Sunday, March 20, 2011

AE's Post at the Grumpy Toast

Since people seem to insist on having an opinion on something but then turning off comments my only way of responding is through a blog post....which really does suck monkey nuts....though since I'm sure AE doesn't actually expect comments on the Grumpy Toast blog period then I'm totally cool with the stance she took on the matter (though I'm not an advocate for turning off comments at all). I feel the need to defend myself due to the ''I haven't named names'' situation, lest everyone assume that it's me emailing AE....which it isn't.

Never once did I say that Vid was wrong to have feelings, however these high school reactions she has to peoples opinions she doesn't like is what has caused a lot of bust ups and disputes which are then made worse by friends of either side. And for the sake of the stupidity that is Sims 3 drama I felt it was time to say ''Hey this is fucken dumb, I've seen it happen to others and thought their MUST be something else behind the scenes that I didn't see....but then it happens to me, when all I did was reinforce someone elses opinion, and have my own, assuming that a very opinionated friend of mine would respect my opinion. Vid is 21 not 12 shes a big girl and I'm sure shes not THAT emotionally unstable that every time someone has an opinion she doesn't like that she has to flip out and take it into the dramatics. Not everyone is out to get her.

I have said my reaction was very hypocritical since I advocate personal problems being dealt with in private away from blogs...but in a way, this whole thing was a public matter from the beginning there was no ill will behind the scenes, at least not in my court.........but I own up to and accept that I was just as much in the wrong. I'm open to everyone having an opinion on a matter as long as it's expressed in a mature manner which is open to some discussion and debate.....or whats the fucken point in having one?

I honestly don't understand why anyone is still talking about this anyways, emailing behind the scenes or's done, LE made her peace as far as I know, I've said my bit and Vid has not made the effort to approach me she decided to attack me on comments on LE's blog which LE accidentally removed instead.....and that's fine, I honestly don't care about reconciliation, the only thing that's going to be different between Vid and I is that I stop commenting on her blog, it's really not a big deal.

If anyone is trying to ram a wedge between myself and others because of their own agenda then I'm gonna be pissed, this isn't fucking high school you don't need posse and backup don't be fucking pussies.

This is the last I'm saying on this matter, cause its too fucking stupid for further words, I'm far too busy IRL and with Sims projects to bother with this bullshit anymore.


  1. heya Pk. I am really sorry you had to pot anything like this.

    First let me say, I feel I owe you an apology. When I commented on Vid's blog, I had no idea ( As mentioned) what had upset her, but I felt so bad for her for the way she was feeling.

    Just before I had read her previous blog post and both yours and Em's comments but I missed the blog post that had been deleted. I had NO clue that it was you or Em that had upset her or even that it was that situation that had.

    So, when I mentioned people being jealous of her for her being so bright, I had no idea I was referencing you or Em. And I am so sorry. I was trying to boost a pal, but i did not know it was at the expense of another.

    I asked a mutual friend of ours what had happened to vid and they linked me to your and Em's post and I said i didn't think that could be it. I saw nothing wrong with what you two had said.

    So, I am so sorry Pk, I never meant to imply that you would be a jealous person. I do not see you in that way at all. And I just did not link what you had said to Vid being that upset, I thought it was a totally different thing.--->

  2. That's cool Sereni, I didn't even see any comments about what happened I haven't visited Vids blog since, so anyone who made comments relating to what happened whether or not they even understand what went down on her blog.....I didn't see, so no apology needed hehe.

  3. Cont.

    Pk I respect you to no end. I adore the way you just say what you want and go where you want but manage to do it without stepping on toes.

    I actually read AE's post yesterday and although I linked the situation to what had happened I did not feel her post was directed at you.

    And this is because of your past actions and your ability to say whatever you want in such a fantastic way, I could not imagine you whinging behind the scenes. So, I figured she was directing it to someone else ( I did not assume Vid either, because often in cases like this the two involved will leave it but others will continue on trying to make things worse)

    What I've learned about AE is that she is very passionate and feels the need to take up arms for people she likes, with or without hearing both sides first. Sometimes this helps a situation, sometimes it makes it worse. When extra people get involved it sometimes ends up feeling more like school yard bullying then friends helping friends, but I do not think she means to bully or that she is a bully. Just very passionate about her friends and sometimes people get cut down in the face of that.

    I have found AE very open to listening to the other side one on one and very open to apologizing and reconciling differences and even very welcoming after a tiff.

    I hope you two can set this aside because you are both strong forces in the simming community and I would hate for you two butt heads.

    You've been a simming superhero to me since I first came along, I think you're great and I am sure you two can get past this.