Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Voting for Simiverse Finale

So I'm in the finale for Miss Simiverse, Teen Edition, we have a 5 picture final...one of which is judged by the community.

Now don't think that you HAVE to vote for me...cause I definitely don't want this to turn into some bullshit popularity contest, as a lot of community vote stuff does, so vote for whichever picture you like the best.

The round you are voting for is ''Freestyle''
Here is the page at the Sims3Forums
The third post should have the Polls to vote in, assuming LE has them both up by the time someone reads this lol.

Here is the picture I entered for that, I haven't finished the rest of the assignment yet, just wanted to get the community vote one in.

I've also submitted a tonne of other entries, but instead of spamming I'll just pick my two favorites

Toxic Assignment 2: Portray a Celebrity
Gwen Stefani

Fashionista Madness Assignment 1: Spring/Summer Outdoor activity


  1. You're in luck, I was in the Sims and Modelling forum, so I saw your entry and did the poll up ASAP;) Good Luck PK!

  2. They all look ah-ma-zing as usual. Good luck :D :D