Monday, March 28, 2011

Elliminated First Round

I'm not at all surprised, but I was eliminated the first round of Berry Sweet...kinda a repeat of the previous cycle where I was eliminated in the second round hehe.

I'm kinda loosing some of my creativity and I think my computer is getting a bit burnt out because I pretty much have Sims 3 on 24/7 to keep up with all the competitions I'm in, it takes way too long to load so I just keep in running in the background. I took a much needed break from the sims world after I was eliminated last cycle too, and it really renewed my passion for the game and for sims modeling.

After this round of comps is done I think I'm definitely taking a break and giving my laptop a rest from running this high memory game. There was only one comp I was really going to watch out for so when that starts so I'm going to have to really think about whether I can handle it.

Good-luck to all those continuing in Berry Sweet it is a really fun and challenging comp.

I think I might take some time to actually play my legacy, and maybe even think about giving a rainbowcy a go, rather than joining a tonne of modeling comps like I normally do.


  1. I couldn't believe YOU had been eliminated, but that's just my opinion. If you did start a legacy, make sure you contact me with a link ;)

  2. Bah my shot sucked hehe, I took a risk dealing with the crappy outdoor light my game has, a risk that didn't work out for the best.

    I've been submitting some crappy entries for a lot of my comps lately, my brain is just frazzled right now.

  3. A break is always good. I'll have to go looking for your pic.

    How many more comps do you have left?

    And agreed with Crgee. If you start a legacy, link please :D

  4. At least you've posted entries lol >.>

  5. I have 7 comps left lol

    I have a legacy family I just don't write about them, mainly because I'm too busy to lol....but I post heir votes on the forums and such, though I'm only up to generation 2 since I play on long and I don't get a lot of time to play.

  6. PK, I am so sad.....I wanted a friend :(! I don't think I am going to make it too far...I am actually a little confused about the next assignmnet.

    I was planning a break after my comps, then berry came out. I am so burnt myself! I have a couple that are at the end, which makes it hard because it is important that you bring it when the comp is coming to a close!

    I always love your pics! :)

  7. Awww Sun you have the natural sweetness to go far <3
    The Berrycon assignment is basically your simmy dressing up as one of the more famous Berry Sweets, you'll need to go read some stories, rainbowcys etc of people from the Berry Sweet community if you don't follow their stuff already and dress your sim up to look like someone else.

    Kinda like a comic book or video game convention just for Berry Sweets hehe