Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ignorant and Online

Went onto facebook to make sure no-one I know was on holiday in Japan at the time of its horrendous earthquake and terrible Tsunami.....and while I did find that everyone was cool, I also found that some people are just fucking assholes.

A good friend of mine linked this site on her page, I have seen it before, and it makes me sad inside.....but this time it just makes me angry, fucking ignorant Americans. This post and the previous makes me look like some kind of Anti-American douche....but I'm not, it's just that the country does house some of the most stupid people to EVER grace this planet.

Visit if you can handle the rage from seeing a bunch of red neck morons and bigoted kids congratulating God on helping America get even for Pearl Harbor. *eyeroll*

No wonder it's the gun death capital of the world, reading this shit is enough to make anyone become a serial killer.

RIP to those who lost their lives in the Japanese and New Zealand Earthquakes, and my deepest sympathies to all those who have been effected directly or indirectly by the devastation.


  1. OMG THE F...
    Hmm cant wait for THEIR payback, dumb-asses.

  2. A friend linked me to that site before and I was absolutely disgusted by what I saw. Payback my ass; America already got it's payback when they bombed the shit out of Japan.

    Why is it that they are allowed to gloat over something so horrible as this but you mention 9/11 and they jump down your throat? The latter was over 10 years ago and while it was a horrible event, with all due respect it's time they got over it.

  3. What is this? I don't even... :/

    An old friend of mine from high school had the same thing actually posted on her wall and she lives in Japan. Just insensitive and poor taste.

  4. We're not all that.. I don't think there is even a word for it. (Couldn't even finish that video) But admittedly there are loads of people I don't feel deserve to breathe. (The whole westburo baptist church for starters.)

  5. Well, I found the first video on YouTube and had my two cents over there:

    "tamtampamela, you are the most ignorant sack of shit I have ever seen. You're as bad as the Westboro nutcases. Do you protest military funerals as well? You're sick, and if you really think that your words, full of prejudice and racism will be smiled upon at the pearly gates, you are in fact WRONG. You and others like you are what make me ashamed of my fellow American citizens, and the fact that my husband has served overseas for your right to be a blatant and disrespectful bitch is even sadder."

    It's sad when Freedom of Speech in this country is used as an excuse for someone to be an absolute dick. Some people REALLY don't deserve that freedom if that's how they'll abuse it. That's why I wouldn't dare join the military. I'm not fighting for the freedoms of people like that. I personally would love to slap them around.

  6. And that's the other thing. People are saying "it's payback after Pearl Harbor". Do they not know their fucking history? They should research The Manhatten Project. We dropped two atomic bombs, in Hiroshima, and in Nagasaki. There was "payback" for the attack, as awful as they both were.

    These people are idiots.

  7. I am shocked that people could be so.....can't even think of a word to describe it! It is a sad day indeed. No one deserves to suffer tragedies like that! A lot of innocent people have died, lost loved ones , and are suffering. Shame on on those idiot people who would say such things!!

  8. It really saddens me, not only because indeed we have to share a planet with such trash but also that the whole of the American citizenship get judged based on these people, because their voices are so loud and horrible that all Americans get stereotyped the same way.

  9. Yeah, that bs makes all of us Americans look like dicks. We certainly don't all feel that way thank goodness. I wish I could say it shocked & surprised me though. Tragedies and the internet seem to bring out the monster in some people. That and some folks are just monsters anyway (you should've seen the comments that came after Hurricane Katrina - some of the most awful things I've ever seen in print).

    I've dealt with enough racism & ignorance in my own life to not be *surprised* by the comments and stuuuuupid videos, but it still digusts the HELL out of me. Maybe I'm just getting old, I dunno...some days I just don't hold out much hope for this sad ol' world and the loons in it. :/

  10. wow i didnt even THINK about pearl harbor/"payback" when i heard about the tsunami and earthquake. (even tho our "payback" would have been dropping the bombs) my first thought was about donating to help them over there. some people are just sick and heartless. its sad to see people ACTUALLY say that...thats horrible. Stupid people making us americans looks like dicks.... :/

  11. Wow that's incredibly inhumane for people to say that. I got so scared when the earthquake hit seeing as my cousin is there right now. I don't think I can even get close to sympathizing with those poor people in Japan. It is irritating knowing I live in a country were sometimes the voices of idiots can be louder than those of rational people.