Thursday, March 10, 2011

Look Vid....

It seems every-time you post something that might be slightly controversial (which was a lot when the Mares were around) and you get comments you don't like you have a tantrum and turn of commenting for that post.

Now you know I love you but seriously? No one was lecturing you in that post, you posted something, we commented, you should be happy that people even comment on your stuff, some blogs out there don't get a single person saying anything, I mean shit you don't comment on my blog, you prob don't even visit me.

I don't comment on your competition posts because I can see them and comment on them on the forums....I don't read sim stories other than Poida's so I'm not going to comment on your vampire story posts, just because you said something about the Mares didn't provoke me to say anything, it's the fact you sound like you're giving up on the community just because a blog is set on private and I'd hate to see someone leave or limit their involvement based on someone elses blog.

I just personally find it silly that some people think the Mares blog was the end all be all of the simming community, and while no one has said that, some of you sure act like it. The world isn't going to end because they aren't around, they did not make anything ''more interesting'', they were just another blog, one of many.


  1. With regards to your comments on Vid's post, it's sadly not the case that the fighting has stopped. As my latest Grumpy post says, there's someone that's actually trying to EXTORT and blackmail at least three people through the gifting system, and this same person is making severe forms of harassment as well. The fighting is not gone, it's not done, it's not over, and it never will be because EA won't swing the banhammer on someone who actually does something to deserve it.

    It seems to me that Vid shut them off because she didn't want a fight or an argument. That's her right. Now sure, you may not know them well enough, but she did and naturally she's sad, maybe even a bit worried.

    That's my take on it anyway.

  2. I'd have to agree completely with both points in here, PK. When someone posts a subject that he/she knows is touchy and controversial, they need to be prepared for at least some backfire from readers and commenters. Just because someone doesn't approve of your opinion doesn't mean they don't approve of you, so there's no reason to disable comments if they're not to the poster's liking.

    And as for the whole Mare's Nest thing, everything feels basically the same to me now as it did pre-private blog. The world didn't end, time didn't stop ticking. There is so much depth and life to the TS3 community, and only part of it came from the Mares.

  3. That's always been my point, sure everyone has the right to say what they wanna say on their blog. But it really goes both ways, you have your freedom of speech, and if your going to fling the right in peoples faces then you need to be welcoming of someone who might disagree with you or have a different view, who respectfully shares it in your comment section.

    So many people seem to take things totally the wrong way all the time. I didn't mean anything...mean by my post, I was commenting with my view...if you don't want any feedback/comments then don't post anything or turn comments off permanently like the Mare themselves did, same as you wouldn't say anything in real life if you didn't want a response/reaction from anyone who might hear you.

  4. I understand what you mean, but it doesn't change the fact that she can do what she likes, whether you agree or not. Sometimes I'll have a post I don't want anyone commenting on and I'll shut it off.

    She may or may not have taken it the wrong way, but still, it's her blog.

  5. Yeap it is her right to do so.
    But that doesn't stop me from pointing out how silly it is. She just basically gave EM and I the huge finger....two of her friends, for having something other to say than slobbering adoration for the mares and huge lamenting of their departure. Its like saying, my opinion is worth more than yours STFU.

    Shit I'm sure I read a post by them saying they were taking a break. Most of us with a brain know Vid and a few others talk to them personally anyways I'm sure if something serious had happened to one of them they would have emailed one of you, so you guys wouldn't worry.

  6. And I understand that too. Vid's passionate, which can make it seem that she's over-emotional, or uncaring of what others think, but I think she probably felt she was being lectured about what she could or couldn't do. Doesn't necessarily mean you were, but that's how she could have interpreted it and got upset. My take, could be wrong.

    As far as contacting us, I certainly don't know. If something happened to one of them, the others might be more worried about them at the moment, and not all of the ones who read their site. I imagine that eventually one of them will get in touch with someone, but if it's indeed serious? I don't expect them to, not yet. Maybe when whatever they've got going on simmers down a little bit. But who knows. =\

  7. Its like when you see a friend put on a fucking hideous skirt in a department a friend you feel the desire to point out how ugly it is.

    This is the same deal, I'm just pointing out how fucking lame it is to say to people I can have my opinion but you can't have yours cause I said so.

    Real friends, don't let real friends look like douchbags

  8. I really don't think that's the case, PK. I just think she didn't want an argument. It has nothing to do with her wanting your opinion or not, but that she just didn't want to fight. Her not wanting a fight is not lame and does not make her look like a douchebag either. But if that's the way you really feel, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

  9. But I don't get where the fight was, or how one was to I'm confused on that whole deal....we stated an opinion that was opposite to hers and then, offered some ideas as to why she might find the community she is barely involved in is boring and how that can be remedied, and that it really has nothing to do with the Mares Nest at all.

    And then we get told we are lecturing her and just commenting cause she said something about the Mares blah blah...totally over reacting for no reason at all, it was like shes trying to start a fight, a fight we weren't at all interested in having.

    And then she goes and sets her blog to invite only like that's going to solve anything. This is just silly and we shall agree to disagree cause I've given up giving a toss.

  10. Well I just now saw the blog, it hadn't been invite only earlier, but like I said, she's upset, and you may not give a toss, but I sure as hell do. I may be all "Grumpy Toast" and have a bitch fit everyday or so, but I still give a toss about my own friends.

    Sorry you feel that way.

  11. But you know, do what you want. I'm done, I'm finished, and I'm out of it.

    I don't have the time or patience for this shit. Best of luck to you and everyone else on blogger.

  12. Yeap, cause me saying I don't give a toss is me being a bad friend.

    It looks like mine and Vids friendship was one sided anyways. I visit her blog, she doesn't return the favor, I comment on her blog, she doesn't return the favor, I stick up for her right to have an opinion, but the moment I have one she doesn't like I get slapped in the face.

    If she wishes to fix this then she knows how to get hold of me, but though I respect your desire to stick up for your friends no matter what AE....this is now a ball that's in Vid's court and hers alone.

    You know me Vid, I'm not gonna be a bitch and send a war party after you because I might have had enough of the patterns I see repeating themselves over and over at the expense of other good people in the simming community. We might not be a good match of personalities and that's fine, it doesn't have to be a reflection of either of us as people.........since an opinion is just an opinion.

  13. honestly, I thought the entire situation was a little over dramatic and juvenile. I'm just being honest, and I hate to get involved in these things, but yeah, Vid's turning the comments off and getting all mad at everyone was upsetting. I went to Vid's blog to comment on that specific post and explain how I disagree and just give my opinion on the matter. Then I read what was going on. I disagree with her behavior and I believe her feelings could have been handled in a more adult manor.

    So in the end, I have to agree with your post here PK.

  14. I visit this blog everytime it updates. For you to come to that conclusion means you already shows what you thought of me. Anyway, I have been under a lot stress lately and took your comment as a lecture. I was expressing my feelings on a matter and I got angry becuz I didn't want to get into debate. I could of handle it a different way, but didn't. This post popped up so quick, you didn't give me a chance.

    Well the blog is over with. I don't care anymore. I have already wanted to quit many times before and its been a year, so its time. I don't think there is anyone left to stay for anyway. Maybe a few, but I'm tired. I don't want to fight anymore, so I'm just going stick to playing sims and getting back to real life.

    As for Em, I will apologize becuz she meant well. You? This post hasn't done to much damage. It was one-sided? I thought the same thing about you, but I tried. You rarely post, so what can I comment on.

    I don't want hurt anymore and I regret making that blog, becuz it all it brought was pain. I only wanted to fit in, but I know pretty much everybody has come to hate me now. I wore out my welcome. Bye.

    I will this AE wouldn't gave up on me. We had our disagreements, but we got through them. I'm sorry she got into this.

  15. damnit.

    i miss everything while i sleep/ im at school.


  16. I agree with PK in this matter. It was just her opinion! She didn't say anything against Vid personally. Pk likes Vid and I don't believe it was to be taken the way Vid did. There is a difference in being sensative and childish. If someone is by nature an emotional person, then they should be wary about what they blog about.PK also gave good advice on how to get over her Mare be gone woes. There is so much in the sims community that is worth checking out....maybe this is a good opportinity Vid to check it out.