Sims Modeling History


DEMONS Hosted by Simanims
Model: Static
Runner Up: JKAmaryllis

All About Me Hosted by Felicia
Model: Simself
Non Elimination, Second Place: Phebes

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Cycle 2 Hosted by Felicia
Model: Saffia Durden
Non Elimination, Second Place: Phebes

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines Hosted by Darkslayer
Model: Dezlith Damalian
Runner up: JKAmaryllis
No siggy

Hitched Volume 3 Sci Fi/Fantasy Edition Hosted by JKAmaryllis
Models: Orpal and Vortox Tantria
Runner up: Simianims

Vanity Cycle 2 Male Edition Hosted by Vidkid
Model: Zokai Neverend
Runner up: Sweetbaby

Fashionista Madness Cycle 2 Hosted by Phantomflex
Model: Avon Creed
Runner up: SimsARL (Early)

Take Your Pic Hosted by Island
Model: Beth O'Dare
Runner up: Sun

Flux Cycle 2 Hosted by Beth
Model: Avon Creed
Runner Up: Mysticfeline

Miss Simiverse Cycle 4 Hosted by Ladyemillye
Model: Simone Lovecraft
Runner Up: Vidkid

Clique Cycle 1 Hosted by Bliss
Model: Simone Lovecraft
Runner up: Beth

Sims of the Rainbow Hosted by Bexdlier
Model: Rashel Holloway
Runner up: Lehdkat
No Siggy

Simply Sassy Cycle 4 Hosted by Kamcil
Model: Tesla Conway
Runner up: Lilmamasims

Colorful Sims Cycle 2 Hosted by Kaliko
Model: Zienna Kardinal
Runner up: Kittykat
No Siggy


Dark Shadowz Cycle 4 Dark Faerie Edition Hosted by Beechnutbaby
Model: Tragedy
Non Elimination, First Place: Chellemh29

Fashionista Madness Cycle 1 Hosted by Phantomflex
Model: Sage Cavalier
Lost to: Mintkiss

Gothique Beauty Cycle 2 Hosted by Akasha/Suicidalspidars
Model: Drea Hardy
Lost to: JKAmaryllis

It's Folk Art Makeover Competition Cycle 1 Hosted by Wizardofsmoz
Lost to: Ameliuh

Berry Sweet Modeling Cycle 4 Couples Edition Hosted by Berrypie
Models: Flossberry Tart and Butter Ball
Lost to: Kittycattylion

Miss Simiverse Cycle 1 Hosted by Ladyemillye
Model: Laura Goodman
Lost to: Lilmamasims


Beech Modeling Cycle 1 Hosted by Beechnutbaby
Model: Laleina Kale
Finalists: Jillie and Bliss