlith she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and a small group of them watched her drain and kill a person, and then clean herself up before attempting to return to the mansion.

They cornered her, and drew their guns. On the barrel end of terrified men with guns is not a safe place for anyone, even though the bullets couldn't actually kill Dezlith, they could rip through her flesh causing injuries that would take time to heal. So even though it would break the rules of the masquerade Dezlith unleashes her clans special ability and blocks the bullets path with a Blood Shield.

Directly afterwards as the shield is shrinking from around her, to reclaim her cover Dezlith uses the Dominate Discipline ''Brain wash'', Wiping the short term memory of the officers and turning them into to brainless morons long enough for her to make her escape, and memories of seeing a Vampire let alone any Thaumaturgy no longer exist.

From the list


Level 2: Brainwipe
Cost: 2 Blood
Targets: Any within radius of player
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Briefly erases the short term memory of anyone in the area of effect. They'll forget what they were just doing including that they were fighting you or even that you're around at all.


Level 3: Blood Shield
Cost: 3 Blood
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: Yes
Description: Envelops the Tremere in a magical barrier that soaks a portion of any damage inflicted. After absorbing a certain amount of damage the spell will wear off.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Before I Forget

Sims Pictures!!

For All About Me, the assignment was our best friend and an activity we would do together. So I recreated one of the many times my best friend in New Zealand and I would head out to the thermal hot-pools in our area and chat about all sorts of stuff, we used to do it at least two times a week after we both finished work, a great way to wind down.

And another installment into the Tragedy saga for Dark Shadowz, this one the nightmare of a dark fairy....it once again ties into the ongoing story.

Magical Ponycorn Adventure

 Sissy's Ponycorn Adventure

The site has been having heavy traffic lately, possibly due to the awesume cuteness that is Sissy's Ponycorn Adventure, so if you can't get the page to load the first time I highly suggest you save it to favorites and check back later.

While trying to fix my sims game I was starting to get super pissed off, so my husband linked me this to cheer me up, he knew the adorable absurdity would make me smile. It's a little flash game drawn and voiced by a 5 year old girl and her dad.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beech Modeling Assignment 2

You'd think being a swimsuit based competition it would be faster creating an outfit......but strangely it isn't lol.
Sure it's a tonne faster dressing your extras, just switch to the swimsuit category and hit random but I did spend an amazing amount of time playing around with different colors and patterns and accessories for my main model.

This assignment was all about the monokini and a scene with friends having fun. This is my entry.

Also yay for 80 minions, time to take over the world! :D


I was really close to having everything all sorted out, getting all up to date with my Simming stuff and my house work and then the police certificate I was waiting for from Australia arrived and it has turned into a mad dash to get all my immigration forms in order as quickly as possible.

As you may or may not know I'm an illegal in Canada lol, well not really, I'm married to a Canadian, I've just kinda outstayed my visitors visa and have been in the process of putting together the VERY detailed forms for Canadian residency and eventually citizenship.

We are finally on the final step of double checking everything and sending the main set of forms off, as well as sending away for my New Zealand Police Check which gets mailed directly to the immigration offices. Kinda wish I hadn't lived in so many countries, moved around so much within those countries and had so many jobs....would have made it a touch easier putting together my life history from the last 10 years.

While I was checking the dates of a few things, and the spelling of a few peoples last names and such I did a bit of catching up on facebook and found my best friend in NZ had linked me a youtube video of my favorite Anime song, Every Heart from Inuyasha being played on the piano........I have often talked about having him play this on the Ocarina at my NZ wedding/renewal of vows.

I should have some more Sims pictures up in the next few days, and should finally get the chance to play some Forsaken World!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Feeling a bit poo

I didn't think stomach flu was contagious, well at least that's what my husband said the doctor told him, he has been sick for a few days, but then just as he was getting better I seem to get it.

My immune system must be so crap that I can magically make any bug transfer to my system.

For some reason the wireless internet doesn't always work with my laptop so for the past few days I'll occasionally get online via the lappy in the living room, but the majority of my time I've been camped out in the bedroom playing Pokemon on my husbands DS.

Yeah Pokemon....I'm not a fan, but I do enjoy games where you have to collect things, and the mindless grinding style is perfect for my brain right now, I can just zone out and run up and down long grassy areas lol.

I did get one competition entry done this morning, I'm not overly happy with it, but creating ''Art'' which is the aim of JK's comp ''Canvas'' just isn't happening for me right now so it will have to do.

The assignment is to create a political poster something that spreads a message. Everyone is kinda doing pro military stuff (cept Kelle who did a hilarious ''Wake up America'' picture with EA's forum moderators taking the role of the USA) so I did a pro peace poster.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hitched Results!

Really enjoyed the Sci fi theme, will have to keep an eye out in the future for any other space themed comps, glad that I was able to stay till the end of this cycle since I had to drop out of the previous one.
Thanks for running another great comp JK!
Thanks to all the other contestants and judges too <3

On a sadder note RIP Macho Man Randy Savage, thank you for your contribution to professional wrestling you will be missed.


Another last minute entry mwhahaha, getting back into my old ways of submitting on the last day...I should really not it's much nicer not having the added rush of knowing it has to be in on the same day I start putting it together.

However it seems every-time I go to create an entry for Darkslayers comp, Vampire the Masquerade, there seems to be a variety of new poses out that just give me a instant idea. This time it was the sleeping poses by Traelia, and some new couples poses from another talented modthesims pose maker. Which lead me to create this for the ''Sire and Childe'' assignment.

The relationship between sire and Childe is generally kept as brief as possible within the coven Dezlith was brought up in. The clan as a whole was expected to help her develop her place within the world, and cultivating a sense of dependency and loyalty to the clan as whole rather than to a specific person.
However Dezlith's sire was one who constantly broke this unwritten rule and would have romantic affairs with his male and female children alike. Sebastian was Dezlith's first lover, one who not only taught her tricks in the bedroom but also unwittingly aided in Dezlith's development into a force to be reckoned with amongst her peers, the two spending many nights abducting victims in a variety of creative ways.

Did some further experimentation with blood editing trying to stain their victims clothing in a way that would reflect a bleeding wound in the neck.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Learned Something New Today

Spent forever bashing my head against the computer trying to work out why everyone else could see the full posts and pictures at Bliss's new Sims modeling site ''Sims 3 Unbound'' but why I couldn't.

I tried changing the resolution, and actually discovered that while I could change it, that the max height my screen would support is 768, something I didn't actually know and which now makes me a sad panda. I normally just rock whatever screen resolution is default, but after seeing the small improvements to the quality through higher resolutions it made me want a new computer all that more, since this one's screen has such a limitation.

Zooming out on the browser window rather than changing the resolution did in the end fix it, now I can see everything fine over on the site, even if the text is a bit small now. But now I REALLY want a new computer hehe

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sims and FW: Sweet Harmony

As promised in a earlier post, my entry for Dark Shadowz and a picture of Dezrayne my brand new Bard on Forsaken World.

The story for this entry is rather long, I won't be posting it here, I don't think I've posted any part of the story of Tragedy the emo fairy here anyways and it is an on going saga. This is the 6th assignment if I remember correctly, and we had to create an opposite world that our fairy suddenly wakes up in. Being that Tragedy does normally chill out in the gloomy shadows I thought it was clear what her opposite would world look like.

And then we have my Bard Dezrayne. Did some reading and discovered the answers to all my questions (I'm totally baffled as to why the game designers didn't allow the camera to be rotated while running, you can do it while using the click auto run feature but not the WASD keys, weird) Thinking about hitting up my first instance soon.

Just a Heads up

Attention any competition hosts or judges that run their stuff on the official forum, it appears that EA mods are really cracking down on the ''personal information'' rule as stated in that sticky on the first page.

If you have your email posted in your comp thread I suggest you remove it as already one host (Bliss) has received a 3 day temp ban for it, that includes Simming emails.

We have sneakily gotten away with breaking the ''no email'' rule for too long it seems hehe, and now they are actually moderating the Modeling forum

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So I uninstalled WoW....took forever I might add, it's the first time in like....6 years I haven't had that icon on my desktop, so yay.

Replaced that crack with a different form of crack, but it doesn't appear to be as addicting as WoW was so far. I played Forsaken World for a bit last night (a bit being 17 levels) while simultaneously fixing my sims games, multi tasking for the win (though I didn't so much as fix my sims game as watch it randomly start working again with me doing pretty much nothing)

The interface seems pretty simple, there's a few things I haven't quite worked out.....pretty embarrassing shit actually like rotating the camera while running, selling items to vendor and dragging new spells and potions to the bar for quick button usage, but I'm sure playing when I'm not strung out on no sleep might remedy this.

I haven't worked out how to take screen-shots either, but I'm sure there was something about that on either Zeri's or LE's blogs.

I did in the end go for the Bard, just to test out the music system....each song I play causes either wind, water or light damage while also producing a note, different combination's of notes set off different secondary attacks....so far I only have two, one freezes the target and the other provides me with an attack buff.

If I get the chance tonight I will post some pictures of ''Dezrayne'' and a competition entry that I'm currently working on for Dark Shadowz.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Random My Little Pony Post

Anyone old enough to remember watching My Little Pony?

Theres a new one, and it's freaken adorable....well in particular Fluttershy

New Game Time Maybe?

With my sims game on the fritz, as well as the forums, and my insomnia back, I'm a bit bored (even after a few games with new champions on League of Legends)

Hope I can get extensions on my entries for the modeling comps I'm in but I've also been looking at another game. I have been contemplating it for a while now after seeing pictures on Zeri's and LE's blogs, its Forsaken World.

I still have WoW installed on my computer so I guess before I download the client I should finally remove it, which will be the final benchmark in me finally kicking the habit and quitting what used to be a pretty heavy addiction.

Zeri already runs a successful guild so I'm going to mosy on over there and join in the fun, the biggest decision is figuring out what to play, human mage, human priest or dwarven marksmen...hmmmm, I'm also kinda intrigued by the Bard.

Will watch some videos and try to fix my sims game first though :D

Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Comp! Beech Modeling

Found another comp that sparked my interest, this one seems like it will be less time consuming than the usual comp since it's all about swimsuits! and a good chunk of my picture taking time is designing outfits for my models and extras.

Toxic was canceled due to Evergreen/Jakes busy life but I really like the model I made for it, so I decided this was the perfect opportunity to use Laleina Kale again.

Here's the first assignment which is a nice basic ''Brightly colored swimsuit with your model on a one color solid background''. Got to play a bit more with some of the new poses for pose player, there's some really amazing ones out there now.

I think it's still looking for entries, so if you're interested have a look for it when the forums come back up

Entry for All About You

So I guess some people might be stopping by to see if I'm going to comment on the ''You're a Tosser'' raging that Mares are doing and the more ''I'm disappointed in your lack of tact and understanding'' post from AE......but to be honest I just don't give a fuck. If you know me, you know its the biggest pile of bullshit ever, if you don't then you are entitled to think badly of me for my lack of political correctness and assume I hate or look down on those with disabilities, that's cool with me.

On a less dramatic and more sim related note I did enter my entry for the simself competition I entered (that's a lot of entering >.<). It's called All About You and has a whopping 30+ contestants. The first assignment was to portray your best trait and your worst trait in two different pictures (based on a set of traits we chose when we submitted when we entered) mine were Artistic, Great Kisser, Hotheaded, Insane, and Family Orientated, guess after all that post bullshit I should have put inappropriate in there somewhere lol. Best Trait: Great Kisser

Worst Trait: Hot Headed

They do both have little blurbs, as required by the host Felicia but since the Sims forums are down I can't add them in..........I might do an edit later.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Moderator Down Syndrome

No offense intended towards those with actual Down Syndrome or people with loved ones with Down Syndrome....as it is certainly an insult for you to be compared at all to the ''Special'' moderators on the Sims forum.

Want to know how many threads you can create with the same title ''Minecraft Players Chat'' and the same contents, on the Sims 3 forum, a forum that clearly states in the rules that is a Sims 3 only forum before you recieve a ban?

jmt2002 obviously has taken up this challenge with

8 locked posts almost one after the other, each locked, but shes still posting.
5 bucks says the mods are currently using it as a drinking game....or a cheetos eating game, and thats why they haven't banned the crappy game loving troll yet

My apologies also to those that enjoy a good game of pixel shit world, but personally I think Minecraft is balls lol

EDIT: Looks like 13 was the lucky/unlucky number!

Re-EDIT: I spoke too soon, there was just a break in the spam, perhaps to grab a snack. 15 threads, still not banned, lol EA mods, you fail so very hard

Hitched Volume 3 Sci fi/Fantasy Edition Finale

It's been a long time coming. With all my real life shiz and other competitions it has taken me forever to get this all together.
I'm not entirely happy with it, I did try some more minor editing, and some new lighting effects that I think make my pictures look less cartoony and more real so we will see how the judges take it.

I have a few other competitions worth of pictures to post, but I'll wait till tomorrow to post them........you get one lot a day! Greedy buggers! hehe

So here's the finale entry, two pictures. One is an escape from a very bad situation, and the other is a visit to earth.....I decided to combine the the two photos into a little mini story to finish off the story arch I had created with my couple.

Picture one: Against all odds

Orpal and Vortox had got a bit too comfortable in recent months. It appeared that the bounty on their head had faded into the background, perhaps there were bigger fish to fry out in the universe. Because of this they had been getting more and more cocky, flying into areas of space that could be very detrimental to their safety, and even visiting places they really shouldn't be.

It was during one such visit that they found themselves in a hot mess.

Through his growing preoccupation with space gun technology, Votox had made a friend in Professor Flockenburg who was a rather brilliant, but also absent minded inventor.

''I would love it if you and the little lady would stop by and see my newest invention'', he told Vortox during a video call.

''What exactly is it?'', questioned Vortox.

''Well it's kind of like a time machine, but also has the functions of a teleporter and it provides the user with clothing that will fit the time period and destination''

''Sounds tricky'', Vortox grinned, ''Is it safe? can we try it out?''

''I guess so'', the professor said, scratching his head, something he does quite often, ''There's a few kinks here and there, but nothing too serious''.

''Excellent, we'll be there as soon as we can!''

The professor had forgot to mention that their had been a number of sightings of a few well known bounty hunters in the area, but then again he forgets quite a lot of things.

Orpal didn't think twice when her husband suggested they visit a port in which they were wanted, and the two soon arrived in Taladeni and headed over to the laboratory to check out all of Professor Flokenburg's creations.

They had been there all of 15 mins when a familiar face barged into the inventing floor. Someone who they had previously...ripped off in a bar deal a long time back.

''You two have a lot of guts coming here, but not a lot of brains'', he growled.

Beside him Hennatae one top of the range assassin, drew her electro blade, her fingers ready to send an electrical charge through its length if the couple decided to try and fight back.

They were cornered!

Vortox picked up a nearby temporal gun, but he had no faith in it working correctly, it was a prototype. Orpal began manipulating mental energy in her hand, something she had begun studying years ago, but never really used in combat.

''Some help would be fabulous'', Orpal called out to the Professor, who stood dumbfounded behind a control pad in the corner.

Their only option for escape was the time machine/teleporter. Vortox and Orpal obviously busy dodging net attacks and bantering with the bounty hunters didn't notice the Professor muttering to himself and scratching his head. The old man had forgotten how his own invention worked.

He eventually mashed a few buttons and the doors began to open, red light peaking out from behind the metal.

''Thanks a bunch we owe you one'', screamed back Orpal as the two walked backwards into oblivion.

Picture Two: Earth

The two tumbled through endless space, lights so bright they were practically blinded, the colors changed from Red, to Green, to orange and finally to a lovely calming blue right before they were rudely exported from the time tunnel.

The sight they were met with was unnerving. They found themselves standing in a small room surrounded by small beings with pinky skin staring at them with large round eyes. One turned away and screamed at the top of her lungs, while the others all began talking at one in an odd language moving closer and closer to the couple.

''Do you think they are friendly?'', Orpal asked Vortox moving closer to her husband.

''I have no.........what, what the hell am I wearing? and what happened to my hair!''

Who knows if it was a malfunction, or something the Professor had done while he was smashing the keyboard, but Orpal and Vortox had been teleported far across the known universe to a small under developed planet called Earth. Right into a classroom of students whose teacher had just stepped out to the bathroom.

The machine had dressed them in clothing correct for the planet at least, however Vortox ended up dressed as a medieval knight, and Orpal in a Kawai cosplay type get up.

Well at least they got away from the bounty hunters I guess.....

Friday, May 13, 2011

Finally Bloggers back in Action!

I wish companies would start to realize that if something is working well, then there's really no need to come in and try and ''improve it''. It almost always opens the door for your product to completely SHIT THE BED.

Blogger had months of beautiful uninterrupted service(except for a few hours of maintenance) and then soon as they try to upgrade to a so called ''better' version everything goes tits up and they have to roll back the system, people lose posts, comments and pages (no idea if they are able to retrieve those haven't checked the status forum this morning yet).

You would think that all the issues that have been flooding in since they started introducing all these new features would have sent up alarm bells E.g Unable to post comments, formatting going missing when using the old posting tool, unable to post images etc etc

Glad it's back though I've become quite attached to having my odd ramble on the internet, and checking out others rambles, and I have some pic spammage to post later when I have the time!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sims Pop Art

Just had a ball making this. Totally different from any other sims modeling picture I've ever done and it was crazy hilarious.

Canvas is JK's newest comp and is a truly unique one. The competition assignments pride themselves on being really different, things no-one has done before.

Our first assignment was to take a common modeling assignment and troll it up, make fun of it...........I made a magazine cover...for High Times hehe

This time we had to make a pop art image using a sim but with an object as the main focus. I used Andy Warhol and his Marilyn Munroe pictures as inspiration and finally came up with this.

''Ugly Christmas Shoes'' by PK (lol)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Good News!

Some good news to lift my spirits!

Thought Sweetbaby had me beat in Vanity, but I managed to pull out a win! Yay me lol
Another smexy siggy to add to my collection this one made by Vidkid.

RL Blows

Wish I had more time to spend just chatting and playing games but recently I just haven't. Had something terrible happen, I won't go into details here, but lets just say it's been all encompassing of my time for the last few days and will probably be an ongoing issue for some time.

Major stress that I REALLY didn't need.

So I'm even further behind in my modeling stuff than usual. I did manage to get my Dark Shadowz entry in today, hope its still up for getting marked with the full scorecard though, since late entries get 10 marks knocked off immediately.

Here's the entry, not one of my best but for limited time its ok.....the story that goes with it is a bit long, so if you're interested I would suggest visiting in the corresponding competition thread on the forums.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Against my Better Judgement

I entered another modeling comp.

Yes I have had barely anytime to get entries in for the competitions I'm in, however two of them are coming to an end. I submitted my last entry for Vanity yesterday, and I should have my last entry in for Hitched early next week. After those are finished I just have the slow moving Vampire the Mascarade, Canvas and Dark Shadowz.

So I joined something light hearted and fun, a simself modeling contest, non elimination, no editing.

I updated my simself a bit for the contest, I think she looks more and more like me the more I play around with her features......and this hairstyle is actually the closest I've found to my actual hair right now.

So yes, updated PK picture

Friday, May 6, 2011

Finale for Vanity Cycle 2 (Male Edition)

After a huge mission of trying to find the code for the ''arrested'' pose. (which is a2a_burglar_cuff_x for anyone interested, I've entered it so many times I know if off by heart now lol) I have finally finished my entry for the finale of Vanity.

I'm pretty sure Sweetbaby has me beat, her in game pictures are amazing, and Vanity is a no editing comp. But I at least wanted to give it a good shot.

The assignment is to show the darker side of modeling. Fame has corrupted and twisted our model. The picture must also reflect the sin ''Vanity'' in it.

Here is my entry and little description.

The lifestyle of the rich and famous is not for everyone. While full of glamour it also has a darker side, one that every celebrity will come in contact with at one time or another.
Unfortunately for Zokai he did not have the tools to cope with gaining so much fame all at once. His head got so big he felt that he was unstoppable and no aspect of the film and media industry was out of his reach.
He slowly spiralled in the night life aspect of being famous, the drinking and the drugz. He then moved on to ladies of the night whom where more than happy to cater to his every whim.
It was a usual night for Zokai, the night he was arrested. He had rented an upmarket hotel suit, hired some ladies, and laid out enough coke, prescription pills and booze to kill an elephant. He then decided to film an impromptu adult film featuring his girls in some designer swimsuits, in compromising positions in the living room and spa. He would of course be the star, and if his popularity ever waned he could release the picture to bring himself back into the limelight, where he belongs.
He didn't even notice his little party getting out of hand until the police turned up at the door, arresting him on a multitude of charges....chasing down half baked, and half nekkid woman at the same time.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Page

Added a new page to the blog which can be now found under the new section to the right labeled ''Pages''.

This has a record of all my Sims 3 modeling wins and runner up positions along with the cool siggies peoples took the time to make for me.

I personally don't particularly like the animated GIF signatures people use to display all their siggies in the small amount of room we get on the forums, so I think this is the next best way to make sure that the hosts who created them don't think it was all for nothing.

I'm thinking of adding other pages at some point but since I just became the winner of Fashionista Madness Cycle 2, I thought this was a good time to create my Sim Modeling History page :D

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Buffet the Cannibal Lamb

How cool is that post title lol

My husband and I popped down to Safeway to grab a few grocery items and happened to turn up on the ''No Tax'' day, so we went a bit crazy. The Easter items were also on special and this is where I ended up with Buffet.

Buffet might be a bunny rabbit, he actually looks more like one in this picture it seems to make his ears look longer, but in person he really could pass for either a bunny or a lamb, being that lambs are also animals you see often in Easter decorations since it's a spring time holiday, the tag also stated Buffet is a farm animal and bunny doesn't really scream ''farm'' to me.

Anyways, I named him Buffet the Cannibal Lamb, because he looks like he ate all the other lambs LOL

I'm tempted to make him a black bow tie, top hat and fangs so he can be renamed Count Cannibal Lamb hehe