Saturday, April 2, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 3

This gets more fun and more interesting the more people who start doing it! Arcanalia, Apollo and I are all on the same day which is great cause I can switch between everyone and compare our entries...and now CrazyPlumbob is doing it too !

So Day 3 is a song that makes me happy!
My music taste is very eclectic and I wanted to make sure I try to touch on as many parts of it as possible, so for today I chose something techno.

I in particular used to listen to this song on the way to work to try and pump myself for the day, it was one of the tracks on my ''pwning noobs'' playlist when I was pvping in World of Warcraft, and my husband to this day plays it in the car if I'm feeling a little down.

I even found a version that has English subtitles, though it's not like the lyrics really factor into why it makes me happy.....though I do play League of Legends which is based on DOTA hehe

DOTA by Basshunter

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