Sunday, April 3, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 4

Been up all night watching Merlin....the 2008 miniseries they did with Sam Neil as Merlin, I actually did a film study on it for High School. I had an urge to watch it after seeing Jurassic Park since of course Sam Neil plays Dr Alan Grant. Strangely though watching Jurassic Park made my husband want to watch Space Jam lol because of Wayne Knight who played Dennis the fat computer programmer that causes the fuck up in the park in the first place.

So I'm posting my Song Challenge at 5am WOO hehe

Day 4 is a song that makes me sad.
Now I know this song technically isn't meant to be sad, or to make someone feel sad. However whenever I hear it I feel melancholy, it must be the melody, and her voice that seems so sad to me. Almost a feeling of a longing that can't be satisfied. Deep PK,


Here With Me - Dido

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