Saturday, March 12, 2011


I really don't understand the movie and television industries passionate desire to remake everything. It's like, one of America's favorite things to do with media.

Japan makes some great horror movies, so American directors buy the ideas and remake them
New Zealand has a popular drama series that screens extremely well, so American Directors buy the idea and begin remaking it
And they did the same thing with Being Human, one of my favorite TV shows.

The American ass
The actors are lame, they added in all this hip topical dialogue.....with references to twilight even...I just don't understand why they can't just play the original, the original is fantastic.

I mean shit there's no way you can beat Aidan Turner as Mitchell the Vampire
Rugged Sexy Irishman beats uptight looking American any day


  1. Oh, wow you're right. MUCH hotter :o~~~

  2. I know right? the chick who plays Annie is cuter too...the British version is just far superior in every it so much

  3. Oohhh, he's Smexy Yummy!

    So the shows called Being Human, I'll have to google. ^.^

  4. Dude best supernatural show I've seen in a while. Britain makes some great stuff, another one to look out for if you haven't seen it already....Misfits....kinda like a more realistic version of Heroes lol

  5. I honestly like the American version but mainly for the ghost. Though if the British version is that much better I'll certainly have to check it out. Wonder if netflix can has.

  6. For some reason I thought this would be about The Smurfs movie :/ Leave my 80's childhood alone!!

    But ah, yeah... helloooo uk Aidan!! I always stay with originals. The moment I hear "remake for this country" I just cringe.

    Teehee Misfits >.<

  7. But the Smurfs movie has Neil Patrick Harris in it Hush! hehe

  8. Ugh tell me about it. Another pet peeve of mine is that Americans don't seem to know when to let a show die. I generally think that the British TV shows stop at the right time - they leave you wanting more, but close at a good point. The American ones... they run a show into the ground to a point where you despise what you once loved - THEN they cancel it.

    There's no going out on a high or blaze of glory, it's a 'right this show isn't making us money anymore, lets ditch it' vibe.

    I had no idea that there was an American version of Being Human though... and really? Twilight references? Ugh! It's bad enough that Twilight and True Blood have effectively RUINED vampires for me but now they reference it in a vampire show that was actually good?

  9. I'm just in love with UK TV. My favorite TV show of all time is Red Dwarf. I must get around to watching Dr Who...I'm sure I will enjoy it too.

  10. Surprisingly I don't actually watch a lot of shows like Being Human etc but I absolutely loved the new adaptation of Sherlock.

    Do you get the BBC out there or is it channels like Gold or Dave (yes, we have a channel called Dave)/just whatever they decide to air?

  11. Yeah we get BBC. A lot of the time I'll find sites that have like special functions....if you like THIS SHOW then you might also like THIS. Kinda like netflix, and I'll either download a series or watch it online on megavideo.

    LOL Dave...wonder who chose that name hehe

  12. Yeah, American versions of shows & movies (and adaptations of things like mangas sometimes too) are sometimes waayyy too watered-down and bland and 'safe'.

    Definitely gonna have to check out Being Human, rawr...^_^ *thanks PK*

  13. Originally the channel was called something else but I really don't remember what that was. Now it's just called Dave and the +1 channel is called Dave Ja Vu XD

  14. As much as I love him, kinda getting sick of horrid movies that waste NPH talent, like Beastly.

    Oh yes, yes, yes, yes Dark! Do your brain a huge favour and watch the BBC Sherlock!! Fkn amazing!!

    Smeg, I love Red Dwarf!! Did you watch the american version? Yes they even tried to remake Red Dwarf :( It's terrible.

  15. omg Being Human is a British show! I love The British Aiden! The American one is just Blah! How on earth can I watch the original version? I need to Know!

  16. Oh Jeebus they really tried to Remake Red Dwarf?!
    I just don't get why they can't use the UK version, I mean sure remaking The Ring and Rec kinda make sense since this way they can connect to the movie going audience who are too lazy or dumb to read subtitles....but Red Dwarf is already in English lulz

    I watch pretty much everything online Sun. Megavideo has them BUT there's a limit to how many minutes you can watch without paying.....other than that you can normally find downloads or anything....I usually grab whole seasons so I can watch at my own pace.

  17. My husband requested it from the library (the first 2 seasons) if they can't get it from another library they will purchase it. This is how he sees his Dr. Who shows. He is excited as I am to watch the British version. Oh and FYI, the American version is produced in Canada! Which is kinda British!? Go figure.