Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dark Shadows

I successfully let the number of competitions I'm in drop to 5, from the overwhelming 11 it was at one point. One of the 5 is currently in the finale round, Hitched is in the final 4....and the other three are running at a leisurely pace (though I am holding up the show with Vampire the Mascarade right now, bad PK) so I allowed myself to enter one more.

Dark Shadows is a comp hosted by Beech, and even though she runs about 9 modeling competitions I have yet to compete in one hosted by her. This cycle (4) has a dark faerie theme so I decided since I need more experience with abstract off the wall type ideas that I would give this one a shot.

I created an Emo faerie, her name is Tragedy
Here's the first assignment that I threw together, the topic being where our faerie lives.....a portion of the competition is creative writing to tell a story with the sim, I didn't go too crazy with it since it's only the first round.

Assignment 1

In a place humans could not comprehend, Tragedy paces constantly tormented. She flits in and out of the nightmares of humans pointing out their flaws, reminding them of their failures, feeding off the despair that grows within them as the darkness she is created from slowly invades their waking lives. She weaves webs of sadness and sings of disaster, making all of those who cross her path expect the worst. Her world is the impossible, fears made reality, fragments of uncertainty and shards of hopelessness.

Growing weary of only being able to touch those that harbor doubt already , she prepares to abandon the space she has occupied for so long and venture out into the world of the living.

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