Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bit Low at the Mo

My mother in law finally motivated my husband to get onto doing his half of my immigration forms. It's not like I haven't been trying to get him to do them or anything, he just doesn't listen to me at all....blames his inability to pull his finger out of his arse on stress.

Finally it looks like the forms will get completed and sent next week. Aussie police check is being sent today, I have my medical booked for Monday....and Greg has a strict schedule to get all his forms finished.

While the fact that the forms will finally get sent is a huge weight off my shoulders, the fact that the immigration offices told me that the time period quotes I got from immigration lawyers were bullshit upsets me. I was told the first section of the forms would take about 4 months to process which then would allow me to get a temporary work being able to work is the part I am really the most worried about. However according to the processing offices that part actually takes about 9 month on average.

9 months....

I've already been unemployed for a year and a half, I have student loan repayments due October this year.....and even though I finished my degree when I was 22 I have yet to really do anything with it as I keep moving around too much. I'll be 27 before I can get a job here, and as everyone knows you have to start from the bottom regardless of what education you get, so really I'm leaving it terribly late to get a good career going before I planned to have kids.

It's all terribly fucking depressing really.


  1. *Big Hugz*

    That really sucks PK that things still remain a struggle. Yay about the forms, but to wait 9 months when you've wait so long as it is.

    I hope after everything gets situated that you get a long streak of good luck and good fortune as you definitely deserve it.

    Nothing but good thoughts coming your way from me.

  2. Bah! Waited not wait *facepalm*

  3. Thanks dude :D
    Just a matter of sucking it up really hehe....we had a streak of good luck with a big tax payout and Greg getting a bonus so there had to be something shitty to smack us in the face too's just the lameo way of the world.

    Also discovered one of my close cousins has split from her husband, they have two young daughters too....and an old high school mate of mine who got married about the same time I did has separated from her man too.

    So when you think about it my self caused problems are NOTHING compared to what they are dealing with.

  4. Something good leads to something bad which leads to something good and so it begins again. Balance in the world. Definitely lame tho :p.

    Sorry to hear about your cousin and your old mate.

  5. I hope immigration forms get faster delievered to you, Pistolkitten. Think of the good things. I think starting from low isn't necessary a bad thing as long as we have a goal + we sort of enjoy the job

  6. Wow, that's a long wait PK and a very frustrating process. Hope all goes well!

  7. Wow I really hope it doesn't actually take THAT long. Complete BS.