Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Winner of Flux Cycle 2

Results are in and I managed to pull out a win in Flux cycle 2!
I have another smexy siggy to display too

I will be on the judging panel for cycle 3, yeap another judging gig for me....it's a nice change from being the competitor all the time, though like every other judging spot I've had I'll probably end up wishing I was DOING the assignments instead of judging them.


  1. Congrats PK and LOL. You could always do the assignments on the side ;)

  2. Congrats! Haha wow xD lots of judging lol. The siggy looks awesome too

  3. Congratulations PK -- lol you need a trophy room now. Cycle 3 should be pretty popular when people find out that you'll be judging

  4. 6 wins 5 runner up spots
    I kinda wish I had gotten siggies for all of them so I could make a little gadget that displayed them on the side hehe.

  5. :O wow you really are on a roll.....congrats!!! Once again!