Monday, March 21, 2011

Berry Sweet Cycle 6!!!!!

Yes Berrypie has finally returned to the modeling circuit with the official berry sweet competition!

I have registered a sim, even though I told myself no more competitions lol. I don't expect to get in though like every cycle only 16 of the 40 sign ups will actually make it to assignment one......and there's far too many extremely creative berry sweets made by people with amazing picture taking skills.

This is definitely a competition to lurk, with so many sign-ups the Berry Sweet crew have the chance to choose the BEST people for the slots, so the pictures are always fantastic and the battle is fierce.

You'll find the thread on the first few pages on the forums. The selected 16 should be up tomorrow after Berrypie, Kelren and Kittycattylion compare their lists.


  1. Yeah, Berry Sweets are always so much fun to lurk, but waaaaayyyy too rough for me -- the competition is just way too good. I've never made it past entries and into the actual comp. I'll definitely be keeping up with it tho. Hope you make it in! (and amber & sun & many other people too)

  2. Would you like to feature on my blog?

    If you are interested please contact me via the contact page

    Bee x

  3. I have been watching the berry maddness! More people wanted to sign up! ;p It is great to see everyone so excited! It looks like a well rounded comp.. I am totally actively lurking!