Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Finale for Fashionista Madness Cycle 2

Round two of this comp for me! Came second last time around....and will probably be a repeat performance lol, I'm not so hot at cutting sims out onto transparent backgrounds, no matter what I do they always seem to look choppy on some of the edges. Oh well, here it is anyways.

The assignment was to show something that your model doesn't like about themselves, and why they were ''Born that Way''. The second part like last cycle is a body shot on a transparent background to be used for the banner for the following cycle.

Many things in life are shaken off as being something a person was born to be like, but very few of them are really traits we are born with...personalities are created from our experiences we are not born with them.

However Avon's final reflection for this assignment truly is something she was born with. Avon is in fact a twin, the younger of two girls. Her elder sister Acacia is a very different person, more family orientated. Though Avon has seen success as well as failures as a model, actress and singer she is constantly comparing herself to her elder sister.

She can't help but feel like her life in many ways is lacking compared to her sisters, and is always seeing parts of Acacia's life she desperately wants. A loving doting husband, a steady job, children.... because of this desire to be somewhat better her sister, to achieve more than her she is never really happy with herself and what she has become.

What Avon hates the most about herself isn't her vanity, her addictive personality or her ruthless ambition. It is the fact she was born a twin, and can't help but always feeling like the inferior copy.

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