Monday, April 25, 2011

Dark Shadowz Assignment 3

I did do an entry for Hitched and Vanity too, but I'm not all that happy with how they turned out, and when that is the case I don't post them on the blog.
Getting down to only a few comps which should work out well, because with my increased RL schedule I don't have the time I used to sit down and work on anything.

Anyways Assignment 3 for Dark Shadowz was about flight, our faerie flying and what emotions/thoughts she has when she does fly. Once again this needs to be incorporated into our story. I've decided to do a continuous story rather than a disjointed history and let the assignments guide what is actually going to happen to Tragedy.

The travel time from reality to reality was tiresome, even at the speed of thought the distance was astounding.

When she finally arrived Tragedy burst from the gate without hesitation, ready to be shocked and awed by her surroundings. Energy from the portal flickered in her wake as for the first time she used her wings. Flying appeared to come naturally and it was a delightful new experience. It provoked a small smile from Tragedy, happiness being an emotion she wasn't used to expressing.

She discovered she was in some kind of burial site, the faint smell of death, too faint for most to sense, hung in the air. The atmosphere was pleasant, peaceful, Tragedy felt at home immediately.

''Perhaps this transition will be easier than I thought'', she said aloud, spinning in circles.


  1. That's a beautiful picture! :)

    Are the headstones edited or CC?

  2. CC, it's from a set by Syren, one of her past Halloween gifts to the community.

  3. thats awesome, new laptop background xD

  4. *shakes fist at blogger* I have no idea why it does it for just you, it's driving me a little crazy lol