Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dark Shadowz Assignment 2

Will be attempting to finish up my pictures for the finale of Take Your Pic today amongst all the other stuff I have to do in preparation for tomorrow which is when I'm taking the medical exam for my immigration forms.

However I finally got together my entry for Dark Shadowz which has turned into a non elimination competition. I'm generally not a fan of non ellim comps since I tend to get a bit bored, my ADD kicks in and if theres no threat of being kicked out I just hand in any old shit sometimes lol. I'm going to stick it out though, because I hate dropping out even more.

Assignment 2 was a color assignment. We had to show what our Dark Faeries favorite color is and what it means to them, meanwhile incorporating it into the story we had already begun with assignment 1. I chose Black, after checking that is was ok since Black isn't actually a color.

Model: Tragedy
Color: Black

Tragedy's preparations have finally been completed. All the necessary puzzle pieces in place she is ready to enter the world of mortals for the first time to seek new and interesting experiences.

With nothing but dreams, memories and nightmares to draw expectations from she is extremely anxious about what she may find. What the world is really like, what other beings she might come across.

She dresses in her finest attire and stands at the gateway between waking and dreaming. In her hand she carries a single black rose, the one thing that will remind her of home while she is away.

Black may evoke unpleasant feelings for others, however for Tragedy it is a very comforting color. It fills her with drive and passion, the color of an empty room ready to be filled, but at the same time calms her, the color of the deepest dreamless sleep.