Monday, March 7, 2011

Broken Technology

Not only does the TS3 forum suck monster elephant cock most of the time, but so do many other things for me today.

I haven't even gotten Liam these past few days, or the baby in the dishwasher error page....I get pages telling me my connection was reset in the middle of loading, or a random error message. Drives me all crazy like!!

Then for some reason my cockhead of a laptop decided to turn sound off. Now your prob thinking...PK yah frakken knob you have it on mute! But no everything was turned was just Vista decided to be a whore....I should replace it with Windows 7 piece of shit it is.

And now once I finally get home after a day of immigration stuffs I find I can't see the followers on anyone's blogs...including my own.

Fuck you Technology...fuck you.


  1. Well that was quite the visual I got in my head...And I've been having that same problem too. It looks like the page has loaded and then suddenly it goes a page like I would get if I didn't have my computer hooked up to the internet. This is getting beyond ridiculous now. I mean how hard is it to fix and maintain a forum.

    As for your sound problem I had that happen with my last computer and I had to restore it to the day before something about one of the window updates borked some how or another.

  2. I thought I was the only one getting shut out this week. Considering I can access every other site imaginable and not get the interruption "no connection" page.
    How hard is it to run a forum? About as hard as fixing their game? Snap!

    I just spent from 11pm to 4an fixing my visiting brothers laptop on Saturday. So I heartily agree PK, fuck you technology.

  3. I had to go into control panel and actually manually restart the sound functions for windows, was totally weird, but at least if it happens again I know where I'm going.

    It really doesn't fill you with a sense of faith does it, when a huge gaming company can't maintain a simple java based forum....I bet this next EP is the mother of all fuck ups too.

  4. I hate all these frickin problems with the website. It's screwed up and all EA does is sit there and eat friggin potato chips!

    Do something, EA!