Friday, September 30, 2011


Here's my Hot or Not entry as promised yesterday

Dominion the new map for League of Legends has been released, gave it a go this morning with the husband before he left for work. It's interesting, probably a bit too Arathi Basin from World of Warcraft for me though. However I probably would have enjoyed my first experience more if we didn't have a total dickhead on our team.

I'm all for people trying to actually be good at an online game, since their personal abilities do effect the enjoyment of the game for others, but there's just no need to be total assholes about it. Verbally abusing someone because they die a couple of times doesn't help them and doesn't make you look like a decent human being either, there's just no need for it, it's a fucking computer game after all.

Felt sorry for the player that this guy just totally ragged on the entire match...he also had a jab at me, right after he died to a three vs two fight, (somehow it was my fault that we lost a battle we were outnumbered in when they popped all their ultimates) so I reported him, as did the other three people on my team. Hope the little cunt gets a suspension from the tribunal.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Assignment 3

Assignment 3 for Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is up and the example shot is another one done by me. Need to get around to doing the other three example shots soon actually.
The month is June, and I used the fact that June is the month that features the most weddings.

Finished and submitted my entry for Hot or Not, once those are posted up on the Wix site I'll post my entry here. Never did finish off the pose I was making for it, so I resorted to an existing one and used the liquify tool in photoshop to change the expression...handy trick that.

Finished one shot for DEMONS, hoping to get the other one done tonight. Once those are complete and submitted I'll be only in two comps again.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's the Way she Goes

Got first place with the picture I didn't really like, and not even top three with the one I did. >.<

Assignment 2 of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is up, and it features an example shot created by me for the month of September. I chose a nice and simple holiday for Canada, Labor Day and did a picnic shot. Tough competition in this cycle, scores are going to be super close every single round I think.

Going to hopefully try my hand at making poses soon. Couldn't work out why Blender wasn't working....and the active pose makers I know of use Milkshape instead, so I might as well work with the same program so if I have any issues or problems I can get hold of someone quickly.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ziggy's Laundromat

It's not great, theres some obvious errors, but I did experiement with some new tools so all is good, I'm learning new things. Working with a Laundromat as my business was really difficult, I had cool ideas for all the other contestants businesses, but I kinda like the overall theme.

Pose combined the face because the fashion expression on that pose just didn't work for the eccentric fun loving feel I was going for. It didn't quite work, I should have gone back into game and taken another screen shot to get an angle that was more suited to the original, but I was short on time. I did play around with the Liquify tool for the first time, which is pretty cool.

I'm still trying to find a way to effectively mesh media from a real life photograph into a sims picture, will have to keep testing out different effects and such to see what I can come up with.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

You Suck At Photoshop

Was given a link to a series of Photoshop tutorials on YouTube called ''You Suck at Photoshop''. They aren't super detailed, but they are hilarious. It runs kinda like a story of a guy who ends up getting a divorce from his wife who cheats on him, he also has a horrible job, a Facebook girlfriend who is quite a few years older than him and a weird World of Warcraft friend who skypes him all the time.

Through watching some of these today I've starting experimenting with some new tools. I'm very proud how this Hot or Not entry turned out. So much so I'm going to post the before and after pictures to show the differences. The pose I chose warped the dress really badly so I had to fix that, and I had to remove the weird lump it gave her foot. It's not perfect but I really like it.

The assignment was to have our model in a completely white/grey set wearing a bright contrasting color. I went a bit cliche with choosing red, but once again Sundra looks great in whatever color I put her in hehe.

BEFORE (completely unedited)
Fixed the dress in three places
Re smoothed fabric
Fixed broken foot
Smoothed skin and hair
Removed cutting issue with hair
Recolored nails
Added Eyeliner and Eyelashes
Brightened eyes and earrings
Cropped image

Friday, September 16, 2011

Been a While

Sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day to do everything.

Trying to be an active member of 4 different forums, judge 6 Sims modeling competitions, plus be a judge and co-host for another one. Compete in three compeitions. Play League of Legends with the husband and our other online friends. Keep up with the chores (I feel like I mow the lawn more than anything else these days, thank god for snow coming soon...but then I guess it will go from lawn mowing to driveway/walkway shoveling instead). Trying to find time to read some sim stories I've been wanting to get into, watch more Torchwood and Haven and start watching some Photoshop tutorials on youtube.

Not to mention all those other little things that pop up, like the fact we have like 100 tomatoes from the garden sitting in the kitchen right now, we had to pick them all because of an incoming frost that did end up killing the plants. Now I have to think of something to make with them, my mother in law has a nice homemade pasta sauce recipe somewhere so that might be the best option.

Because of all this jazz the blog has been taking a bit of a backseat, once I have my entries for Hot or Not and Work it done I will post those but other than that posts might be a little few and far between, but we will see what happens.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pontiac Solstice Advertisment

My entry for Hot or Not sucks, so I won't be posting that....however I had fun making my advertisment for ''Work It''.

We were assigned Cars to download, I got the Pontiac Solstice by Fresh Prince Creations....very nice vehicle, like all his CC. I decided to keep it yellow, seems to be a pattern I got a yellow painting last round, and this round a default yellow vehicle hehe.

Did some research and worked out that the particular design would more than likely be based off a Pontiac Solstice GXP, so that's what stats I went with.

I was going to do some hair drawing with this entry, but I just didn't have time....Really hope I can sort my life out so I can start planning my time a bit better, I'm sure it's getting old me always being the last to submit and my entries always looking a bit rushed.
Anyways, here is my Advertisment! Check out the thread on the officals, all the entries for this round are amazing.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Looking for a Judge

Cycle THREE of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is now open! Sign-ups are in full swing.
For those that don't know it is a non elimination competition, with NO EDITING just pure Sim pictures
Suitable for modelers just starting out, but some stiff competition has already signed up for those that want a challenge too (Early, Mark, Phebes, Simpixie etc etc)

I'm co-hosting this cycle along with Felicia, and we are looking for an experienced judge to score along with me and our other less experienced judge whom Fel is mentoring.

Someone with judging experience is preferred, who can show some skill in simatography themselves
Reliable and has the time to do scores and write comments for 20+ simmers for 12 weeks
Comments must be detailed and specific, no two sentence feedback or ''there's something missing but I don't know what''

You can contact me on Unbound or Symlish
Felicia on Simpure Thoughts
Or you can access the thread on the officials if you are interested in applying for the spot....or if you want to join as a contestant!

Photoshop Progress

Yes long time no update. After a party my father in law broke his main walker so I've been trying to help out around the house the usual procrastination.

Have had some time to fool around with Photoshop, unfortunatly it was on compeition pictures, probably not the best place to be making shit up as I go along. My first attempt at hairdrawing was a diaster. The brush I was using didn't seem to be fine enough for my taste, and I think I might have to do some adustment with my pen pressure on my tablet or something since making strands wasn't as easy as I first thought it would be.

Hot or Not Black and White Assignment
Then I was kinda forced to edit heavily for Beech Modeling. I very much doubt I'll be lasting beyond third place, but I'm ok with that....this is the first heavily edited entry that I've done for anything that I can say I actually really enjoyed doing.

Beech Modeling Wild Animal (in swimsuit of course)

Learned some new tricks, and how to do certain stuff (like rotating and moving layers, desaturating single layers etc) in PS that I was so used to doing easily in GIMP. It's nowhere near perfect, however it's almost 7:30am and I would like to finally get some sleep lol.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Just Noticed

The title for my last blog post
It of course should read ''Not Enough Time'', goes to show how frazzled I am right now, I'm fucking up my own blog posts

Thursday, September 1, 2011

No Enough Time

So after a tonne of crashing while trying to just do the in game part of my entry for Beech Modeling last night, I never got the chance to get into photoshop. Was too tired by the time it hit 1am that I knew it was pointless trying to teach myself a new program, so I just opted for some quick GIMP touchups and submitted.
Maybe it will get me through to the semi finals, maybe it won't......we shall see....either way it will be my own fault, I need to plan things properly like I used to. I seem to suck more with fewer compeitions, moreso than I did when I was balancing 10 or more lol.

Here's the entry which is meant to be a romantic, erotic swimsuit shot something that wouldn't look out of place on the front of a romantic novel.
So my OFFICIAL OFFICIAL first photoshop picture will be for Hot or Not.....which I'm going to start on today