Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dark Shadowz Results

As suspected I came second in Dark Shadowz, Dark Faerie Edition. Was my very first non ellimination compeition, and I have to say it was very hard to stay motivated. While non ellimination compeitions are fantastic for those starting out in the modeling scene, I personally found it hard to push myself to do better each round when there was no threat of being elliminated.

It was pretty close between myself and Chellemh who has become one of my new favorite Sims 3 picture editors, her fantasy work is really fantastic.

I may or may not be judging the next cycle, I really have to think about whether I have time to judge anymore competitions, even though my scoring system doesn't take as long as actually creating an entry for a competition, it is still very time consuming as I try to put a lot of effort into the comments I provide.

Another amazing siggy to add to my collection. Beech really has a knack for making them, I think this is one of my favorite's right now.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Sorry for the lack of updates, that should be remedied soon once I have everything sorted.

Moving took longer than I expected, had no idea how much stuff we had accumulated in the year and a half we had been living in the apartment. Took an extra day to move all the big stuff due to many factors, one of those being the husband and I getting pulled over by the cops because our registration had expired 3 weeks ago....yet another important thing my husband has issues keeping track of, so we got a 580 dollar fine and had to interrupt the moving process to go and get the car registered.

Then it took a whole day to deep clean the apartment, mostly because I almost had to re-clean everything my husband ''cleaned'', because....well I dunno it must be genetics that men don't see certain dirt lol.

Planning on getting caught up with my competitions tonight and tomorrow, got some scoring done last night before I coma'd and again this morning in between naps....because yay me, I'm sick again, my immune system sucks so much ass....but at least people aren't waiting on my judging results.

Once I'm sorted in the simming department I can get working on unpacking everything, finding homes for stuff and sorting out boxes.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Moving House

I'll be moving soon, most of our stuff will prob be shifted on Sunday just because thats generally everybodies day off so it wouldn't be just me and the in laws trying to move all the heavy furniture hehe
I won't have any internet downtime since thats already all been set up, but I might not be on as much anyways due to needing to set things up and settle in.

Have one Sims picture to post, an entry for girls Just Wanna Have Fun for the assignment with an illegal job theme. Saffia is working as a hired gun or hitman for a local crime syndicate.
I am working on finishing the three pictures for the Dark Shadowz finale which I will hopefully have all finished today if not finished tomorrow night, so I might have time before we started really moving everything to post those up too.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Playing Catch-up

I didn't think this picture was very good, once again I was surprised to find something I didn't like someone else did and it did come second in the Circus Assignment for Girls Just Wanna Have I guess I'll post it up.
Next is my entry for the Vampire the Masquarade semi final which was an assignment about our vampire feeding a distressed and dying human at the local hospital and then abandoning them, only for them to turn up on our doorstep as a ghoul. Tied for first place with JKAmarylis who I will face in the two part finale yay!

Dezlith had no other choice than to bring the ghoul into her apartment, its slobbering haggard appearance would attract unwanted attention from humans and vampires alike. Still dressed in an inpatients gown from the hospital it grovelled around on the antique rugs getting mud and dried blood everywhere, ranting a raving about having a revelation punctuating every sentence with some kind of compliment about how beautiful or strong or magnificent she was. 

Dezlith scowled at the creature, she had had a moment of weakness at the sight of such an attractive man in such unbelievable pain and distress, but now he was but a shell of his former self, the accelerated ageing process already taking hold of the ghouls body. 

The kindest thing to do is to end his life, since there's no way she would stoop to the level of having a Blood Doll that hadn't been assigned by the elders,no matter how cute he was at full health.

And finally my entry for the ''If I had a million Dollars'' assignment for All About Me. Voting is up on the Unbound website for crowd favorite so don't forget to stop by and vote for your fav!

Even though my husband and I are married we never really had a wedding as such. We couldn't afford anything beyond a small ceremony at home at the time, and my family and friends couldn't even attend as it was held in Canada 2 days after I arrived lol.
So aside from the boring usual stuff like paying off all our debt, like my student loan we would definitely be spending the money on being able to have a full blown wedding, like a renewal of our vows in New Zealand so that all the people who couldn't attend the actual wedding could celebrate with us. We would pay to fly my in laws and a few close friends out though, so that everyone could meet each other.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Polka Dot Bikini

Assignment 5 for Beech Modeling
A polka dot bikini in a beech setting. It's amazing how many different looks you can create with just swimsuits.
Working on a bunch of other entries for other competitions today because I have a bit of a free day, but more than likely I'll post those all tomorrow. Trying to get on top of all my comps since it seems like every time I submit an entry for one, another one comes out with a new assignment lol

Friday, June 17, 2011

Go the $#%@ to Sleep

Another tidbit of randomness
A childrens book written for adults by Adam Mansbach
Narrated by Samuel L Jackson
''Go the Fuck to Sleep''

Voices in the Jungle

My husband is the king of random, he has an uncanny knack of finding weird and wonderful things and during one of his late night Youtube walks (kinda like a blogwalk but less annoying) he found this band.
Rock Sugar is a cover band of 1980’s Rock music from such bands as Guns n Roses, Def Leppard and Metallica and blending if with pop music from the same era like Journey and Madonna.

The lead singer has an amazingly sexy voice, which is kinda crazy because he voiced Wakko Warner in the Animaniacs cartoon series and also served as the voice over for Americas funniest Home Videos for almost 10 years.

My favourite is this song Voices in the Jungle which is a mash-up of Welcome to the Jungle by Guns n Roses, and Voices Carry by Lil Tuesday. I totally recommend you listen to a few of them, they are so well done.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Alice in Wonderland

Finished my first entry for Beauty, its going to be fun playing around with the Alice in Wonderland theme.
Actually did some heavy editing on this picture, some stuff I've never done before and I quite like how it turned out. There are tonnes of noticeable errors, but for a first try I was surprised at how well it turned out.
Next time I'll try to spend a bit more time perfecting it.

The assignment was just to show what our Alice is all about a little introductory picture and story.

Alyce is odd, extremely odd, she appears to be stuck in a neverending childhood. After the untimely death of her mother, Alyce resorted to the land of make believe to make herself feel better. Enveloping herself in the magical stories of princesses, dragons, vampires and aliens. She can often be found in her fathers abandoned study making up stories with toys she should have outgrown years ago. Her father, an empty shell of a man resorts to the bottle to drown his own sorrows and barely even remembers his daughters name.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Tablet

Yesterday I recieved my brand new graphical tablet in the mail. My husband ordered it for me last week as a ''because I love you'' present. A Wacom INTUOS4 Medium.

I haven't had long to play around with it, I don't have a lot of time to sit and just doodle with it so I took the advice of an experienced editor and starting using the stylus and tablet for browsing the internet and checking my emails, just to get the hang of it.
When I did get time to actually try it in GIMP, I discovered that GIMP has issues with the INTUOS4 Drivers, and I also had to play around with some of the default settings to get the pressure sensitivity to even work (which still needs to be adjusted or I'm going to get some serious hand cramp lol)

I did do one compeition entry with it, just something easy no mad hairdrawing or anything like that. An assignment for Canvas. A dominant black and white image with one color, preferably a prime, I chose green.
I didn't have a theme in mind, I was orginally doing to do something James Bondish.....but since I have had all of a few hours to play with the tablet I'm not too confident in actually doing anything over the top with it and this entry was due yesterday so I don't want to hold everyone up longer than I already have.

Will be hitting up every tutorial I can find to see what methods I can adapt to suit me.....just a matter of finding the time to spend learning new techniques.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two Pictures and a Sim

Wasn't going to post my most recent entry for Dark Shadowz, since I didn't think it was very good and I tend to avoid posting anything thet I don't think is actually worth posting. However it did win the assignment it was for, so I guess I'll post it anyways.
The finale for Dark Shadowz is now here, three pictures all freestyle to compete the story we have been writing. Theres only four of us left in the non elimination competition so I am proud to be one of those four people who stuck it out to the end. Here is my entry for the last assignment which had to have a spring theme.

Then I have my entry for the latest assignment for Beech Modeling which was our models trying on different swimsuits with their friends. I was trying to think of something creative, but with all the other Real Life stuff I had going on in the past week I just ended up doing a regular old bedroom shoot.

I have been recently tempted with a large number of competitions, but I have been good and haven't thrown sanity out the window and joined them all like I would have once done. So sadly I missed out on stuff like Squally's Portal comp, Beechs One Shot Modeling and resorted to judging instead of competing in Bliss's PINK. I was also interested in Unmasked, Sensations Next Top Model and SNTM but I decided to sign up for only one......and I chose Beauty Cycle 3 Alice in Wonderland Hosted by Pixie30 and AzaraRumohra.

This then involved me making a new model, which lead me to the creation of Alyce La Fay. Here's her head shot for the competition.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bridge City Boogie

Yes a non Sims related post, because omg I do more than just sit around on my computer! hehe
I'll be going to bed Grandma early tonight to get up early tomorrow (early being 5:30am, which is super early for me, definitly not a morning person) to walk/run 10k in

10k might not be far for some people but I'm not exactaly fit, or slim either so it's going to be a mission and a half to get through it without dying. So I will not be surprised if I'm MIA for the whole day tomorrow lol.

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Simself Gets Nekkid

Assignment entry for Felicia's Compeition ''All About Me''. The assignment title was ''A Wish of a Lifetime'' and is based on us fulfilling our lifetime wish as a sim, though the lifetime wishes don't have to be ones currently available in the Sims game..............which worked out well because I never knew which one to pick for my simself. Here is my entry, I haven't actually gotten totally top half naked at a party before, but there are some photos floating around of me during an orientation week at university with my boobs out and a glow stick in my mouth, so it's only a dramatized version of reality lol.

I don't have a lifetime wish as such, I believe placing heavy expectations on my life of how it should be or how I want to it to be sets me up to be disappointed, any number of things could throw a spanner in the works of any number of dreams, short and long term. That being said I still have a Lifetime goal which is
In my picture this involved me getting drunky pants with some friends at a party and getting a wee bit nekkid, it has happened before though actually in a nightclub lol. Might as well enjoy myself while I'm here, because you don't know when your number is up.
In the words of Mark Twain
“Sing like no one's listening, love like you've never been hurt, dance like nobody's watching, and live like its heaven on earth.”

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Feature on the EA site

I might be a bit slow, that wouldn't at all surprise me I have been running on very little sleep lately and my powers of perception do suffer greatly, but I was looking through the modeling forum and noticed that a number of folks had little nifty links to their blogs under their avatars.

At first I thought it might just be a new fad of using a link in your location section or something, but when I checked out the preferences tab I discovered that no! in fact EA had added that little feature in. With all the site issues it's funny that they decided to concentrate on adding this, though it is pretty handy.....then again I haven't been hit with a Liam for a while, I do get dishwasher baby sometimes when not using quick reply though but not as bad as it used to be so maybe they are finally getting the hang of running a forum lol.

VTM Assignment 7

Been really busy with general real life stuff as well as the chatbox over at Unbound, which has been sucking a fair amount of my spare time. Finally got my entry for Vampire the Masqurade finished.
Don't know if this is going to be enough to get me through to the next round though, getting down to the last few people, and I had a severe creative block with this assignment.

Assignment Seven was entitled ''Undead Dogsbody'', as a newly sired Vamp our models end up with all the shitty tasks from the older vampires. Our assignment was to show what our model was told to do and how she/he felt about doing it. I tried to think of something creative, so we will have to see what happens.

Dezlith sits at the bottom of the Tremere ladder as a newly created vampire, but the lowest rung of their ladder is still miles above most other vampires. Tremere don't generally do their own dirty work, so newly sired Vampires don't get the really crappy jobs, those are already handled by lesser clans, or human beings. 

However due to Dezlith's eventual slot within the Tremere elite she was given the hard tasks of keeping certain difficult vampires out of trouble. Old ones that might on occasion be a little careless with the rules of the masquerade and need someone to constantly watch their back. Dezlith's job is babysitting. 

More stressful than any secret mission, trickier than kidnapping pregnant woman and sometimes messier than cleaning up after a wild vampire party.....was watching the entrances while Gregory Voltis gets his fangs into the daughter of a wealthy land owner who also happens to be holding a party upstairs in his grand ballroom. 

Hurry up Gregory I don't think that music is going to muffle her screaming for much longer! 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Had an idea for the first assignment of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun floating around in my head for days, I just couldn't motivate myself to sit down and really build it. However Insomnia returned to rear its head, and when others were sleeping I was creating a Sim picture.

GJWHF this cycle has a woman in the workplace theme, with each assignment being different industries of employment, we can choose any job within the boundaries of the assignment theme however. The first assignment was the Fashion Industry...models, designers, agents etc

Not everyone gets that lucky break and walks straight into the fashion industry as a designer, some have to start at the bottom. Saffia decided to do just that working for a small company who specializes in doing alterations and repairs for designer clothing. The loft studio they work out of does have its own charm and they try to give it an up market feel by offering their clients wine at consultations, but the pay off is nothing compared to being an actual designer....but you have to start somewhere!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Judging Gigs

Normally I'm not big on judging, it's not as exciting or as fulfilling as actually competing in competitions.
However I have started getting into it more since winning the right to judge in Flux cycle 3 and Clique cycle 2. I've gotten a lot of comments from contestants and hosts alike that I'm more prompt than most at getting the scores in and provide some really detailed and honest comments without being a total D bag.

It's amazing to see some people really growing and improving through the length of a competition based on the comments they get each round....people like Simanims, Pam and Malaia have used feedback from good quality judges to really produce amazing work. I hope that my comments and feedback can do the same for some other simmers.

Updated my current Sims Modeling en devours to include all the competitions I'm now scoring as part of a judging panel as well as everything I'm currently competing in.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tarot Card

Finally got around to doing my Tarot Card entry for Canvas, I have been wasting what time I've had these past few days to play the Sims chatting on the Unbound site *shakes fist at Beech and Bliss getting a chatbox*

However here it is, The Priestess Tarot Card

I also joined another competition since Dark Shadowz is coming to a close soon. Another one run by Felicia called Girls Just Wanna have Fun, which runs just like All About Me and is non elimination. If you want to join in, sign ups are still open over at Unbound. I actually made a new model for this comp since I realised I don't have any red haired models that still use, so meet Saffia Durden.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bum Censors

I find it amuzing how Survivor is censored in the reruns I watch with my husband.

I totally understand the censoring of the odd boob that falls out of a top during a challenge, or those weird survivors that wear inappropriate clothing to challengers (Shii Ann and her white underpants at water challenges, and James and his skirt with no underwear) or when someone totally looses their pants and their wibbly bits get some camera time.

But it always makes me laugh when I see the top of butt cracks censored. Apparently showing a bit of builders crack is offensive lol