Sunday, February 27, 2011

A finale and Another Entry

So I entered another comp. Dark tempted me with a vampire theme, so I took the bait, I haven't worked with a vampire model yet, and the ''clan'' I chose kinda forces me to do some minor editing. I really need to practice more with my editing, maybe then I might enjoy it more.

Submitted my last entry for Clique, I made it to the finals so either I'll come runner up or win.........adding to my 3 wins and 5 runner up placings. I actually heavily edited this and I'm decently happy with the way it turned out. The assignment was a graduation picture.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Took me Forever and it's not Perfect

So I needed an idea for Toxic. The first assignment was to create a portfolio of images with your model, but within a dark/grunge theme. I didn’t want to overly restrict myself by adopting a theme within a theme, but I did need something to help me narrow down what my shots would represcent.

While looking through some gothic stuff I suddenly decided that this was a good time to show some of you how much I appreciate your work as simmers. Though some may not understand the time and effort we put into competition entries, simmy creation, competition hosting and the little stories we add to our pictures....I just want to let you know that I know (lol) that it takes a very special type of person to dip into other worlds like we do.

My portfolio is a tribute to those of you who inspire me. I already took on a huge task so I couldn’t include everyone and I am sorry for that, some pictures are a shared dedication and others are not, and this does not at all reflect how much I loves you, it’s just worked out that way hehe.

They aren't as good as you lot can do, and they are less detailed than my normal pictures...but it is for a portfolio so they needed to be somewhat basic.

(Akasha, Toblie, Cece)

This image is a tribute to the competition Gothique Beauty hosted by Akasha/Suicidal Spidars which began its first cycle on the sims forums before I started modeling, and whose second cycle I was involved in was held at Cstyles. It is a mimic of my favorite assignment for that cycle, which was a gothic fashion shot. Not only is this made for Akasha, but for the judge Toblie, for the other contestants and for the admin of Cstyles Cece.


I’ve always been a fan of Evergreens close up shots. So simple but so beautifully effective, so basically this is a tribute for Jake.


She beat me in my favorite comp Gothique Beauty, and hosts and judges some of the other comps I rate in my top I just had to include JKAmarlyis in my tributes. It is a mimic of an entry she produced for Simply Sassy, with a Gothabilly/Rockabilly twist. Thanks for being one of my favorite idea bouncing pads Amber.

(Evie, Kelle, Berrypie, and Randomspirit)

The first competition I judged was UNIQUE hosted by Steviefischer/Evie. It has been so far the only competition that I have really judged (my other experiences being quest spots) and I did so for all three cycles. Evie had some of the best ideas around for assignments. My favourite memory was the assignment for the finale three in cycle one, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil, See no Evil.....and produced some of the best pictures for that whole competition from Kelle, Berrypie and Randomspirit. Thanks for the opportunity to judge you ladies, was a blast.

(Blazaxx and Darkslayer)

A duo tribute image based on the phantom of the opera...just because I can hehe. The overall image idea is inspired by a picture created by Blazaxx for Simply Sassy hosted by Kamcil. The phantom at the piano is played by Niwa Diasuke one of the best male models to grace the sim forums, created by my favorite sim creator Darkslayer.

(Celeseraphym and Hushfirefly)

My biggest idol Cele, this is one for you. A mimic of one of her amazing Faerie Folk entries, one of many I might add. Anything else I could say about Cele’s work just wouldn’t do it justice so I will leave it at that. The male model featured in this one is Lucas created by Hushfirefly, I couldn’t include a story tribute for you hush, but as this image reminded me of your couple for Hitched (I am very much enjoying the story you have weaved throughout the comp) I felt this pairing was fitting.


I've always liked her user name so I tried to make something sexy but scary at that same time hehe. Thanks for the CC creations RD I have almost every single set of items you have made <3 It's a shame you decided to drop out of Toxic would have been fun competing with you again.

(Sereniticat, Poida and Sun)

A three way tribute. A mimic of Serenticat’s Mad hatter image which is still one of my favorite pictures ever. I couldn't get access to Poida's studio *shakes fist at the EA forums* so took some of the color scheme from his new story for Laleina's Mad Hatter outfit. Sun's simmy Madison plays the role of Alice, and Hush's sim makes another appearance as tweedle dum and tweedle dee.

Here's the final collage for the submission

My pictures don't do the tribute justice, but it's the thought that counts right? :D

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Curse you Tiny Toilet!

If you haven't seen Despicable Me, I highly suggest you do so, freaken hilarious. Minions are so adorable, but the tiny toilet scene cracks me up all the time.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Epic Ideas

So I have been busy with some modeling entries, and other stuff. I was going to make and have photos of some cupcakes, but I trusted my husband to preheat the oven and put them in....and the man failed to listen to me, or read the recipe and fucked my cakes up by putting them in under the wrong temperature. Cute but not so smart in the common sense department sometimes.

I won't bore you will a whole list of my pictures, especially when some of them aren't really good enough to be flashing around lulz, I will post my elemental modeling one at the bottom of this post however...since Xia's outfit is pretty.

I have come up with an EPIC idea for my portfolio assignment for Toxic. It's going to be a tonne of work, each shot is going to take me forever and I'm planning 8 of them. But please check back here to see hopefully will not be disappointed.

Without further ado, Xia in ''her element''

Friday, February 18, 2011

Justin Bieber

I know your looking at the title of this post thinking...

W T F PK, have you finally lost it?

But after being subjected to the fucking terrible acting of Mr Bieber, I really enjoyed his death scene in CSI. I fucken love you CBS, even with the terrible editing (magical gun appearing and disappearing in Justin's hand).

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm a Big Fat Liar

So I'm always saying ''I'm not entering anymore comps'', ''Thats it for me *insert random number here* comps are enough for me''.

Well I'm a big fat, stinking liar.

I just joined two more.

Fashionista Madness cycle 1 has finished I came runner up, and I have this thing where I like to keep trying at a competition franchise until I win I've signed up for Fashionista Madness Cycle 2.

And then Evergreen rolled out the cycle 2 of his comp ''Toxic'' and some people I haven't competed against signed up, as well as a few others who challenge me creatively (RepulsiveDesire being the big one there) so I HAD to sign was like some dirty compulsion.

So I'm officially in 10 comps now.....yeah I know, I am fucking insane.

I created a new sim for Toxic, Laleina Kale, I think my sim making abilities are improving. I'll be repackaging and reusing Avon Creed (The model I'm using for Flux) for the second cycle of FM since she was great to work with.

So heres, Laleina's headshot, and the latest entry for Flux using Avon Creed....a random Valentines day shoot which had to include another sim other than our model.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My bathroom Ceiling is Crying ._.

So I've slowly begun posting a few real life snippets here and there....I should do more since well my husband and I are strange human beings and we get up to some weird ass stuff sometimes.

I wasn't going to post about this, cause you know it's not really that big of a deal....but then things turned blue and I rofled so here it is.

We were sitting watching the jeopardy episode where the computer ''Watson'' who is made to play jeopardy kicks the ass of some of the best human jeopardy players....when I start hearing water running. Now this isn't hearing things...but it started to get louder and hallucinations don't normally have volume control. Greg got up to see if one of our taps was loose and discovered water dripping through the extraction fan on the ceiling of our bathroom.

We called the apartment handyman and he cut open a section of the ceiling as one of our pipes had burst and was leaking water into the roof. He removed the actual fan (left the grate) and patched the pipe, saying he wasn't experienced enough to fix something so major, that he would need some parts etc. He would come back tomorrow with some help, remove the patch fix the leak and replace the ceiling.

He left my bathroom in a right mess, bits of fucking ceiling everywhere.

He was gone for about 10 mins when we heard water dripping again. BUT this time on entering the bathroom we discovered that the water had not just started again....but was now................


Yes my bathroom ceiling is now leaking smurf tears into my toilet ._.

Never thought you'd see a toilet on a blog huh?

EDIT: Holy fucken god it's getting worse!!!

Longest EVER modeling entry (for a single photo) 7 hours!

So my husband and I came up with crazy ass idea for my Hitched entry. It's fun coming up with stuff for that comp since my couple are aliens hehe. The assignment was a decision your couple was having to make, possibly something huge and life changing or maybe just really important.

It is inspired by Reboot, Batman and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

First I spent 5 hours collecting gems, both from spawners I placed on my lot, and from the surrounding town. In total I collected 42 Iron, 32 Silver and 27 gold, and countless space rocks big and small. I collected 12 different types of gem (I don't have WA so that's almost all of them besides the one you get from breaking sculptures) and had at least one cut of everything (3 missing pink diamond cuts and 6 missing rainbow....rainbow gems are a bitch to find even with spawners). I also ended up with 13 magical gnomes from sending gems and ore to but cut and smelted.

This is the little grid of all the gems and cuts (I used all of these and more to fill the shelves I had set up)

The frakken gnomes got everywhere, since it took 5 sim days to collect everything they would pop up all over the place, their favorite being the shelves that I was going to use for the picture.

It took forever getting the gems into the shelves, because of the grid size of the gems themselves I couldn't have two gems next to each other, so I filled in a few of the gaps with rubber duckies....yes rubber duckies....but I used debugenablers sculpture option on them so they look more like lumps of minerals hehe.

After doing the usual set building, Experiments with the lighting and CAS fumbling to get the right outfits....I cheated and make Vortox level 10 in the ghosthunter career so he could wield the bad ass ghost sucking gun.

After taking shots (not many my simmies did exactly what I wanted it was very special) I then made two advertisements for the floating ''vidscreens''.

After all that jazz this is the final entry.........complete with story :D

Vortox and Orpal happened to make an interesting trade one evening and received directions to a fairly unknown planet on the outskirts of the known universe....that was rumored to have many weird and wonderful things that were rare in the trading networks. However this planet happened to be in a sector that was well known for having a pirate problem, as well as being inhabited by a few trigger happy races with a lot of fire power.

The Tantria's stopped by the Habitation Mall, the largest mall in the of Orpal's favorite places EVER! They easily made the decision to upgrade the ship with new weapons systems, as well as the purchase of some hand held guns, but the debating came when the droid working the ''Trask's Munitions'' Booth asked what style of power system they were looking for.

Each gemstone and mineral mined by ''Trask's Mining Co'' offered different effects when combined with items from the armory, from explosive charges and EMP pulses to temporal fluxes and time rifts. Each cut of gem also offered different settings, but each gun could only utilize one gem......what would be the best options for their expedition?

Vortox was pretty keen on the Deadzone Annihilation Gems, however whenever the droid outline features of a different cut he would change his mind...and Orpal kept getting distracted by the many floating vidscreens advertising other venues in the mall, this decision could take ALL day.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Simself Version 2

Since the introduction of the boob slider I have needed to be an updated simself. To make my hooters the correct size :D

I'm not usually into judging competitions but after quest judging for a couple of rounds of ''Shes Got the Look'' the host has asked me to stay on permanently due to my prompt scoring and detailed comments. I had to create one of those nifty wee headshot thingy's for the judging wall, so I thought it was the perfect time to resurrect SIM PK.

Modified not just the bewbs but some facial stuff (nose, eyes, mouth) to make her resemble me a little more.

Here's the only shot I have of her so far, and the judging headshot.

I still need to adjust that booby slider...still not realistic >.<

Happy Valentines Day!

RWAR! horrendous glitter text! myspace graphic comments
Twitter Backgrounds

hope everyone had a great day, single or not. I had a lovely sushi dinner and a fantastic massage from the hubby hehe

Clique Final 4

I'm always in a tonne of comps, and for the most part I handle them all well, but I say this time I might not have been overly intelligent with making sure I'm not getting into the finales in too many of them at once......since you know...I have to bring my A++ game lol.

Hopefully this is enough to get me to the finale 3 for Clique. The assignment was that our teen was running for prom queen and was starting to do some campaigning. Here's the picture and the wee little story I submitted...I was the first one too which scares me a bit lol.

Simone would have never begun campaigning for prom queen if it wasn't for her friends. Late one night while burning English assignments (death to Shakespeare!) Simone's group decided it was about time that someone other than a cheerleader won Prom queen. A vote was conducted and it was decided that Simone would be the new misfit prom queen.

They scrapped off her thick artistic makeup replacing it with shimmery natural eyeshadow and lipgloss in bright pink. Stripped her of her unique clothing and dressed her in an outfit that would please the fashionistas in the school. Slapped her normally edgy hair into some sickly sweet pigtails and baked as many cookies, cakes and tarts as possible.

BRIBERY my friends, yes bribery is the key to votes. Teens don't just vote with their eyes but with their brains too....the nicer Simone seemed the more votes they would draw away from Simone's top competition Tara Harlow, the not so nice but ever so hot head cheerleader.

Simone's friends thought it was totally hilarious to watch her chat up potential voters in the school halls.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Rainbow Cake!!!

So I've been on a bit of a baking spree recently. The mud chocolate muffins I made kinda got eaten before I could take some photos of them. But I've always wanted to try making a rainbow cake.

There's a tonne of recipes out there of how to get a perfect rainbow, but I kinda half winged it since many of the recipes were...well lame. Most of them the people didn't even actually MAKE the cake mix, they just used bought stuff.

The cake is a basic vanilla cake time I might try and Madeira cake mixture instead.

I divided the colors up equally, which may mean I might have a bit more mixture for the central colors than I need....but it will give me an idea of the measurements for future rainbow cakes.

Each of the colors are poured directly into the center of a round pan, on top of each other. As you can see I was right and their wasn't enough of the red mixture so it actually disappears in the pan (it was the first color to be poured)

Took about 40 mins to cool all the way through. Poke a hole in the middle with a coat hanger (ghetto I know but I didn't have a cake prod thing, don't worry I washed it first lol) to make sure the middle was cooked correctly.

Looks a bit like a rainbow boob, I may have made a bit too much cake mix, next time I'll probably adjust that too.

Iced it with a basic chocolate icing, that hardens a little on the surface after standing. Silly husband dumped the cooling cake onto a plate instead of the cooling rack (he's cute but not so smart hehe) so it looks a tad lopsided when in fact it isn't.

Stored it in a cake tin overnight and took to the in laws household. I was so desperate to cut into it and see if my experiment had worked!!! I think for a first try it looked pretty good....minor adjustment with the purple and red ratio and I should have a perfect cake next time.

It did taste totally delicious though, and the whole cake was almost polished off in one go...Greg and I had the last two slices for breakfast, mmmmm breakfast rainbow cake hehe.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flowers, Classical Music and Magazine Covers

Be prepared for some hearty pic spam, I've saved up a bunch of modeling comp entries to post all at once

Faerie folk!
The assignment was to portray two flowers, in two different pictures. One flower was picked by me, the other by my ''team'' member selected by the host
My team member (Pooh) then has to choose which of my images is going to get marked. The lowest scoring member of the loosing team will be eliminated

Pooh hasn't picked which of my images will be scored yet

Sweet Pea


Take Your Pic
The assignment for this one was to portray a song and music genre, your models favorite music.
I had so much fun with the ice set for Elemental modeling that I settled on a song that I could create another ice themed backdrop for
''Waltz of the Snowflakes'' from The Nutcracker, my models favorite music is of course Classical

and finally the finale pictures for Fashionista Madness

My February magazine cover, with the Valentines day theme. I may have fucked it up since I assumed (yeah I know bad idea) that FM magazine stood for the name of the competition, so I kinda used the whole name...oh well whatever lol

and my transparent background bodyshot for Cycle 2's banner (If I win that is)

Have a couple more entries due (Simiverse and Clique), but I'll save those up with this next batch of pictures.

Free Food

What happens when a couple of fatties hear that Mc Donalds are giving away FREE breakfast sandwiches, 1 per customer on the 9th and 10th of Feb?

We chain attack those Mc Donalds and get as many free Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwiches as we can stuff into our free loving mouths, that's what. It's not that we are poor, its that we enjoy free things.....and we like food hehe.

It was my husbands plan, we hit three different Mc Donalds, hiding the spoils from the last getting in total 6 free breakfast sandwiches between us (though I only ate 1 and a half, the biscuit is kinda salty and greasy, I wouldn't pay them to eat one that's for sure)

And hey they did get some money from us.....I did buy a coke from one of the Mc Donalds, the girl at the window seemed shocked that I would want a coke in the was 6am bitch! I needed something to wake me up and Mc Donalds coffee tastes like bum (or what I would imagine bum would taste like, if I were to...errr...taste it)

CStyles got hacked ._.

For all those that haven't checked in with Cece and have received an email saying that your account at Cstyles was deleted due to wasn't deleted by Cece herself, some assholes hacked and destroyed the site, removing all the members first.

I'm so sorry Cece ._.
There were many good threads, pictures and competitions both currently running and archived there...I can't believe someone could be such a fucken dickhead.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Big Slice

Just a random update so you know I'm still alive!
Will have some simming updates soon, kinda wanna get them all submitted and post them all together.
I'm also embarking on a rainbow cake mission soon, so I will be taking photos!

For right now I will leave you with a link to my favorite song right now.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Offensive Commercials?

AE just made a blog post about people getting their knickers all in a twist about the superbowl commercial for Pepsi. These tender and delicate human beings with nothing better to do that bitch and moan about TV commercials and how it's effecting their equally angelic children PISS ME RIGHT OFF!

Some of the wittiest and clever commercials have been removed from television because of these whiners and their inability to answer any questions their children might have about stuff they see on television....or like maybe spend some time with their kids instead of dumping them in front of the moron box.

Like this gem....this is the Australian version of the brand (some countries have the same products just with a different brand name, like Axe mens deodorant and shampoo is called Lynx in New Zealand) however the commercial itself is the same.

This was banned from TV in New Zealand for being too risque, and was only played on the hip channels 3 and 4 after 10:30 at night. I think they eventually brought out a shortened version that barely showed the beaver so they could actually advertise their product at a more mainstream time.

Apparently commercials for woman's sanitary products are the most complained about fucken sad are some people? This isn't the dark ages, men know about periods, and kids learn all about this shit at school (started at age of 10 for me, but I heard some countries are trying to get sex ed to be started at 8/9 due to earlier development trends)

Everyone always has to get offended about something....or they feel left out lol

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ice Element Sim Model

So I took some time to create a sim that I felt really had an ethereal quality to her. I've also been experimenting with different noses (undefined ones specifically).

This is Xia, entered into Elemental Modeling.
The second image is her head shot for the first assignment....I think it's gorgeous >.<

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Deadly Sins

Really super common theme for an assignment....but not one I'm ever sick of doing since there's so many ways you can interpret each sin. This time the image had to be a high fashion shot. Can you guess what my sin was? :D

Also submitted my entry for Clique (my spring break collage earned me first equal in the last round) getting down to only a few REALLY talented people so trying to submit good stuff. Assignment was our model working in a booth/ride at the prom fund-raising carnival. I chose a haunted house, trying to stick to my models personality.

I'm also in the finals for Fashionista competition being the very talented I'll be working hard on some unique ideas for that.

I'm also in the process of creating a new model for Mickey's elemental competition. Ice has been added as an element and with the sculptify tool the possibilities are endless for really crazy in game shots. I also want to spend more time creating and experimenting with fantasy abstract shots.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Had some more horrible experiences with humanity in World of Warcraft today. It's sad that it appears that the majority of the world are total douchebags...however due to being total pussies and fearing the consequences of revealing their true nature they pretend to be respectful members of community. As soon as you give them some anonymity on the internet however....their true colors come out to play.

My husband says I have some bad luck when it comes to random groups as he doesn't have nearly as many bad experiences as I have had since returning to high end game play. I still have yet to decide whether it's worth paying money to share a virtual world with total assholes or not.

I did remember to take a few screen shots of one of my favorite Cataclysm zones, which is for players around 82+, they include one of my favorite NPC's Therazane.

This last picture is of the Temple of Earth, in the foreground is ME! in flight form :D

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Pose Combine

I think the two main problems with this pose combine is the head is too husband thinks otherwise...but it looks odd to me....and the lighting. Because I went for dynamic lighting on her it was harder to edit her into the background and have it look right.

I didn't at all try to draw the hair back in and left it cut off....I had spent longer than I really wanted to on the picture and I have other submissions due...and tomorrow is baking and family day so no sims for me.

Pretty decent for a first try I think.


I managed to work out why I couldn't take screen shots in Amnesia. As I suspected it had something to do with full screen and windowed now that I've sorted that out I've restarted my game to take the time to take pictures of some of the really pretty scenery.

These are actually a few days old, at the moment my time is being eaten up by immigration stuff and this crazy crazy pose combining mission I have put myself on.