Monday, April 4, 2011

Pose Player!

I never did any modeling or anything when I played Sims 2, and had A LOT less CC and no mods......pretty much because I didn't actually have a legal copy of the game lol so therefore didn't have a forum account. Shit I didn't even know there were forums for the Sims franchise till I actually bought Sims 3.

So I never used Pose boxes in Sims 2, but the overall idea behind them gets my very excited, and finally someone has made one for Sims 3.

The process of making custom animations looks VERY hard and time consuming, I don't know if I personally have the patience lol, but eventually CC creators will prob be releasing custom poses WOOO.

If anyone knows where I can find a full list of every animation then that would be fantastic, it's kinda useless without one since you have to manually input all the animation codes in, unlike animator or debugenabler.

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  1. Gah kitty is my favorite person right now, here's a link to over 500 animation codes