Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Game: League of Legends

So you may or may not have noticed the new little Gadget I added to the side bar. Which isn't really a gadget at all but a little list of the games I'm currently playing.

I used to play WoW with my husband, it was in fact the game we met each other on. However I grew bored with the game and have finally after 6 years of playing (on and off) canceled my account for good. We are both very much into gaming however and it's nice to have something we can play together, which is where League of Legends comes in.

This game is actually inspired by the DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) map for Warcraft 3.

You can play against other people or against game bots, with two levels of intelligence ''beginner'' or ''intermediate''.

There are 68 Champions to play as with more being added monthly, each week different champions are available to play for purchase a champion to play all the time you use points you gather from competing in matches. Different skins can then be purchased with real money if you want to make your champion look different. They have giveaways and such on their facebook page so sometimes you can get things free. Other than the skins, that don't effect game play at all it is totally free to play.

I got a champion and Special skin through a Facebook promotion which is why I started playing with my husband. So atm I'm playing as Tristana.

This is her, this is the special skin.

I'm totally into this Champion though, her name is Annie. Annie is a little girl who also happens to be a mage. She carries around a little teddy of her special abilities is she throws her teddy bear, makes him huge and he goes around slaughtering people hehe. This is her ''Classic'' or normal Skin.

She has some adorable custom skins though, like the goth girl, and prom queen skins

Very Cool game, I'm glad I have something to play with my husband hehe


  1. Great game indeed Pistolkitten!

    Annie can be a big pain to face against. If we failed and fed her early in games, then later games she should be very powerful. The stun of her ultimate is horrible.

    I have also been playing this game since last year November/October. My favourite type of champions has to be easy to play (Zilean, Alistar, Malphite), I recently bought Mordekaiser as a friend suggested me a build and it is somewhat good.

    Do you play US server? I am on EU *hoping you also play EU server...*

  2. Pretty sure we are on a US server ._.

    I've actually started playing with Lux which I'm really enjoying, its far more challenging early game with her but I strangely get more kills with her a support champ rather than with Tristana lol

  3. Lux is good champion. When any team push our turrets with Lux amongst them. It's harder for us to defend turret with her ultimate. Try Soraka, she's another great support. Easy to play but never overlook at this cool support. Any supports can be a good killer on right conditions :D

    I hope you continue to have fun on this League of Legends, pistolkitten :) We maybe on different server but at least we play the same game ^__^