Monday, January 31, 2011

WoW Stuff

Finally got a little time to play some WoW, so I have some pic spam.

First my new hunter. I'm not a fan of the class but I love all the different pets you can get, and now that all hunters start with a racially specific pet I couldn't resist creating a Worgen hunter...since they get wicked Mastiffs!

So here is ''Frizbee''

and her pet ''Chewtoy''

I'm taking suggestions for future pet names, however they have to be somehow related to, treats, games whatever lol.

I've been taking the time to enjoy some of the old and new scenery.

The Night Elf architecture in Ashenvale

The wild new oasis in the Barrens

A sunset from Booty Bay (Yarrr)

Speaking of pirates, I've been fighting some...with the help of my own trusty boat.

Which was given to me buy the goblins and gnomes that hang out on the steam barge floating in the waters of the now flooded Shimmering Flats in Thousand Needles. The boat itself is rather amusing as are it's quests, I quite enjoyed bashing a goblin over the head with a bottle to start a pub brawl in the barge's bar. This gnome and goblin engineering paradise features some interesting spots,

A cute bathtub which comes with a pet crustacean

Goblin BBQ complete with dodgy looking fish burgers

and finally my favorite

A que for the loo (there's also a gnome out house....apparently goblins and gnomes prefer separated bathrooms lol)

Next time I'm playing my druid I'll have to remember to get some screen shots of some cataclysm zones, they have some interesting scenery.

Pose Combining

I haven't really done all that much in the area of editing since joining Gothique Beauty ages ago. It really taught me to appreciate an in game picture and not rely on editing to get a shot I want.

That being said I have decided for this next assignment for Simiverse I'm going to try my hand at pose combining again. I've only ever done it twice before way back when I first started modeling (in the very first cycle of Simiverse). If it works out how I want it to I might do the same for the next assignment of Flux too.

The other competitions I'm in, I'm still going to stick to a non editing or minor editing only style. Cele creates some amazing images without having to edit(sometimes just minor stuff like lighting) so I'm going to spend some more time experimenting in game as well.

Need to evolve and get better it I'm going to maintain a position in these competitions, so stay tuned for my experimental pose combining pictures :D

Saturday, January 29, 2011

2 Days, 7 Hours....

Just finished a modeling entry, that seriously took me days to finish...probably about 7 hours or so in total.

I'm normally not a fan of the collage, but this time it was required for a ''Spring Break'' related assignment for Clique. 5 pictures minimum.

Firstly this was difficult as we don't have ''Spring Break'' where I come from....we go to the beach all year round (no one in NZ lives more than an hour from a beach, except Hamilton where its about 1h 15mins to Raglan). From movies and pictures I kinda guessed it was kinda like Orientation week for college students, lots of drinking, shagging and being total morons.

I created 5 different sets, with multiple different extras, and three different outfit changes for my main model....I tired to do an idea that was different to what the majority of entries were going to be (Beach, swimming etc related)

My model Simone is spending her Spring Break in the city with her best friend Kylie, following Kylie's brothers band ''Cavity Dust'' going to their concert dates, pub performances and chilling out for jam sessions in the hotel room.

Here's each of the model shots, and then the final collage.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The heir is.....


Final votes from the forum and blog were,

Radik - 1
Alex - 3
Piper - 6
Summer - 11

I have already used an alien adult version of Summer for the Hitched comp. So I've decided since I do love Piper that I'm going to do the same for her. The made over version of Piper has been entered into ''Take your pic'', and this is her, Beth O'Dare.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Legacy Vote

I have a page up on the General Discussion section of the forum, but I'll re post the shortened version here too.

Radik Neverend
Insane, Bookworm, Genius, Heavy Sleeper, Kleptomaniac
LTW: Illustrious Author
Job: Professional Writer
Age: YA

Alex Neverend
Hates the outdoors, Dramatic, Good sense of Humor, Good, Natural Cook
LTW: World Renowned Surgeon
Job: Medical Career
Age: YA

Piper Neverend (Summers Twin)
Loves the Outdoors, Excitable, Snob, Artistic
LTW: Become Superstar athlete
Job: None
Age: Teen

Summer Neverend (Pipers Twin)
Flirty, Slob, Virtuoso, Lucky
LTW: None at the moment
Job: Grocery Store Clerk
Age: Teen

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Musical Episodes

I LOVE those random musical episodes some shows come out with, in particular ''Once More with Feeling'' from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Every now and again I get the urge to watch it...lucky I have a copy on my laptop hehe

Spikes song ''Rest in Peace'', man he is one sexy vampire....fuck Angel he was a big pussy, Spike was bad ass. Love the bit where he's surfing the coffin, it gives me all a Billy Idol vibe, but that might just be the hair do hehe

The song writing was actually pretty good, not all musical episodes have lyrically decent songs, I'd say the only one I hated was the show tune number by Anya and Xander.

*Shakes Fist at EA Forum*

I've felt like playing my legacy family these last few days, and finally got to the stage of picking my heir, I was going to do a little thread vote thing on the forums...but for some reason my pictures won't show up.

I keep getting that ''this picture has been moved or deleted'' thing, when the pictures haven't been moved nor deleted.

This has made me a sad panda, and I may have to resort to choosing the heir myself. Unless I work out why the EA forum has to be such a huge fuck nugget.

In other simmy news I have started making sims of characters who appear in my dreams. Yes I said characters, I have these things I like to call ''Saga Dreams'' which are more like being part of a mini series or TV show, that continue over multiple nights. So far I've only made one...Kai Malrath who happens to be my very first vampire too.

Here's a non vamp version too

Slowly working on the others when I have time, using people I know and celebrities they remind me of, to help create them.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Decisions, Decisions!

There's always a fine line between a modeling competition assignment that is too broad...and one that crushes the ability to be overly creative.

I've had a couple recently that verged nicely on that ''Too Broad'' category, which means I end up spending A LOT of time trying to think of something to do.

Simiverse gave me an assignment to portray three objects that define teenagers, which is a fairly wide open assignment.

And Flux gave me an even harder one,

I usually try to create all my shoots in game, it's not that I can't edit, it's just that I prefer the symmetry of a pure in game creation. Flux is normally an ''editing optional'' competition, just the way I like it.....but this round we had to produce a purely unedited image.

RIGHT UP MY ALLEY! might say!

Except for the fact that, that was all the specifications there was no, boundaries for my imagination.
Normally once I build a set that's it I go with it, though I rarely ever take my first shots, poses etc. However this time I actually made two entirely different sets. Hopefully I submitted the right pictures for both competitions.


The entry I submitted for Flux (set Number 2)

The entry I didn't submit (Only one of the four different angles and poses I tried)

Even though I should spend the 20 bucks....

I'm currently downloading a pirated version of Amnesia Dark Decent.

Normally if something is created by a smaller company or is of exceptional quality I will buy it. Amnesia fits into both these categories BUT I'm poor and already spending money to play WoW. So in approximately 3 hours I will have a copy of this deliciously scary game.

I will be waiting until it's actually dark to play it though, to get the full effect :D

I'm trying to remember to take more screen shots of more stuff than just sets for modeling comps, so hopefully it isn't too scary that I forget where the print screen button it hehe.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Screenshots about my Blogger Account Problem

This is what I get on sites I've already followed prior to changing my avatar

As you can see it has my old avatar, if you click on the name it takes you to my blogger account its supposed to, The name is the blogger account name, and the new avatar is seen on the profile when you visit it.

This is what I get now after changing my profile picture

The avatar has a google icon on it. The name is linked to my google account and when you click on it, it takes you to my google profile and not my blogger one...despite it saying its logged in on my blogger account.

How do I get this back to the way its supposed to be with it linking only to my blogger account?

Problems with Blogger Account

I don't quite get wtf is going on but here are my issues
I changed my blogger profile avatar weeks ago, it hasn't changed on anyone's follow lists.
When I try to follow any new blogs it doesn't list with my blogger account name, instead it uses my real name, it sometimes posts with my blogger account avatar with with a weird little goggle icon on the bottom right hand corner, or with a totally blank avatar. If it posts with a blank avatar I don't even show up on that persons following list.

Anyone got any ideas as to what is causing this? I've posted something over at the help forum for blogger users but if anyone else has any bright ideas then I'm all ears.

I just checked someone blog I recently commented on (Randomspirit's) and my name and avatar are showing correctly there....I don't understand why it isn't showing properly in peoples follow lists though.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Nothing like a bit of blog and youtube surfing to keep me awake.
Which lead me to this,

Amnesia: Dark Decent

Miracle is playing it at the moment,and it looks like a tonne of fun if you like to be scared that is! might have to write it down on my mile long to do list.

And then this game was linked to me

Dead Space

Which has a sequel which should be out soon, however I've never played the original and it looks badass

So Very Tired

I suffer from insomnia as well as a tendency to oversleep.
Right now it's kinda a disturbing blend of the two.

I've been up all night, playing WoW because I couldn't sleep, getting annoyed and disheartened by the terrible human beings that play the game. Sometimes I think I'm mean and rude and then I meet some of these people and realize I'm a big cuddly bunny compared to some people.

Anyways, way off topic that happens when I haven't slept. I want to go to bed, the concept of sleeping sounds so very yummy, except last night I forgot that we have an inspection today.

Last night in the middle of the night, Greg and I secret squirreled a broken couch into the dumpster outside. Secret Squirrel meaning two fatties in parkas, whispered and giggled and huffed and puffed in the hallway, up the stairs half dragging and half carrying a blue three seater. Hopefully when the landlord gets here she doesn't have a security video of us breaking....2? of the building rules lol (no moving after 7pm and no dumping furniture in the dumpsters)

I have to stay awake until after they have made sure we don't live like hobos, which knowing these people will prob be at the latest time quoted, so anytime between 2pm and 5pm means.......... 5pm hehe, I have four hours to kill, four hours of being stuck here, tired and bored out of my gord.

Lack of sleep has also turned me a little loopy, I haven't slept well in days.....which could be the cause of my lack of patience with people recently in regards to said drama's, well that and teamed with the usual ''I don't care, why does everyone else?'' classic PK reaction.

There was no real point to this post, it wasted all of.....5 minutes though :D

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Cleansing Wedding Pics

Now that I've acknowledge the drama I feel dirty, as does my blog......again.
So time for some delicious cleansing Alien Wedding Pic Spam.

Hitched Assignment 2: Orpal and Vortox's Wedding

Lets end this Bullshit

Ironically I am pleading to the blogging community to stop blogging drama laced posts....through YES a blog post.

This thing was stupid when it started, it should never have moved beyond the private emails between Yaz and JK, should have never been shared with, blogged by, re blogged and blogged again by people not even remotely involved and no one should have given a toss to begin with.

I don't know Yazzie well enough, I don't know about her private life, nor do I want to, and I certainly don't care if she has or hasn't made up stuff or embellished things a little. I didn't know what job her fiance did beyond ''military'' didn't know about Yaz's miscarriages or cancer...and without trying to sound like a cold mean bitch, I honestly didn't care to know. I sent her warm fuzzies when I heard she was in hospital, just as people had done for my father in law, but I'm not into getting super deeply involved with people on the internet. Therefore all these, suspicions of lying were news to me.

I'm not condoning anyone's actions, this whole thing was adopted so....disgustingly quick it made you all look like a bunch of drama whores, regardless of who started it and who blogged it. Nobody thought about how it was going to effect Yaz, not until after the fact. Even if any of what what suspected by members of Cloud 10 was true, no one ever deserves to have their personal life thrown to the wolves like that....I don't give a fuck who they are and how terrible you might think their actions are.

Now it's time to settle down and move on, the parties who were actually involved (JK and Yaz) can continue it privately if they see fit...apologies whatever, and the rest of us can remove ourselves, since none of us are making this situation easier for either party, and it was never our business to begin with.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Advice from my Husband

Never argue with a fool, they will merely drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

I should learn to follow this advice when surfing General Discussion hehe

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Sometimes when you create an image for a modeling competition everything slides into place and you fall in love with your own picture.
And other times you sit there for ages, looking at it, wondering if you could do something different to make it better, because its just missing.....something.

I'm currently on the cusp of loving this picture, but with the quality of entries for the comp it is for...I don't quite know if it is enough to get in the top three (I always aim for top three every round in every comp now)

We were giving options of a variety of mythical beings, of course whenever a ''first come first pick'' assignment comes up I'm the last to choose, so I end up with the leftovers, which this time happened to be MEDUSA.

Here she is.

Friday, January 14, 2011

How does one, ''Get a Life?''

''Get A Life''
We have all heard this saying many times before, shit I think I've even used it in a fit of rage usually when faced with someone who spends just a WEE bit too much time researching and spouting off the intricacies of World Of Warcraft.

It is normally used when someone is faced with someone more intelligent (hey this guy knows way more about Intellect vs Spirit vs Critical Strike rating for my class than I do), with a high attention to detail (He knows where all the best sites are to visit and understands the equations), who is better at something than someone else (self explanatory, this dude kicks my ASS at the game), who puts some time into something I find personally is a little silly (Researching a game like its a question in a history final is a bit much) and more often used as an insult with no real foundation of Relevance (This dude is a total nerd because he loves WoW just a bit more the average human being)

Now of course there's the added, the person has no friends, no other hobbies, doesn't get laid etc etc yadda yadda, blah blah, assumptions tied onto the statement of ''Get a Life''. But the majority of the time are totally without evidence. Even the hardcore gamers have friends, some of them get laid (some while playing the game at the same time, you should try it kids, it puts ''hard mode'' in any game) and many, while not being into the ''cool'' hobbies like.........snowboarding, surfing or.....I dunno fucken....getting drunk and passing out, they still have other interests.

But how does one ''get a life'' anyways? I'm alive therefore I have ''a life''.

I think the huge difference between me and those that use this statement a lot is that I'm not a total douche-bag. I don't at all assume that my idea of a ''life'' is what a ''life'' actually is, I could say that building sim houses, slagging off people I don't even know in a internet chatbox, plotting against a group of people blogging their opinions on their own blogs and thinking that being ''famous'' on the internet (and not even the internet but on a small game related website lol) is cool/important/meaningful = having no life, but then I could be wrong, yes?


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh Em Gee WoW

So yes, a non ranty, no real life moany...non sim post!
Oooooo Ahhhhh

You all got to see a picture of one of my characters, Nomlette a Gnome priest hanging out with a sludge with a diving I decided to add some headshots of the other three characters I have been playing (sure I have bundles of others I have been playing on and off for 6 years, but these are the ones I playing atm)

I normally play Horde, but to hang out with some simming buddies I created some toons on the opposing faction, the Alliance.

So on alliance with Nomlette I have,

Muffee the Worgen Warrior, have been teaching myself to tank, rather successfully I might add. But mainly she's awesume because of THE HAT.

Next up is, Accent my Draenai (AKA space squid/goats) Shaman. Doing her best impression of a pirate, some of the armor is pretty hilarious in this game.

And finally the only Horde character I'm playing at the moment, recently hit the level cap of 85, in my husbands guild about to start raiding some of the big boy content.
Yazarah Troll Druid

I'm getting back into the game quite a bit.....maybe not as much as I did back when I was addicted, but the changes they made in this recent expansion has really revitalized the game, things are more challenging than they were before.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sometimes...I just...Can't be bothered

I have often wondered if I was wired wrong.
You know, when I was being made someone made a mistake and got some shit in the wrong place, or just thought ''fuck it this will do''
I have three issues (four if you count the fact that my immune system sucks ass)...that totally fuck my life up every now and again, which is the reason why I've been out for the count these past few days.

Number One: I have an inability to absorb Vitamin B12 properly, that's the good stuff that helps your body create Red Blood cells (among other things). At one point it was so bad I had 2 weeks off work, I could barely get enough energy to get out of bed to have a shower....and yet I didn't feel sick, nor did I feel sleepy...I was just exhausted, beyond tired, my skin was so pale it was practically transparent, my hair was falling out etc. It took 4 weeks of weekly injections, and a following 4 months of monthly injections to get my B12 levels to acceptable levels. I'm meant to take tablets daily, but I suck with medications and fail to remember it sometimes for weeks which means I rock bottom out every now and right now, sleeping 14 hours a day easy.

Number Two: An ongoing battle with depression. I don't take medication as such for this, I'm meant to, and sure it might help, but the side effects read out to me from taking these types of medications, teamed with what I've seen them do to some of my friends I would rather learn about what causes my condition and moderate it myself. I do take St Johns Wort though as I believe this teamed with the above condition is like the worst combination EVER.

Number Three: Probably the worst personality trait to have when you suffer from the above two illnesses....laziness. I just can't be fucked a lot of the time, and when you feel tired from the combination of two actual illnesses....its hard to get off your ass and power through when you also suffer from sheer pure laziness.

However after reading some of the shit other simmers have had to deal with the the last year, month, week, and some of them their whole lives.....I feel like I should be dealing with option number 3. So I'm going to get up, get out of this red bath robe (I'm sure it smells, it's either me or the bathrobe) have a shower, drink some fucken coffee and get on with it!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wow this RuthlessKK thing has gotten wild

Take some time away from the cess pit that general discussion is and you miss out on the majority of the drama.
Here's me trying to E-punch some newb competition host into reality when in General Discussion land you have a community mod using her position to promote her lots and creations in GD, while all other showcase threads get moved...Using a gossip blog to help her actually do the job she was asked to do, and then at the same time slam that blog for being pointless.

That last community mod, Nicodemus or some shit....only ever see him post the usual copy and paste responses to people asking how they private message folks....don't even think I've seen him post in the tech support forum since he became a mod either (which is how he was promoted).
How did Ruthless get the job? Does making pretty houses warrant a moderating job nowadays? Kinda reminds me of being a modeling judge atm, all you have to know is how to type ''I'll judge'' and set up an email and you're it lol.

I Kinda Feel....Bad

As you all know, I'm a bit of a bitch sometimes.
It's just that I'm blunt, I'm not rude...usually, I just don't understand why people sugar coat everything it really doesn't help anyone.
And on top of that I take my hobbies seriously....I don't like it when I suck at a class/role in WoW I HAVE to learn it, and I don't like it when people half ass Modeling Competitions...whether it be competing, judging or hosting. My motto is, ''If you're going to do it, might as well do it well''.

But I might have gone a little too far this time and hurt someones feelings.
Yeah slap me on the wrist but I hate this wave of shitty judges we have currently rocking the forums....people who have never done a modeling comp before in their life and think that the fact they have played The Sims for the past 3 years and own a camera irl makes them an expert at scoring peoples creations...images some people have spent hours putting together.

Now I'm no means an expert, my entries are still very much hit and miss as most peoples are....except Cele shes like....not human lol. However I do know quite a bit, I've been around for a while now, and the whole time I've been in at least 5 comps at once.....and I've only been eliminated once (though I've had to drop out of a few)

It makes me sad when someone submits an image that has gridlines all over it, or has the walls down etc basic mistakes, and the judges don't even mention it. Meaning new competitors aren't even learning the basics to help them improve to the level of being able to compete in say...Strike a Pose...or a Berry Sweet Competition and last beyond the first round. That in turn means less high level competitors for the rest of the old timers.....we end up competing against the same old folks over and over again...facing the same people in finales.

JK has created a great guildline's for judges post....but sadly not many of these new hosts and judges are going to read it....believing that they already judge fairly and provide helpful feedback to their contestants....when most of them might as well not even write anything compared to the kinds of comments you get in the comps of more experienced judges and hosts (Bliss and JK are great examples).

And I'm the big mean meanie when I try to help these simmers out by mentioning the shit that their judges didn't bother (or didn't notice, or in some cases even know about lol). It's cool I'll take the slaps in the the hope the quality of entries, competitors, competitions and judges increases.

Friday, January 7, 2011


I would give this post a better title, but really its going to be all over the place so the only thing that really fitted was ''Update''

Bill is doing ok, he's been moved out of Emergency into Emergency outpatients....he's still waiting for a room, I guess Canadian Hospitals are just as overflowing as the New Zealand ones.

My house looks like a bomb hit it, which totally annoys me. Our apartment is small and when I put together the treadmill I got for Christmas I had to move one of the couches out so we had a place to put it. So I have this random couch blocking the entrance to my kitchen. Plus one of our good friends moved in with his girlfriend and didn't have room for one of his flatscreen's so he gifted it to us. The TV is currently sitting in the middle of the room, kinda in the way of the front door.....since its so fucken huge (and heavy) our current Television stand won't support it lol.

Here's a few more modeling competition pictures I've done. Getting harder to juggle WoW, Sim Modeling comps and real life stuff.....especially when my inability to absorb vitamin B12 is playing up and I feel like sleeping all the time.

Hitched Cycle 3, Fantasy/Sci Fi Version
My entered couple: Orpal and Vortox Tantria, Space gypsys
Assignment 1 (Basically an introduction to my couple)

Fashionista Madness Assignment 5
Rock Music

Flux Modeling Assignment 6
Exotic Maiko (Apprentice Geisha)

and finally for all the WoW players
A gnome priest standing next to a sludge with a diving helmet

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sad News

So my husband and I received an email today from my mother in law. Gregs father has been in a big car accident.

Now your probably wondering why the fuck she emailed us instead of called....and I honestly can't answer that lol, this family always seems to use the internet rather than the phone.

ANYWAYS, he's ok, ok in a sense that he's alive...he does however have some broken ribs and a broken shoulder amongst all the other bumps and bruises. We weren't given many details about what actually happened, and I have a feeling that's because he caused the accident. He has a disability and I'm not actually sure he's meant to be driving. When he was younger he had Hodgkins lymphoma, and it was treated with radiation...which medical officials believe has caused his nerve damage, which has steadily got worse over the years. He finds it very difficult to walk and cant do so for long distances, and has lost feeling in many parts of his legs.

He's a stubborn bloke, and loves his independence...even though you can tell he's in pain and very uncomfortable sometimes, he never complains and is always in a happy mood. He's one of those people that is very hard to dislike, shitty things always seem to happen to the nicest people.

So if you pray, make sure to reserve some for Bill and his wife, it's going to be a long and hard recovery.

Sunday, January 2, 2011, Bookmark it kiddies!

One thing that has begun to frustrate me is people who use words that they don’t fully understand. The sims forum for example, is littered with people who can’t spell, or those you can’t have an intelligent conversation with, I have come to tolerate them, apparently our school systems aren’t what they used to be. Amongst those however are the people who PRETEND that they are eloquent human beings and whenever possible will use words they don’t understand.

Like this one girl, and I’m sure she was a girl and not a woman lol, using the word ignorant to describe people that are trying to explain to her that she is misinformed about Sims Medieval being at all related to the Sims 3 project...when she in fact is the ignorant one >.<. Also then going to show how ignorant she really is by not reading the facts re-posted for her reading pleasure and continuing to rant on about how Medieval wasn’t wanted (in her precious little world) and that they should have released an expansion with pets, or seasons instead.

Please kids, I know using the search function on your browser is super hard and all...but perhaps you should try it next time you try to make yourself look intelligent on the internet. There are dictionaries online since it is apparent that you don’t have a physical copy, nor have ever used one before.

Pretty Slack

Yeah I've been pretty shit at keeping this blog up to date, I blame the sudden desire to list everything that I need to do each day on a whiteboard and then mark if off when it's completed....(I have a thing for lists), I didn't have ''daily bullshit on my blog'' listed however.

To make up for this I will now post three competition assignment entries (my modeling comps were on the list hehe)

Simiverse Teen Cycle Assignment 3
Light vs Dark (extra stipulation for my entry from Vidkid ''Must have a Christmas Tree''
So my entry is Christmas Cheer vs The Grinch

Clique Assignment 6
Winter Dance (Must have Winter Decorations, Dancing and Formal Wear)

And finally

Vanity Assignment 3
Wild Wild West