Friday, April 29, 2011


So I'm celebrating the end of the 30 day song challenge, where I didn't miss a single day.
I'm also in the finals for two competitions this week, Hitched and Vanity (still waiting on the results of FM)
And since I forgot to wish everyone a happy Easter I decided to post this to show you all how much I love you.


30 Day Song Challenge: Day 30

The Final Day YAY!

Day 30 is your favorite song this time last year

I have no idea what this was to be totally honest, but I'm assuming since Wrestlemania would have only been on a few weeks ago that this song would have been something I would have listened to a lot since it was the theme.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 29

Almost there!

Day 29 is a song from my childhood

This was a no brainer. When I was younger my elder half brother (who is like 10 years older than me) lived out in a one bedroom room at the back of our property that my Dad mostly built. My little brother and I thought it was awesume when he would let us go inside it. He was really big into Van Halen, New Jersey and Midnight Oil, but this was the song I always asked him to play, and even at such a young age I knew all the words hehe.

Bad Medicine - Bon Jovi

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 28

Day 28 is a song that makes you feel guilty

I won't go into super detail, but this song reminds me of the time I cheated on a boyfriend. It's the only time I've cheated, and though the resulting relationship was a fairly good one with some good memories, my actions leave a sour taste in my own mouth.

My boyfriends best friend and I used to sing this song to each other in the dark in his car, even with the boyfriend in the passenger seat next to him. We used to steal looks at each other in the was all very romantic at the time. I used to sneak out of the boyfriends dorm room in the middle of the night and go shag his best mate who lived across the hall from him. I was the resulting reason that their friendship broke down, of all the horrible things I have done in the past (and we all have our moments) this is one that I do think about and really feel disappointed in myself.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Finale for Fashionista Madness Cycle 2

Round two of this comp for me! Came second last time around....and will probably be a repeat performance lol, I'm not so hot at cutting sims out onto transparent backgrounds, no matter what I do they always seem to look choppy on some of the edges. Oh well, here it is anyways.

The assignment was to show something that your model doesn't like about themselves, and why they were ''Born that Way''. The second part like last cycle is a body shot on a transparent background to be used for the banner for the following cycle.

Many things in life are shaken off as being something a person was born to be like, but very few of them are really traits we are born with...personalities are created from our experiences we are not born with them.

However Avon's final reflection for this assignment truly is something she was born with. Avon is in fact a twin, the younger of two girls. Her elder sister Acacia is a very different person, more family orientated. Though Avon has seen success as well as failures as a model, actress and singer she is constantly comparing herself to her elder sister.

She can't help but feel like her life in many ways is lacking compared to her sisters, and is always seeing parts of Acacia's life she desperately wants. A loving doting husband, a steady job, children.... because of this desire to be somewhat better her sister, to achieve more than her she is never really happy with herself and what she has become.

What Avon hates the most about herself isn't her vanity, her addictive personality or her ruthless ambition. It is the fact she was born a twin, and can't help but always feeling like the inferior copy.

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 27

Home stretch now, not long to go!

Day 27 is a song you wish you could play on an instrument

I don't know what part in particular I would want to play...prob the guitar but I know for a fact that I wish I could yell/sing/scream as well as she does hehe

I'm so Sick - Flyleaf

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dark Shadowz Assignment 3

I did do an entry for Hitched and Vanity too, but I'm not all that happy with how they turned out, and when that is the case I don't post them on the blog.
Getting down to only a few comps which should work out well, because with my increased RL schedule I don't have the time I used to sit down and work on anything.

Anyways Assignment 3 for Dark Shadowz was about flight, our faerie flying and what emotions/thoughts she has when she does fly. Once again this needs to be incorporated into our story. I've decided to do a continuous story rather than a disjointed history and let the assignments guide what is actually going to happen to Tragedy.

The travel time from reality to reality was tiresome, even at the speed of thought the distance was astounding.

When she finally arrived Tragedy burst from the gate without hesitation, ready to be shocked and awed by her surroundings. Energy from the portal flickered in her wake as for the first time she used her wings. Flying appeared to come naturally and it was a delightful new experience. It provoked a small smile from Tragedy, happiness being an emotion she wasn't used to expressing.

She discovered she was in some kind of burial site, the faint smell of death, too faint for most to sense, hung in the air. The atmosphere was pleasant, peaceful, Tragedy felt at home immediately.

''Perhaps this transition will be easier than I thought'', she said aloud, spinning in circles.

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 26

Day 26 is a song that you can play on an instrument

Well even though in the past I learned the recorder (Primary School) and the Clarinet (High School), I can't for the life of me remember any of the songs I played, nor would I be able to play them now.

So for this day I'm going to post a song that I know a part of, at the beginning and in the background of Cherry Lips is a melody on a keyboard, I can play that, or at least used to be able to a couple of years ago lol

In other news, Shirley Manson is fucking hot

Cherry Lips - Garbage

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Winner of Take Your Pic!

Was a close one, each assignment was pretty much a head on battle between Sun and I, one of the two of us getting first each round. In the end I squeaked through :D
Another Siggy to add to the collection.

Hopefully today I will be able to finish off a bunch of modeling entries since I seem to be well on track to getting everything I need to do today, done. So with some luck I shall have some simmy pictures to post up tomorrow :D

PS: Just a shout out to people who might not have seen their comments after they posted (in particular Simanims) for some reason my blog was flagging some comments as spam and removing them without consulting has been spanked, and the comments that were deleted have been re-posted <3

PPS: I've added reactions....just because everyone else has them and I'm a copycat hehe

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 25

So busy lately barely have time to even keep going with this, but I'm so close to finishing it I MUST POWER THROUGH!

Day 25 is a song that makes you laugh

This is totally self explanatory lol

Horse Outside - RubberBandits

Saturday, April 23, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 24

Day 24 is a song you want to play at your funeral

I have two songs that for the longest time I have wanted to play at my funeral, morbid thought, yes. The first one is Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve and the other is this one.

6 Undergound - Sneaker Pimps

Friday, April 22, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 23

Day 23 is a song you want to play at your wedding

The only artist I'm repeating! This is the only love song I really adore and it's a really kiwi one at that. If my husband and I renew our vows in a proper wedding celebration (our actual wedding was just a small ceremony at home) then this song will defiantly play for the first dance.

Shouldn't you Oughta be in Love - Dave Dobbyn

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Great Night!

Video Games Live was fantastic last night even though my husband, the huge numby, parked like 8 blocks from the theater for no apprant reason. Hope the bastard isn't trying to tell me something lol.

Best performances were the songs from Halo and Castlevania, the host pulled out a really awesume steampunk themed electric guitar for them. ''One winged Angel'' from FF7 was really well done too really moving.

There was a guitar hero contest on stage and a 1 vs 1 frogger match too on the big screen which was pretty hilarious. Right before the show started was a cosplay competition, winners were a guy dressed as the dog from Duck Hunt, and someone dressed as a massive cube thing with a face from Minecraft.

We got to see this guy doing a bunch of Final Fantasy songs on the piano as well as playing his Mario compilation blindfolded which is how he got discovered by Video Games Live in the first place.

This girl (and this video is actually straight from a video games live show) playing Zelda tunes on the flute while dressed as Link. She actually recorded herself playing all the other parts of the song beforehand too.

The audience also all sang together with the choir and singers ''Still Alive'' from Portal!!!! for the finale

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 22

Day 22 is a song you listen to when you're sad

Just to round off the collection of songs I listen to when I'm feeling XXX series lol.
Love this band, kinda wish the lead singer was hotter since his voice is positively smexy.

Through Glass - Stone Sour

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 21

Making sure I do this before I go to bed, since I'm likely to forget if I don't do it right now seeing as tomorrow is the Video Games Live show (so excited!)

Day 21 is a song you listen to when you're happy

I think I listen to all kinds of stuff when I'm happy, however when I'm in that hyper crazy happy type mood I like to listen to totally mad music. Like this song for example.

It's just a Song about Ping Pong - Operator Please

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finale for Take Your Pic

I'm up against Sun which is super scary! But I finally finished my three part finale pictures for Take Your Pic which is hosted by Island.

A recreated scene from a Disney Film
Beth as Snow White in the forest near the house of the seven dwarfs singing to the woodland creatures

A place full of magical beings (model does not have to be included)
A midsummer's nights dream inspired picture

A scenery Shot from in game
A sunset in Sunset Valley

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 20

Ten more days!

Day 20 is a song I listen to when I'm angry

I'm super cliche and when I'm angry, I listen to a song that makes me's kinda emo too lol. When I get extra ragey and want to punch babies I listen to this song (though I have the ''unclean'' version)

Last Resort - Papa Roach

Monday, April 18, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 19

Day 19 is a song from your favorite album

Back when I actually bought CD's and actually paid for my music in any form lol, I had this album. It was stolen a total of 4 times from various parties and such and every single time I replaced it.....that's how much I love it.

That Album is HELLBILLY DELUXE from Rob Zombie, and here's a song from that album

Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dark Shadowz Assignment 2

Will be attempting to finish up my pictures for the finale of Take Your Pic today amongst all the other stuff I have to do in preparation for tomorrow which is when I'm taking the medical exam for my immigration forms.

However I finally got together my entry for Dark Shadowz which has turned into a non elimination competition. I'm generally not a fan of non ellim comps since I tend to get a bit bored, my ADD kicks in and if theres no threat of being kicked out I just hand in any old shit sometimes lol. I'm going to stick it out though, because I hate dropping out even more.

Assignment 2 was a color assignment. We had to show what our Dark Faeries favorite color is and what it means to them, meanwhile incorporating it into the story we had already begun with assignment 1. I chose Black, after checking that is was ok since Black isn't actually a color.

Model: Tragedy
Color: Black

Tragedy's preparations have finally been completed. All the necessary puzzle pieces in place she is ready to enter the world of mortals for the first time to seek new and interesting experiences.

With nothing but dreams, memories and nightmares to draw expectations from she is extremely anxious about what she may find. What the world is really like, what other beings she might come across.

She dresses in her finest attire and stands at the gateway between waking and dreaming. In her hand she carries a single black rose, the one thing that will remind her of home while she is away.

Black may evoke unpleasant feelings for others, however for Tragedy it is a very comforting color. It fills her with drive and passion, the color of an empty room ready to be filled, but at the same time calms her, the color of the deepest dreamless sleep.

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 18

Day 18 is a song you wish you heard on the radio

This is old, released in 2006 if I remember correctly, another example of some industrial (metal) I listen to actually hehe. However I love this, Push it and Cold by this band and wish they would still play all three songs on the radio. The lead singer Wayne Static is HAWT is a weird kinda way.

I'm with Stupid - Static X

Static X - I'm With Stupid by Duketrasher

Saturday, April 16, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 17

Day 17 is a song you hear often on the radio

Unlike yesterday where the radio stations in Canada caused me to hate a certain song after playing it too matter how many times they play this one I never get sick of it.

World so Cold - Three Days Grace

I have officially finished watching Big Brother UK 2010, very predictable when I get a spare moment I will be moving on to Big Brother 2009 :D

Friday, April 15, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 16

Day 16 is a song you used to love but now hate

I'm going with something fairly recent. When I first heard this song I thought it was beautiful, however the rock radio stations then proceeded to thrash the shit out of it so now I can't stand the fucken thing. Plus Austin acts like a total ponce with the microphone in the music video hehe

Lips of an Angel - Hinder

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Some Sims Shite....finally

People have probably thinking..
''Where the fuck is all the Sim related shit PK?''

I've been a bit slack, with real life stuff and my current addiction to Big Brother UK I haven't really spent a lot of time playing ANY game, let alone Sims. I am however behind in my modeling comps so I better pull my finger out. Heres one entry I did today, and one I submitted a while ago. Planning to try and get at least one more shot done today but I'll post that later.

Exotic Couture magazine shoot for Fashionista Madness Cycle 2


Dezlith's daredevil attitude for Vampire the Mascarade, drinking blood from a drunk night clubber in the subway when the crappy over head lights flicker out for a second (yeap she's THAT fast)

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 15

Day 15 is a song that describes you


Anyways, found a copy of this with lyrics for the shits and giggles. Have done a fair few quizzes and stuff that ask for a song that describes you and I've used Rape Me by Nirvana and Loosing my Favorite Game by the Cardigans before....however right now I think this song is pretty fitting lol

Basket Case - Greenday

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bit Low at the Mo

My mother in law finally motivated my husband to get onto doing his half of my immigration forms. It's not like I haven't been trying to get him to do them or anything, he just doesn't listen to me at all....blames his inability to pull his finger out of his arse on stress.

Finally it looks like the forms will get completed and sent next week. Aussie police check is being sent today, I have my medical booked for Monday....and Greg has a strict schedule to get all his forms finished.

While the fact that the forms will finally get sent is a huge weight off my shoulders, the fact that the immigration offices told me that the time period quotes I got from immigration lawyers were bullshit upsets me. I was told the first section of the forms would take about 4 months to process which then would allow me to get a temporary work being able to work is the part I am really the most worried about. However according to the processing offices that part actually takes about 9 month on average.

9 months....

I've already been unemployed for a year and a half, I have student loan repayments due October this year.....and even though I finished my degree when I was 22 I have yet to really do anything with it as I keep moving around too much. I'll be 27 before I can get a job here, and as everyone knows you have to start from the bottom regardless of what education you get, so really I'm leaving it terribly late to get a good career going before I planned to have kids.

It's all terribly fucking depressing really.

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 14

Day 14 is a song no-one would expect you to love

I remember playing this to some of the simmers I hang with at Cloudten and them being a bit surprised that I got into punk/industrial music hehe.
My husband introduced me to this song, he has an eclectic music taste too.

Bring the Pain - Mindless Self Indulgence

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 13

Day 13 is a song that is a guilty pleasure

I guess you could take this any way, I decided to see it as a song that I love, listen to a fair bit....but is a bit cheesy and a tad embarrassing to admit to.

I'm not hugely big on pop music, at least not enough that many songs sit on my ipod for long. I already used the Rihanna song that has a semi permanent place on my most played play list.....but this song and one other by Beyonce (Halo) feature on the same one. What can I say I just really like this song.

Sweet Dreams - Beyonce

Monday, April 11, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 12

I'm doing pretty well at remembering to do this hehe, always seems to be really frakken early in the morning too....mainly because my sleeping pattern is all up the fuck atm.


Day 12 is a song from a band you hate.

Now like most people many bands and artists fit into this category. I decided in order to help whittle my choices down that I would find a sing I called REALLY like, from a band I REALLY hate.

I despise seems only douches have the name Chad (no offense to anyone reading this whose name is Chad you could be a rare exception lol). Nickelback's music is mostly garbage, shitty commercial rock made by the studio for mass appeal rather than the expression of art. They use the same melodies and beats, a lot of their songs sound exactly the same just faster or slower or in a key higher/lower. The lyrics are fucken terrible...............not to mention Chad sounds like he's singing with a mouth full of cotton wool sometimes.

On top of that I live in Canada, and I don't understand it, but Canadian radio seems to enjoy airing the fucken shit artists on their radio stations (Nickelback and Bieber being two huge ones) and never any of the good stuff like The Tragically Hip, so my ears get raped by their crappy music often.

I do however like this song, probably cause it's the theme to WWE is however the ONLY song by this band I will listen to.


Nickelback - Burn it to the Ground

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reality TV Addiction

I have an intense love of all reality TV.....even the fucken terrible series, like Rock of know the bachelor style show with the lead singer from Poison, Bret Michaels trying to find the love of his life in a house full of fake tits, strippers and hair extensions. Love it! Love it when people get all pissed off, when they fail at manipulating people, get called out, lie, fall in love, have break’s all so entertaining, much better than anything someone could write into a script.

I have for a long time been a fan of Big Brother. We used to get the Aussie version in New Zealand, but compared to the US version it sucks. I always thought it was because in the Aussie version it’s against the rules to talk about nominations so there isn’t that strategy aspect...however I’ve recently found the UK version of Big Brother....which works on the same premise of ‘’no discussions of nominations’’, and have come to the conclusion that the Aussie big brother contestants were just boring as fuck cause the UK one is hella entertaining.

Essentially it’s more like how Big Brother should be, you don’t form alliances you form friendships, and how you act in the house dictates whether your housemates nominate you, not how well you can lie and manipulate, and then your own country votes whether you get kicked out or not, which seems to work better for the UK version as the Brits aren’t fucken dumb and don’t kick out all the volatile personalities first (while the Aussie ones it always seemed like the more ‘’out there’’ you were the more likely AUS public was to kick you out, making their shows total snores).

I’m watching the 2010 UK Big Brother which is meant to be the final one, and then I’ll work my way backwards. The housemates they get seem to be far more diverse, and in a way more stereotypical and character like than the AUS and US versions, but I think that’s what makes it more interesting. There was a Beyonce Lookalike, a lesbian independent film actress, a legless War Veteran, a metrosexual reporter, an aussie surfer and even a minister in the season I'm watching, it's amazing to see who bonds with who and who has arguments with who.

God I love UK TV. Should have been born a Brit dammit.

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 11

Day 11 is a song from your favorite band!!!!

DEF LEPPARD BABY! Bring back 80's Rock!
My favorite band, their music gives me shivers, Favorite Album is definitely Hysteria, and while this isn't my favorite song by them (Love Bites and the title track Hysteria are) it is one of the more well known.

Loved the ''Hysteria: The Def Leppard Story'' too one of the better music documentaries I've watched (though of course stuff like Behind the Music has a more factual angle), which tells the story of the bands rise to fame, and the tragedy and challenges they faced when drummer Rick Allen lost his arm in a car accident.

Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar on Me

Saturday, April 9, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 10

Day 10 is a song that makes you fall asleep

I actually listen to tracks of rain pouring when I fall asleep at night. I got into the habit when my husband and I moved into our apartment since we live on the bottom floor and it can get a bit our neighbor is a crazy bitch who yells at her boyfriend in the room right next to our bedroom at 3 in the morning lol. But since Raindrops aren’t a song I decided it would definitely have to be something by Enigma which I use for meditation sometimes.

I haven’t at all bothered to find out what they are singing about in some of their songs, I’m sure knowing would spoil the illusion the beautiful music weaves in my mind. It was a toss between Gravity of Love, Return to Innocence and Sadness.....was a hard decision but here we go, my sleeping music.

Sadness – Enigma

Friday, April 8, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 9

Day 9 a song you can dance to

I was going to rip In Da Club by 50 Cent out since that was like my favorite song to dance to back at fact it was my dorm floors anthem almost since we were one of the hardcore party floors lol.......but I decided to choose something that is still something I listen to lol.

I’m not a Rihanna fan, this is the only song of hers I really like I think and the music clip is pretty frakken awesome. The beat just makes me jig and I will admit I dance in my kitchen to this song....yes, yes I do.

Disturbia – Rihanna

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Video Games Live

So excited, my husband went last time they were in Saskatoon with his mother for mothers true nerd fashion hehe. This time he’s taking me! Yeah it’s a bit expensive, 50 bucks each but we wanted good seats.

For those that don’t know what I’m talking about Video games live is the first and most successful world traveling video game concert tour. It is an immerse event created by the gaming industry featuring the best of video game music played by orchestras and choirs in combination with synchronized lighting, video, live action and audience interactivity.

It features musical compositions from games like Final Fantasy, Sonic the Hedgehog, Warcraft, Mario, Myst, Halo, Everquest, Zelda and many more.

Yeah I'm a total nerdy nerd but whatever hehe

PS: Think I might have solved my game issue, was something I did, something Dumb hehe

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 8

Day 8 a song you know all the words to

This is just silly........I mean really! I know all the words to every song I’ve used so far, and hundreds others lol how am I meant to pick dammit! Well screw it, I’ve finally decided on this one because I used to sing it over and over again when I used to think of myself as a bit of a singer because our voices are kinda similar...therefore I know the lyrics VERY well.

Gravity – The Superjesus

In other news my game is being a fucking whore, crashes constantly, so I'm going to have to do a slow CC removal to find out WTF is causing it........weird though I didn't install anything new yet it seems to suddenly not to like something. This kind of shit always happens when I'm late getting an entry in for a competition.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dark Shadows

I successfully let the number of competitions I'm in drop to 5, from the overwhelming 11 it was at one point. One of the 5 is currently in the finale round, Hitched is in the final 4....and the other three are running at a leisurely pace (though I am holding up the show with Vampire the Mascarade right now, bad PK) so I allowed myself to enter one more.

Dark Shadows is a comp hosted by Beech, and even though she runs about 9 modeling competitions I have yet to compete in one hosted by her. This cycle (4) has a dark faerie theme so I decided since I need more experience with abstract off the wall type ideas that I would give this one a shot.

I created an Emo faerie, her name is Tragedy
Here's the first assignment that I threw together, the topic being where our faerie lives.....a portion of the competition is creative writing to tell a story with the sim, I didn't go too crazy with it since it's only the first round.

Assignment 1

In a place humans could not comprehend, Tragedy paces constantly tormented. She flits in and out of the nightmares of humans pointing out their flaws, reminding them of their failures, feeding off the despair that grows within them as the darkness she is created from slowly invades their waking lives. She weaves webs of sadness and sings of disaster, making all of those who cross her path expect the worst. Her world is the impossible, fears made reality, fragments of uncertainty and shards of hopelessness.

Growing weary of only being able to touch those that harbor doubt already , she prepares to abandon the space she has occupied for so long and venture out into the world of the living.

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 7

Day 7 is a song that reminds you of a certain event.

Now as I mentioned on Day 5 this particular song also reminds me of a person. A person who was an integral part of the event/s this song reminds me of. I am kinda in a way breaking the rules because it reminds me of two events....but one is more of a spinoff of the other one.

Instead of completing High School I left early and began my tertiary education. I moved 45 mins /1Hr 15 mins (depends on whether you drive to the speed limit lol) away from my home town and began studying business at a polytechnic, which I guess would be the equivalent of Tafe or community college in other countries. I was living in a dorm which was right next to the hospital and actually used to be a nursing hostel.

One night we had a power cut and a group of us ended up sitting in the hallway talking in the semi darkness. At the time I wasn’t a hugely monogamous woman and was kinda seeing a few guys at once, one of them was a tall dark and handsome guitarist who had aspirations of becoming a rock god. He got his guitar out and starting playing and singing this song to us......he played it again for me at my 18th birthday party later that year but really I was so drunk then I can only assume my brain is using the memory from the blackout night lol

So this song reminds me of him, of that night in the dorms and my 18th birthday party (what I can remember of it lol)

Nothing Else Matters – Metallica

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hitched Entry

Man I have fun with this comp, I must really be a super nerd since ideas for a sci fi theme just come to me...wish that would happen for all my comps lol. This is by far the best entry I've created in a while.

The assignment was to further our couples story within the boundaries of a given genre of cinema....I was given Comedy/Sci fi Parody, this is what I came up with.

To understand how this is a comedy parody you would have to be familiar with the Star Trek universe in particular the creature known as the Tribble who first featured in a TV episode entitled ''The Trouble with Tribbles'', but have been referenced and seen in the movies. This entry is also inspired by the movie Gremlins and the mechanical arms from the TV show Lexx ''Mandrid Drones''.

In their travels Orpal and Vortox have collected some weird and wonderful things, sometimes they don't quite know what the items are used for, or their properties. Not the most intelligent way to conduct business especially when they are being tracked by bounty hunters.

However not everyone is out to destroy one another....some races just enjoy a good laugh. Which was exactly what the Fillabean were thinking when they created the Zytibble, a little robot that can duplicate itself at a massive rate. When exposed to scrap metal or rubbish a single Zytibble can make 20 duplicates of itself every 10 minutes, resources permitted.

The robot is not malicious, it actually cleans, cooks, provides entertainment etc....however when your ship is as untidy as Orpal and Vortox's.....the sheer number of them can shortly become overwhelming. Their ship which now squeaky clean and lemony fresh was now swarming with little polite robots who speak in high pitched Scottish accents.

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 6

Day 6 is a song that reminds you of somewhere

Now I said I wasn’t going to repeat any artists, and looking at the whole list I can tell you right now that I will have to break that promise once, but it’s a New Zealand artist so I doubt anyone would have noticed lol.

This song reminds me of New Zealand, it also reminds me of a movie made of the famous kiwi cartoon strip ‘’Footrot Flats’’....but mostly of NZ itself. Listening to it makes me swell with pride for the beautiful country I left behind...gah almost brings a tear to my eye.

Slice of Heaven – Dave Dobbyn (Featuring the Herbs)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Pose Player!

I never did any modeling or anything when I played Sims 2, and had A LOT less CC and no mods......pretty much because I didn't actually have a legal copy of the game lol so therefore didn't have a forum account. Shit I didn't even know there were forums for the Sims franchise till I actually bought Sims 3.

So I never used Pose boxes in Sims 2, but the overall idea behind them gets my very excited, and finally someone has made one for Sims 3.

The process of making custom animations looks VERY hard and time consuming, I don't know if I personally have the patience lol, but eventually CC creators will prob be releasing custom poses WOOO.

If anyone knows where I can find a full list of every animation then that would be fantastic, it's kinda useless without one since you have to manually input all the animation codes in, unlike animator or debugenabler.

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 5

Day 5 is a song that reminds you of someone

I have literally tonnes of these types of songs, as I’m sure most music lovers is the soundtrack to our lives blah blah. There are two that really jump out at me though; the connection is so strong between the song and that person that I can’t listen to the song EVER without thinking of them. One of those songs I think I will use for Day 7 of this challenge for reasons you will find out on day 7 HAH.

I’ve had a fair amount of online love affairs, 4 to be exact, 2 of which turned into real life relationships 1 of which is now my husband....all of them through World of Warcraft. Yes I used to be an E whore as well as a real one lol.

One of the things I shared with all of these online lovers was music, and each of them actually has tainted a song for me, Hotel California by the Eagles, These Eyes By The Guess Who are two...however are not as strong as this one. This dude was from Alabama, and had a thick accent; I love accents and used to sing to me over Ventrillo hehe. Whenever I hear this song I always remember him.

Glycerine By Bush

Sunday, April 3, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 4

Been up all night watching Merlin....the 2008 miniseries they did with Sam Neil as Merlin, I actually did a film study on it for High School. I had an urge to watch it after seeing Jurassic Park since of course Sam Neil plays Dr Alan Grant. Strangely though watching Jurassic Park made my husband want to watch Space Jam lol because of Wayne Knight who played Dennis the fat computer programmer that causes the fuck up in the park in the first place.

So I'm posting my Song Challenge at 5am WOO hehe

Day 4 is a song that makes me sad.
Now I know this song technically isn't meant to be sad, or to make someone feel sad. However whenever I hear it I feel melancholy, it must be the melody, and her voice that seems so sad to me. Almost a feeling of a longing that can't be satisfied. Deep PK,


Here With Me - Dido

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vanity Assignment 8

Not quite rejuvenated in the creativity department even though I've had a few days off from doing anything sim related, but at least this entry isn't as bad as the ones I have been submitting lately lol

The assignment is to include two very distinct and bright colors as assigned by the host, mine are Red and Yellow. We can use other colors but they must not be dominant in the image.

I created a mad scientist scene since I have a red and yellow simbot in my legacy family, and it was a little different that just putting him into a room with those colors.

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 3

This gets more fun and more interesting the more people who start doing it! Arcanalia, Apollo and I are all on the same day which is great cause I can switch between everyone and compare our entries...and now CrazyPlumbob is doing it too !

So Day 3 is a song that makes me happy!
My music taste is very eclectic and I wanted to make sure I try to touch on as many parts of it as possible, so for today I chose something techno.

I in particular used to listen to this song on the way to work to try and pump myself for the day, it was one of the tracks on my ''pwning noobs'' playlist when I was pvping in World of Warcraft, and my husband to this day plays it in the car if I'm feeling a little down.

I even found a version that has English subtitles, though it's not like the lyrics really factor into why it makes me happy.....though I do play League of Legends which is based on DOTA hehe

DOTA by Basshunter

Friday, April 1, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 2

Day Two: Your Least Favorite Song
Or how it should be written....a song you fucken hate!

Arcanalia did an intelligent thing and stopped by her lil sis's room to grab a name off her wall...I could have just slapped a Bieber song on here, but I feel it would just taint my blog lol.

So I'm going with this, a song that is played ALL the fucking time here in Canada, where everyone knows the words and it's seen as an epic makes me wanna punch kittens and then eat them, I can't say exactly why.

It is.....

Don't Stop Believing by Journey

Sign ups for Flux Cycle 3 are up!

Anyone looking for a modeling competition to join? I highly suggest this one, and it totally has nothing to do with the fact I'm judging it lulz

It's a great way to have your work be noticed by the modeling community as the simmer who wins each assignment will have their winning picture showcased in Flux Magazine.