Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reality TV Addiction

I have an intense love of all reality TV.....even the fucken terrible series, like Rock of know the bachelor style show with the lead singer from Poison, Bret Michaels trying to find the love of his life in a house full of fake tits, strippers and hair extensions. Love it! Love it when people get all pissed off, when they fail at manipulating people, get called out, lie, fall in love, have break’s all so entertaining, much better than anything someone could write into a script.

I have for a long time been a fan of Big Brother. We used to get the Aussie version in New Zealand, but compared to the US version it sucks. I always thought it was because in the Aussie version it’s against the rules to talk about nominations so there isn’t that strategy aspect...however I’ve recently found the UK version of Big Brother....which works on the same premise of ‘’no discussions of nominations’’, and have come to the conclusion that the Aussie big brother contestants were just boring as fuck cause the UK one is hella entertaining.

Essentially it’s more like how Big Brother should be, you don’t form alliances you form friendships, and how you act in the house dictates whether your housemates nominate you, not how well you can lie and manipulate, and then your own country votes whether you get kicked out or not, which seems to work better for the UK version as the Brits aren’t fucken dumb and don’t kick out all the volatile personalities first (while the Aussie ones it always seemed like the more ‘’out there’’ you were the more likely AUS public was to kick you out, making their shows total snores).

I’m watching the 2010 UK Big Brother which is meant to be the final one, and then I’ll work my way backwards. The housemates they get seem to be far more diverse, and in a way more stereotypical and character like than the AUS and US versions, but I think that’s what makes it more interesting. There was a Beyonce Lookalike, a lesbian independent film actress, a legless War Veteran, a metrosexual reporter, an aussie surfer and even a minister in the season I'm watching, it's amazing to see who bonds with who and who has arguments with who.

God I love UK TV. Should have been born a Brit dammit.


  1. I'm not gonna lie, I was really sick for a while during the last series, and I watched BB Live! I just used to watch them do fack all, because I couldn't be bothered to do anything else! :')

  2. I loved Big Brother and as I'm from the Uk I got to watch all the crazies LOL...I loved one of the earlier series where there was a big fight and all hell broke loose I think it was series 5...but good new because the UK channel 5 has picked it up and is now looking for new big brother contestants oh hell yeah LOL

  3. Oh so it's returning? it's just that channel 4 (I think that's the channel that used to screen it?) dropped it?!

    Well that's fucken awesume, I was kinda sad to hear they weren't doing anymore when the set up is so good.

    I'm cracking up at this Tree of Temptation thing, soooo funny.

  4. I must admit I got pretty tired of Big Brother. The first one was good but then all the chavs caught on to the idea that they can get their five minutes of fame if they go on there. Coupled with Channel 4 trying to be controversial and well... the whole thing soon turned into one big pain in the butt.

    But yes, Channel 5 have apparently picked it up again. Meaning I get the be tortured by that nonsense all over again. I wouldn't care so much if they didn't purposely pick all the chavvy people but seriously, I think there was at least 1-2 strippers/glamour girls in each series XD

    That being said, I've recently started watching the American show 'Cut off' about a bunch of spoiled 20-something year olds living on trust funds/daddy's money. It's such a freakin' train wreck - how these people face the public after appearing on something like that is beyond me XD

  5. Hahaha attack of the strippers! Yeah there always seems to be the 12 mins of fame folks in every reality TV setting, and after watching Rock of Love I'm used to the rabid strippers getting their tits out for the cameras hehe.

    It's kinda like a train wreck I can't look away, even though sometimes it's so immensely horrible. Sometimes it seems more like a torture chamber rather than a social experiment.....they put some potentially conflicting personalities in and then stir the pot a bit the vegan who gets extra special food, or the christian minister and a couple of gays lol

  6. I'm addicted to watching Jersey Shore LOL I can't help it I love that show it's beyond awesome! An I have to hold my hands up and say yes when channel 5 start the big brother series I will be watching because you know it's gonna be worse/better depending on your view than when it was with channel 4....

    I do have to say series 5 was my favourite, those guys were flat out off their heads and violent and they provided me with so many nights of sheer entertainment!

  7. I can't wait to go through and watch all the series 5 will be on my definite list hehe...making sure I don't skip any of the really juicy series hehe