Wednesday, April 20, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 21

Making sure I do this before I go to bed, since I'm likely to forget if I don't do it right now seeing as tomorrow is the Video Games Live show (so excited!)

Day 21 is a song you listen to when you're happy

I think I listen to all kinds of stuff when I'm happy, however when I'm in that hyper crazy happy type mood I like to listen to totally mad music. Like this song for example.

It's just a Song about Ping Pong - Operator Please


  1. LOVE IT! :D

    This is brilliant, it's going on my iPod right now! How on Earth did you did you find something like this? I'm in awe! :P

  2. I lived in Australia for a year and this song was played by quite a few of the radio stations.

    Plus my boyfriend at the time had pretty much every single ''Triple J'' (Aussies top radio network) CD too, one of the albums also had this song on it hehe