Thursday, April 14, 2011

Some Sims Shite....finally

People have probably thinking..
''Where the fuck is all the Sim related shit PK?''

I've been a bit slack, with real life stuff and my current addiction to Big Brother UK I haven't really spent a lot of time playing ANY game, let alone Sims. I am however behind in my modeling comps so I better pull my finger out. Heres one entry I did today, and one I submitted a while ago. Planning to try and get at least one more shot done today but I'll post that later.

Exotic Couture magazine shoot for Fashionista Madness Cycle 2


Dezlith's daredevil attitude for Vampire the Mascarade, drinking blood from a drunk night clubber in the subway when the crappy over head lights flicker out for a second (yeap she's THAT fast)


  1. Ahaha I love the sly look on Dezlith's face

  2. That first shot is HOT!

    I was thinking of trying my hand at modeling comps again (when I get my PC back that is so I can take pics that are worth a damn). All the poses people have been coming out with lately have sparked my interest

  3. Thats the first shot I've done using one of the new many out there now I need to go on a bit of a downloading spree and test them all out.

  4. PK that first shot is SO beautiful - you did a great job on both

    And also, CONGRATULATIONS on your Simotography poster! It was incredible O_O