Thursday, March 31, 2011

30 Day song Challenge

Arcanalia has started the 30 day song challenge on her blog, the one with the rules which is normally done on facebook. Since I also agree with her veiws on Facebook I've decided that I might give it a go here too.

I will weave the song updates into or around normal ones though so it doesn't just become a tonne of blog posts with youtube music video links in them hehe.

So Day one is Your Favorite song.
Now this is a super broad but for the sake of not repeating myself and having multiple songs from bands and singers I listen to....or repeating a song I already posted here (Big Slice by Jonas and the Massive Attraction) I decided on this one.

Heavy by Collective Soul
I couldn't find an actual clip, I don't even remember if there ever was a music video made for it, but I love this song.

I have a tonne of favorite songs, so this is more like one of many that have a permanent place on my ipod, but a few of the other songs will appear one other days of the month anyways.


  1. This will be interesting since we both started it on the same day. It'll be fun I think, not sure what I'm going to do for some of them though!

  2. Some of them I'm kinda stuck between a few songs :D

  3. i LOVE collective Soul :D :D Good luck with this. Sounds really cool, but I'm not diligent enough to do it every day.