Sunday, March 20, 2011

Real Life Jazz (and some Sims piccy's)

I haven't been around in the last couple of days because of Real Life.........that thing that comes up and interferes with your gaming time hehe

We had a gaming day at a friends place yesterday (mostly playing Scott Pilgrim Saves the World THE GAME, which is totally hilarious on multiplayer) and then attended another friends skit comedy performance at the Persephone theater. Monday is the usual family day, Tuesday I'm real excited about since apparently my brother in law is going to teach me to snowboard and ski, but he's a bit of an alcoholic so sometimes our plans fall through due to him having hangovers, hopefully this won't be another one of those days. Then finally another dinner for the birthday of another friend on Wednesday.
I see a lot of food eating in my near future, sounds awesume hehe

Now for some simmy stuff

Darkslayer and I were paired for a group assignment for's been a tremndously huge assignment length due to the fact its very difficult to co-op with someone on a picture. Dark and I have problems right off the bat with my model not wanting to work in her game, but we evetually got around that and I ended up being the picture taker. Dark and I very much co laberated on this image, from the set to the costumes the idea everything....the cool little story is written by Dark also.

The assignment was Superheros and Super villians, both of our models were to feature in the shot either both as super heros or one as a hero the other the villian.

The city had become overrun within a few nights. At first the ghosts or ‘spirits of the un-dead’ as they preferred to be known had been relatively peaceful towards the living and had brought countless individuals brief moments of happiness as they were given a rare opportunity to say things they never could to their loved ones.

Unfortunately such an amicable co-existence could not last. The spirits became jealous and resentful towards the living, their souls becoming bitter and twisted as they watched those whose lives had not yet ended and questioned – why us?

They turned on humanity, deciding that if they could not live in happiness then neither should anyone else. Everybody should just be dead… initially no one knew why they had taken such a sudden turn until a mysterious red-haired vixen appeared on the scene; something about her drove the spirits wild and as it turned out she had single-handedly turned them against the living.

That was when Zokai and Chiagi took it upon themselves to make a stand and defend humanity; together with a pair of devices they had knocked up in Chiagi’s workshop they set about cleaning up the city; one ghost at a time in the attempts to get to the twisted, maniacal woman behind it all.

And my latest entry for Hitched with my alien couple, with my limited time lately it isn't as crazy out there as some of my previous entries, but I still like it. The assignment was to show a celebration our couple might share together.

Normally a celebration recognized once a year for those living on the home planet, Orpal and Vortox attend the Resolution Ceremony whenever they have time to make it home during the first month of the lunar year.

This ceremony could be somewhat related to humans New Years Eve, but in particular the making of New Years Resolutions.

The Celebration involves donning traditional gold clothing which represent the previous years achievements, families, couples and singles then bath in moonlit pools, washing themselves of past sins, as well as any feelings/emotions that might hold them back in the coming year. While this bathing is taking place the participant is meant to think about what they wish to achieve in the new year, the waters of the Resolution Pool is said to strengthen will power and increase luck.
The evening is then ended with a banquet, drinking and dancing.


  1. Oh wow! I really don't know how you produce such awesome shots when you're in so many competitions but that alien picture for Hitched is absolutely gorgeous! The gold swimsuits really compliment their skin colour.

  2. Oh Pk, you know how much I respect and fear you for your fantastic pic taking skills...but wow you have gone way beyond with those two pics!
    That superhero is so fierce! And I love the quiet moment in the Hitched pic.