Thursday, March 31, 2011


Just did another runway picture for a competition, I'm honestly sick of them more please the repetition is terrible, and it's even worse when my creativity is taking a nose dive.

Was also eliminated from Faerie Folk, wasn't surprised but it sucks because I think I got the raw end of the deal when it came to personal assignments. It didn't seem equal, two of the top competitors got easier open ended topics, and the bottom two had harder pictures to create. I still don't understand what the fuck Superheroes has got to do with Faeries lol.

Oh well I think I prefer the....everyone does the same assignment angle, it's cool when it's the same assignment but you have to display different things, like flowers or whatever, as long as those are assigned randomly and are picked to be of the same level of difficulty. I can't help leaving this great comp with a bitter taste in my mouth.

30 Day song Challenge

Arcanalia has started the 30 day song challenge on her blog, the one with the rules which is normally done on facebook. Since I also agree with her veiws on Facebook I've decided that I might give it a go here too.

I will weave the song updates into or around normal ones though so it doesn't just become a tonne of blog posts with youtube music video links in them hehe.

So Day one is Your Favorite song.
Now this is a super broad but for the sake of not repeating myself and having multiple songs from bands and singers I listen to....or repeating a song I already posted here (Big Slice by Jonas and the Massive Attraction) I decided on this one.

Heavy by Collective Soul
I couldn't find an actual clip, I don't even remember if there ever was a music video made for it, but I love this song.

I have a tonne of favorite songs, so this is more like one of many that have a permanent place on my ipod, but a few of the other songs will appear one other days of the month anyways.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shameless Plug

For those that don't get enough of my rambling here you can find me in three magazines soon.

I will be in Vsims with an interview about my experiences in Clique, it will of course include pictures I created for that competition.

I will have another interview in Flux Magazine about winning the competition of the same name once again complete with pictures I made for that cycle.

and finally I also have ANOTHER interview in LE's Ezine about my time with the Simiverse franchise.

Don't forget to read these publications even if you don't want to read my contributions!

Winner of Flux Cycle 2

Results are in and I managed to pull out a win in Flux cycle 2!
I have another smexy siggy to display too

I will be on the judging panel for cycle 3, yeap another judging gig for's a nice change from being the competitor all the time, though like every other judging spot I've had I'll probably end up wishing I was DOING the assignments instead of judging them.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Elliminated First Round

I'm not at all surprised, but I was eliminated the first round of Berry Sweet...kinda a repeat of the previous cycle where I was eliminated in the second round hehe.

I'm kinda loosing some of my creativity and I think my computer is getting a bit burnt out because I pretty much have Sims 3 on 24/7 to keep up with all the competitions I'm in, it takes way too long to load so I just keep in running in the background. I took a much needed break from the sims world after I was eliminated last cycle too, and it really renewed my passion for the game and for sims modeling.

After this round of comps is done I think I'm definitely taking a break and giving my laptop a rest from running this high memory game. There was only one comp I was really going to watch out for so when that starts so I'm going to have to really think about whether I can handle it.

Good-luck to all those continuing in Berry Sweet it is a really fun and challenging comp.

I think I might take some time to actually play my legacy, and maybe even think about giving a rainbowcy a go, rather than joining a tonne of modeling comps like I normally do.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Decimation of GD

Was reading some blog posts about some trolls on GD...I don't often go there because well there isn't much of anything there tbh, I vote on the legacy heir threads cause those are good to see other peoples families, and occasionally offer some advice or help some people out but other than that limiting GD involvement is beneficial to ones sanity lol, unless you like drama.

But wow, this dude really takes the cake. Porn pictures in tonnes of threads, comments on peoples pages, gifting people to ask them to send derogatory messages to other simmers, posts specifically made to be mean to certain simmers.........and on top of that it's the retarded EA techs that are allowing this to happen.

Everyone knows the Gurus suck, and if they actually had a real job in a real company they would have been fired by now, so they are almost excused for having internet down syndrome, though who knows why they haven't worked out how to delete a specific post rather than deleting a whole thread must have the computer skills of a 5 year old......but the techs have been giving this asshole new codes to make new accounts with, when he gives them some kind of sad sack story in the online chat.

EA must suck at training their staff, the customer is always right only in theory, the customer in fact is almost always a fucking asshole and especially in a customer service role you need to be able to identify when someone is REALLY having an issue, bitching because they are a cunt, or is trying to screw you out of something.

AE posted some amazing stuff on her Grumpy toast blog related to how much fail this company really is. The securom bullshit with them failing to disclose its inclusion with some games and packaging others with something they say isn't securom but might as well be since it does the same thing.........and an article someone has very articulately written about EA's promotion of Hate and Pornography with their staffs inability to do their jobs in a timely manner.

If I wasn't a proud person I would totally get a position there, looks fucking sweet, don't have to do dick all and you still have a job. Wonder if the pay is good....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Finale for Flux Cycle 2

I finished up my finale pictures for Flux, the winner receives a spread in Flux Magazine and they have a deadline so I wanted to make sure that I made that easier for them to meet by getting my entry in on time.
I'm pretty happy with them, Runway, high fashion stuff isn't really my strength....I don't read fashion magazines, fashion TV bores me....and personally I think fashion is more a matter of taste and preference hehe.

Anyways heres my pictures, they are set to a certain size which was a clear specification in the order to fit a full page each in the magazine IF I win that is.

Picture 1
Runway Full body shot

Picture 2
Runway Head shot

Picture 3
Commercial Body Shot

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Game: League of Legends

So you may or may not have noticed the new little Gadget I added to the side bar. Which isn't really a gadget at all but a little list of the games I'm currently playing.

I used to play WoW with my husband, it was in fact the game we met each other on. However I grew bored with the game and have finally after 6 years of playing (on and off) canceled my account for good. We are both very much into gaming however and it's nice to have something we can play together, which is where League of Legends comes in.

This game is actually inspired by the DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) map for Warcraft 3.

You can play against other people or against game bots, with two levels of intelligence ''beginner'' or ''intermediate''.

There are 68 Champions to play as with more being added monthly, each week different champions are available to play for purchase a champion to play all the time you use points you gather from competing in matches. Different skins can then be purchased with real money if you want to make your champion look different. They have giveaways and such on their facebook page so sometimes you can get things free. Other than the skins, that don't effect game play at all it is totally free to play.

I got a champion and Special skin through a Facebook promotion which is why I started playing with my husband. So atm I'm playing as Tristana.

This is her, this is the special skin.

I'm totally into this Champion though, her name is Annie. Annie is a little girl who also happens to be a mage. She carries around a little teddy of her special abilities is she throws her teddy bear, makes him huge and he goes around slaughtering people hehe. This is her ''Classic'' or normal Skin.

She has some adorable custom skins though, like the goth girl, and prom queen skins

Very Cool game, I'm glad I have something to play with my husband hehe

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Holy #$%^& I got into the Berry Sweet Comp!

I wasn't expect it to happen again, all three times I have entered I've been accepted!!!
I must have some inner sweetness that the sims brings out in me or something lol.
Some of my favorite didn't get in, in particular Darkslayer's but you can never know what the judges are looking for.

Here is Twinkie Kiss my entry
She is a tomboy berry sweet so it's going to be fun dressed her up like a boy all the time hehe

I'm also in the final's for Flux :D It's has been a good simming day that's for sure hehe

Monday, March 21, 2011

Berry Sweet Cycle 6!!!!!

Yes Berrypie has finally returned to the modeling circuit with the official berry sweet competition!

I have registered a sim, even though I told myself no more competitions lol. I don't expect to get in though like every cycle only 16 of the 40 sign ups will actually make it to assignment one......and there's far too many extremely creative berry sweets made by people with amazing picture taking skills.

This is definitely a competition to lurk, with so many sign-ups the Berry Sweet crew have the chance to choose the BEST people for the slots, so the pictures are always fantastic and the battle is fierce.

You'll find the thread on the first few pages on the forums. The selected 16 should be up tomorrow after Berrypie, Kelren and Kittycattylion compare their lists.

Simiverse Cycle 4 Winner

Simiverse hosted by LE was my very first sims modeling competition, I learned a hell of a lot about this great hobby from that one competition. I got runner up that first cycle and vowed to at some point win it.

I entered Cycle 2 which was couples but had to drop out due to not being able to download a house and eight sims for an assignment....and I just didn't have the time to create them myself AND do the picture.

Cycle 3 which was underworld themed, I dropped out of (as well as all my other comps at the time) to work on Real Life for a bit, I took a leave of absence from the whole forum and from the game itself.

Finally Cycle 4, the Teen cycle I win, WOOT. Below is the finale entry and the siggy.
Thank you to all of those who voted for me on the community vote picture, I really appreciate it!!!!!

Round One: Evening Gown Runway Spring theme

Round Two: Swimsuit Runway

Round Three: Talent Runway (Acting)

Round Four: Community Vote Freestyle

Round Five: After Simiverse ''Where are they now?''

Winners Siggy made by LE

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Real Life Jazz (and some Sims piccy's)

I haven't been around in the last couple of days because of Real Life.........that thing that comes up and interferes with your gaming time hehe

We had a gaming day at a friends place yesterday (mostly playing Scott Pilgrim Saves the World THE GAME, which is totally hilarious on multiplayer) and then attended another friends skit comedy performance at the Persephone theater. Monday is the usual family day, Tuesday I'm real excited about since apparently my brother in law is going to teach me to snowboard and ski, but he's a bit of an alcoholic so sometimes our plans fall through due to him having hangovers, hopefully this won't be another one of those days. Then finally another dinner for the birthday of another friend on Wednesday.
I see a lot of food eating in my near future, sounds awesume hehe

Now for some simmy stuff

Darkslayer and I were paired for a group assignment for's been a tremndously huge assignment length due to the fact its very difficult to co-op with someone on a picture. Dark and I have problems right off the bat with my model not wanting to work in her game, but we evetually got around that and I ended up being the picture taker. Dark and I very much co laberated on this image, from the set to the costumes the idea everything....the cool little story is written by Dark also.

The assignment was Superheros and Super villians, both of our models were to feature in the shot either both as super heros or one as a hero the other the villian.

The city had become overrun within a few nights. At first the ghosts or ‘spirits of the un-dead’ as they preferred to be known had been relatively peaceful towards the living and had brought countless individuals brief moments of happiness as they were given a rare opportunity to say things they never could to their loved ones.

Unfortunately such an amicable co-existence could not last. The spirits became jealous and resentful towards the living, their souls becoming bitter and twisted as they watched those whose lives had not yet ended and questioned – why us?

They turned on humanity, deciding that if they could not live in happiness then neither should anyone else. Everybody should just be dead… initially no one knew why they had taken such a sudden turn until a mysterious red-haired vixen appeared on the scene; something about her drove the spirits wild and as it turned out she had single-handedly turned them against the living.

That was when Zokai and Chiagi took it upon themselves to make a stand and defend humanity; together with a pair of devices they had knocked up in Chiagi’s workshop they set about cleaning up the city; one ghost at a time in the attempts to get to the twisted, maniacal woman behind it all.

And my latest entry for Hitched with my alien couple, with my limited time lately it isn't as crazy out there as some of my previous entries, but I still like it. The assignment was to show a celebration our couple might share together.

Normally a celebration recognized once a year for those living on the home planet, Orpal and Vortox attend the Resolution Ceremony whenever they have time to make it home during the first month of the lunar year.

This ceremony could be somewhat related to humans New Years Eve, but in particular the making of New Years Resolutions.

The Celebration involves donning traditional gold clothing which represent the previous years achievements, families, couples and singles then bath in moonlit pools, washing themselves of past sins, as well as any feelings/emotions that might hold them back in the coming year. While this bathing is taking place the participant is meant to think about what they wish to achieve in the new year, the waters of the Resolution Pool is said to strengthen will power and increase luck.
The evening is then ended with a banquet, drinking and dancing.

AE's Post at the Grumpy Toast

Since people seem to insist on having an opinion on something but then turning off comments my only way of responding is through a blog post....which really does suck monkey nuts....though since I'm sure AE doesn't actually expect comments on the Grumpy Toast blog period then I'm totally cool with the stance she took on the matter (though I'm not an advocate for turning off comments at all). I feel the need to defend myself due to the ''I haven't named names'' situation, lest everyone assume that it's me emailing AE....which it isn't.

Never once did I say that Vid was wrong to have feelings, however these high school reactions she has to peoples opinions she doesn't like is what has caused a lot of bust ups and disputes which are then made worse by friends of either side. And for the sake of the stupidity that is Sims 3 drama I felt it was time to say ''Hey this is fucken dumb, I've seen it happen to others and thought their MUST be something else behind the scenes that I didn't see....but then it happens to me, when all I did was reinforce someone elses opinion, and have my own, assuming that a very opinionated friend of mine would respect my opinion. Vid is 21 not 12 shes a big girl and I'm sure shes not THAT emotionally unstable that every time someone has an opinion she doesn't like that she has to flip out and take it into the dramatics. Not everyone is out to get her.

I have said my reaction was very hypocritical since I advocate personal problems being dealt with in private away from blogs...but in a way, this whole thing was a public matter from the beginning there was no ill will behind the scenes, at least not in my court.........but I own up to and accept that I was just as much in the wrong. I'm open to everyone having an opinion on a matter as long as it's expressed in a mature manner which is open to some discussion and debate.....or whats the fucken point in having one?

I honestly don't understand why anyone is still talking about this anyways, emailing behind the scenes or's done, LE made her peace as far as I know, I've said my bit and Vid has not made the effort to approach me she decided to attack me on comments on LE's blog which LE accidentally removed instead.....and that's fine, I honestly don't care about reconciliation, the only thing that's going to be different between Vid and I is that I stop commenting on her blog, it's really not a big deal.

If anyone is trying to ram a wedge between myself and others because of their own agenda then I'm gonna be pissed, this isn't fucking high school you don't need posse and backup don't be fucking pussies.

This is the last I'm saying on this matter, cause its too fucking stupid for further words, I'm far too busy IRL and with Sims projects to bother with this bullshit anymore.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cat Missile

Feeling a lot better, now I have to catch up on everything I haven't done in the past few days ._. my husband isn't the best for doing fact hes about as useless as a teenage boy.

I found this as I was trolling the internets this morning, It has become my new favorite, every time I look at it I get a huge grin on my face :D

Pew Pew

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Medical Advice....sorta

Now of course when you're sick you normally head on down to the doctor to get some drugs to get better faster, But there's also all those little things that speed you on your way to recovery that aren't exactly.....subscription medicine.

It's like chocolate after a hard break up some how makes you feel better, or an ice cold alcoholic beverage makes a bad day at work seem not so bad or for the NZders how gourmet, delicious and must have shitty service station pies are after a drunken night on the town.

I am ill atm, not an uncommon occurrence since my immune system sucks ass, it has always sucked ass. So right now I have microwave warm Sprite....something my mother used to do when I was little. A greasy ass pizza on its way via delivery, cause who can be fucked cooking when they are sick..........and finally some reruns of old favorite TV shows, ones I practically know off by heart so I don't REALLY miss anything if I fall asleep in the middle of one.

What do you prescribe for the sick and lazy?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ignorant and Online

Went onto facebook to make sure no-one I know was on holiday in Japan at the time of its horrendous earthquake and terrible Tsunami.....and while I did find that everyone was cool, I also found that some people are just fucking assholes.

A good friend of mine linked this site on her page, I have seen it before, and it makes me sad inside.....but this time it just makes me angry, fucking ignorant Americans. This post and the previous makes me look like some kind of Anti-American douche....but I'm not, it's just that the country does house some of the most stupid people to EVER grace this planet.

Visit if you can handle the rage from seeing a bunch of red neck morons and bigoted kids congratulating God on helping America get even for Pearl Harbor. *eyeroll*

No wonder it's the gun death capital of the world, reading this shit is enough to make anyone become a serial killer.

RIP to those who lost their lives in the Japanese and New Zealand Earthquakes, and my deepest sympathies to all those who have been effected directly or indirectly by the devastation.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I really don't understand the movie and television industries passionate desire to remake everything. It's like, one of America's favorite things to do with media.

Japan makes some great horror movies, so American directors buy the ideas and remake them
New Zealand has a popular drama series that screens extremely well, so American Directors buy the idea and begin remaking it
And they did the same thing with Being Human, one of my favorite TV shows.

The American ass
The actors are lame, they added in all this hip topical dialogue.....with references to twilight even...I just don't understand why they can't just play the original, the original is fantastic.

I mean shit there's no way you can beat Aidan Turner as Mitchell the Vampire
Rugged Sexy Irishman beats uptight looking American any day

Friday, March 11, 2011

Beavis and Butthead

So ever since JK posted about them maybe bringing Beavis and Butthead back to TV....I've wanted to watch the movie. I finally got around to doing that well as wasting some more time watching a few episodes on youtube.

So stupid its funny.

My husband also downloaded a copy of Beavis and Butthole Golf for me. I'm not normally a fan of golf games but this one is pretty least I remember it being fun when I was younger....was one of the few games my brother and I used to fight over since we only had one family computer (the other one being Rollar coaster Tycoon)

I have stopped myself from installing it on my comp, since I still haven't been able to find any time to finish Amnesia, and I have pictures due for comps hehe. Sometime in the near future hopefully I will have some time to play it.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Insomnia = Cake Baking

I got an old childhood recipe for mock cream from my mother via I've been meaning to make a tiered cake with cream in the middle.

Since I'm wide awake at 11pm and feeling a bit peckish for something naughty I'm going to make a cake, slice it through the middle and put cream in it...and then ice it.

I may post pictures of the result, assuming I don't fuck it up lulz

Look Vid....

It seems every-time you post something that might be slightly controversial (which was a lot when the Mares were around) and you get comments you don't like you have a tantrum and turn of commenting for that post.

Now you know I love you but seriously? No one was lecturing you in that post, you posted something, we commented, you should be happy that people even comment on your stuff, some blogs out there don't get a single person saying anything, I mean shit you don't comment on my blog, you prob don't even visit me.

I don't comment on your competition posts because I can see them and comment on them on the forums....I don't read sim stories other than Poida's so I'm not going to comment on your vampire story posts, just because you said something about the Mares didn't provoke me to say anything, it's the fact you sound like you're giving up on the community just because a blog is set on private and I'd hate to see someone leave or limit their involvement based on someone elses blog.

I just personally find it silly that some people think the Mares blog was the end all be all of the simming community, and while no one has said that, some of you sure act like it. The world isn't going to end because they aren't around, they did not make anything ''more interesting'', they were just another blog, one of many.

So I'm Judging

I haven't done a lot of judging before, and its not because I haven't had the chance, or that I'm not good at's because generally it's boring as fuck, and I don't really feel I have any right to be judging anyone elses work, it's not like I'm super good myself so I'm definitely not an expert.

However I did win Clique Cycle 1 so I decided that this would be the exception.

I did my scores and comments for the first assignment, and I kinda feel like Simon from American Idol (I never watched it, I avoid fucking terrible TV at all costs hehe). My comments might come out looking like novels and I might be seen as a bit harsh....I think I even gave someone a 1 out of 5 for a section....and I didn't give anyone any full marks, mainly because I could award half points (Which is awesume I might add).

So I wonder if there's going to be any emo backlash, perhaps a few people dropping out because they don't want to improve and evolve their picture taking abilities, they just wanna submit the same old shit and win stuff lol

Time will tell
In the next few days all the extension entries will be in
Then all the scores will go up

Oh and I almost forgot, Bliss made my siggy for winning the cycle, and I think it's pretty cool. I haven't decided whether I'm gonna use it or not since my current siggy is a link to here, but I wanted to post it some where anyways

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Voting for Simiverse Finale

So I'm in the finale for Miss Simiverse, Teen Edition, we have a 5 picture of which is judged by the community.

Now don't think that you HAVE to vote for me...cause I definitely don't want this to turn into some bullshit popularity contest, as a lot of community vote stuff does, so vote for whichever picture you like the best.

The round you are voting for is ''Freestyle''
Here is the page at the Sims3Forums
The third post should have the Polls to vote in, assuming LE has them both up by the time someone reads this lol.

Here is the picture I entered for that, I haven't finished the rest of the assignment yet, just wanted to get the community vote one in.

I've also submitted a tonne of other entries, but instead of spamming I'll just pick my two favorites

Toxic Assignment 2: Portray a Celebrity
Gwen Stefani

Fashionista Madness Assignment 1: Spring/Summer Outdoor activity

Monday, March 7, 2011

Broken Technology

Not only does the TS3 forum suck monster elephant cock most of the time, but so do many other things for me today.

I haven't even gotten Liam these past few days, or the baby in the dishwasher error page....I get pages telling me my connection was reset in the middle of loading, or a random error message. Drives me all crazy like!!

Then for some reason my cockhead of a laptop decided to turn sound off. Now your prob thinking...PK yah frakken knob you have it on mute! But no everything was turned was just Vista decided to be a whore....I should replace it with Windows 7 piece of shit it is.

And now once I finally get home after a day of immigration stuffs I find I can't see the followers on anyone's blogs...including my own.

Fuck you Technology...fuck you.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Comments.....the new way to whore out your creations

I believe I've read a few blog posts relating to this already.....and I was kinda feeling left out when no one had tried to hock their wares on my comments section.

Until today....I got all excited cause I had some new comments! Then I was totally deflated when I discovered it was someone telling me they had new creations (good for you I don't see how I filter into the situation) and another person actually asking me to rec their stuff (EXCUSE ME? lol)

Guess My Comments is the new way to whore out your creations lulz. I made a little blog post on my blog, one I doubt anyone will read but it basically states anyone who leaves a comment advertising their shit, or asking me for recs will have their comment deleted.

Plain and Simple

Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm a Winner!

Well I thought I was beat in the finale of Clique. I took a risk editing in graduation gowns because I couldn't find anything that I felt resembled them. However my competition, Beth had World Adventures, an expansion I never bought, due to the fact I have no desire to take my simmies on holidays. World Adventures has a great outfit for a robe, which meant she could create far more animated poses than I could, I had to kept mine simple for editing.

However in some extremely close scoring, the fact I went outside my comfort zone and edited in clothes well enough that some people actually thought they were CC items, impressed one of the judges and I won by one point.

I believe I get a smexy siggy to use on the forums if I choose to, which I will post a copy of when I get it.

I will be judging Clique Cycle 2, so if you're looking for a comp that doesn't specialize in modelesque/fashion shoots or abstract/fantasy assignments....and allows you to tell a story and build your simmies personality through entries........then I really recommend you join up, I believe sign ups are still open.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blog Visitors

I didn't want to get one of those blog counter things...cause I dunno I don't really care how many people visit me, and I'm sure you don't either lol.

But the stats get recorded anyways, so I thought I'd check them out...3000 hits since it's creation....which was what? a couple of months ago?

Thanks guys I lufs you too <3


Before I come and get all sad cause I've come second in Clique (scores are currently being complied right now) I decided to slap up a random entry. I have some sim pictures to put up later as well.

I needed a movie to watch while working out, I'm up to an hour a day on the treadmill, 5 days a week, I can't work out in front of people even my husband hehe, so I don't exercise on his days off. Anyways I was browsing Netflix and found a movie about a purity ring girl who discovers her vagina has teeth. Yeap, someone made a movie about teeth in a vagina.

It's actually a pretty good movie given that the whole idea is freaken hilarious. It's meant to be a dramatic horror/thriller but me being me, I laughed my ass off so hard in some bits.

I warn you though the fact her Vajayjay has teeth and she can nom cocks off, isn't even the most disturbing part of the movie lol