Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Decimation of GD

Was reading some blog posts about some trolls on GD...I don't often go there because well there isn't much of anything there tbh, I vote on the legacy heir threads cause those are good to see other peoples families, and occasionally offer some advice or help some people out but other than that limiting GD involvement is beneficial to ones sanity lol, unless you like drama.

But wow, this dude really takes the cake. Porn pictures in tonnes of threads, comments on peoples pages, gifting people to ask them to send derogatory messages to other simmers, posts specifically made to be mean to certain simmers.........and on top of that it's the retarded EA techs that are allowing this to happen.

Everyone knows the Gurus suck, and if they actually had a real job in a real company they would have been fired by now, so they are almost excused for having internet down syndrome, though who knows why they haven't worked out how to delete a specific post rather than deleting a whole thread must have the computer skills of a 5 year old......but the techs have been giving this asshole new codes to make new accounts with, when he gives them some kind of sad sack story in the online chat.

EA must suck at training their staff, the customer is always right only in theory, the customer in fact is almost always a fucking asshole and especially in a customer service role you need to be able to identify when someone is REALLY having an issue, bitching because they are a cunt, or is trying to screw you out of something.

AE posted some amazing stuff on her Grumpy toast blog related to how much fail this company really is. The securom bullshit with them failing to disclose its inclusion with some games and packaging others with something they say isn't securom but might as well be since it does the same thing.........and an article someone has very articulately written about EA's promotion of Hate and Pornography with their staffs inability to do their jobs in a timely manner.

If I wasn't a proud person I would totally get a position there, looks fucking sweet, don't have to do dick all and you still have a job. Wonder if the pay is good....


  1. IKR? I'll bet if someone like you or I were to do that we'd be given the banhammer immediately never to return until we bought a new game. Figures that puissants like him continue to exploit the system.

    I sent a few screenshots of the threads to Hydra - I know she can't do much but she could at least past it on. Those pictures yesterday were disgusting.

  2. Completely agree! I can't believe all of the things this guy has gotten away with--it makes me sick! I had been reporting him until the porn starting to come on-- my parents are home, what the hell would they think?! It makes me really disgusted, I hope the Gurus get off their lazy asses and take charge for once. =/

  3. That's unlikely to happen CP. They're useless. I work in a Customer Service setting partly and EA needs to re-evaluate how they handle these situations.

    You're right PK. You do need to know when someone is angry genuinely, or wanting a freebie or a discount, or just to complain. And as I have learned, that is on the job training. I deal with all three of those types of people daily.

    I've also learned that the problem comes in when you get those min wage part timers who don't really care and let the customers get away with most anything. Hmm, that seems to ring a bell to me.

    I've also learned, in some cases, going straight to corporate and leaving the middle men out of it, you can accomplish a whole helluva lot.

    Got love Chain of Command.