Thursday, March 31, 2011


Just did another runway picture for a competition, I'm honestly sick of them more please the repetition is terrible, and it's even worse when my creativity is taking a nose dive.

Was also eliminated from Faerie Folk, wasn't surprised but it sucks because I think I got the raw end of the deal when it came to personal assignments. It didn't seem equal, two of the top competitors got easier open ended topics, and the bottom two had harder pictures to create. I still don't understand what the fuck Superheroes has got to do with Faeries lol.

Oh well I think I prefer the....everyone does the same assignment angle, it's cool when it's the same assignment but you have to display different things, like flowers or whatever, as long as those are assigned randomly and are picked to be of the same level of difficulty. I can't help leaving this great comp with a bitter taste in my mouth.


  1. I hear ya on the runways- they are done wayy too much. I can't stand to even lurk if their assignment is runway ^-^

  2. mmm, I agree about the mixed difficulty in that round. I felt I had some of the harder options too - Those pictures you did where great considering how hard your choices were...Don't be disheartened, you know how good you are :)