Thursday, October 6, 2011


I've never been one for RP stuff. I did a little when I played World of Warcraft on a role playing server, but thats about it, and usually it was weird RP like stuff with ogre lioncloths and getting married on the corpses of bosses.
However I decided to signup to Portvale, which is a Sims 3 RP site created by Jillie and Miss Harlequin.
They put a lot of effort into the back story of the town and just the whole set up of the forum. There's already 9 female characters and 6 male characters accepted.

I have one character awaiting acceptance, (I have to do her pictures first), and one character already up and running. If you're interested in RP I suggest you check it out, and while you are there, check out my simmys! hehe

Rivet Harkness Kinda loosely based on Captain Jack Harkness from Dr Who/Torchwood
Sweetpea Frost Very loosely based on Abby from NCIS

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hard drive Failure

Well it hasn't failed yet, but last night I had a scare. Moved my laptop downstairs (I've been sitting upstairs working on it since my brother in law took over my living room downstairs because he's sick and needs mummy and daddy to look after him *Insert eye-roll here*) it crashed and when I tried to restart it it couldn't see the C drive.

While thats not a ''your hard drive has shat the bed'' definitive annoucement, it can be a sign that it is failing, and since my machine is also making a lot of unessesary noise when accessing the C drive I'd say it's safe to say it's on it's way out.

So I've spent all last night and all day today so far, copying all my important files to an external hard drive...Sims saved stuff, pictures, photographs, music all that jazz. Running repairs, deleting any unused folders, uninstalling old games anything that might extend the life of my laptop.

Lucky it's my birthday next week I might need to get a new computer faster than I was planning to.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DEMONS results in!

 My favorite siggy of my collection I think! Was a close finale. If anyone is interested in some fantasy modeling with a demon (can be any interpretation of the creature, as you can see mine was with a Sci Fi twist) then check out Unbound for the possible cycle 2 of DEMONS, Simanims is a great host.

This win puts me up to 14 first place spots now, I've pretty much done everything, high fashion, lifestyle, teen models, male models, non editing, advertisements, fantasy. I know for definite that I'm joining the next cycle of Static hosted by Early (WOO SciFi), other than that I'm keeping my eyes open for anything that really sparks my interest.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Anti Smoking Advertisment

Really enjoying this competition. I really love being able to breaking up the regular modeling competition pictures with some advertisements, and ''Work It'' has some great assignments. This time all the contestants got the same assignment rather than all of us having different object or services to market, a anti smoking campaign.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

DEMONS finale

Here's my entry for the finale of DEMONS, was a short lived compeition due to a tonne of drop outs, but I loved being able to do sci fi themed pictures once again.
I like my demon so much I'm going to make her over and sign her up to the next cycle of Static when it starts. I have the most fun creating Sci Fi pictures, so I think I'm going to be always on the look out for them.

The full story behind the pictures can be found on the thread on Unbound for anyone who is interested.

Working on my Anti Smoking Advertisement today for Work It, so I will have that up tomorrow!

Friday, September 30, 2011


Here's my Hot or Not entry as promised yesterday

Dominion the new map for League of Legends has been released, gave it a go this morning with the husband before he left for work. It's interesting, probably a bit too Arathi Basin from World of Warcraft for me though. However I probably would have enjoyed my first experience more if we didn't have a total dickhead on our team.

I'm all for people trying to actually be good at an online game, since their personal abilities do effect the enjoyment of the game for others, but there's just no need to be total assholes about it. Verbally abusing someone because they die a couple of times doesn't help them and doesn't make you look like a decent human being either, there's just no need for it, it's a fucking computer game after all.

Felt sorry for the player that this guy just totally ragged on the entire match...he also had a jab at me, right after he died to a three vs two fight, (somehow it was my fault that we lost a battle we were outnumbered in when they popped all their ultimates) so I reported him, as did the other three people on my team. Hope the little cunt gets a suspension from the tribunal.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Assignment 3

Assignment 3 for Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is up and the example shot is another one done by me. Need to get around to doing the other three example shots soon actually.
The month is June, and I used the fact that June is the month that features the most weddings.

Finished and submitted my entry for Hot or Not, once those are posted up on the Wix site I'll post my entry here. Never did finish off the pose I was making for it, so I resorted to an existing one and used the liquify tool in photoshop to change the expression...handy trick that.

Finished one shot for DEMONS, hoping to get the other one done tonight. Once those are complete and submitted I'll be only in two comps again.