Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hitched Entry

Man I have fun with this comp, I must really be a super nerd since ideas for a sci fi theme just come to me...wish that would happen for all my comps lol. This is by far the best entry I've created in a while.

The assignment was to further our couples story within the boundaries of a given genre of cinema....I was given Comedy/Sci fi Parody, this is what I came up with.

To understand how this is a comedy parody you would have to be familiar with the Star Trek universe in particular the creature known as the Tribble who first featured in a TV episode entitled ''The Trouble with Tribbles'', but have been referenced and seen in the movies. This entry is also inspired by the movie Gremlins and the mechanical arms from the TV show Lexx ''Mandrid Drones''.

In their travels Orpal and Vortox have collected some weird and wonderful things, sometimes they don't quite know what the items are used for, or their properties. Not the most intelligent way to conduct business especially when they are being tracked by bounty hunters.

However not everyone is out to destroy one another....some races just enjoy a good laugh. Which was exactly what the Fillabean were thinking when they created the Zytibble, a little robot that can duplicate itself at a massive rate. When exposed to scrap metal or rubbish a single Zytibble can make 20 duplicates of itself every 10 minutes, resources permitted.

The robot is not malicious, it actually cleans, cooks, provides entertainment etc....however when your ship is as untidy as Orpal and Vortox's.....the sheer number of them can shortly become overwhelming. Their ship which now squeaky clean and lemony fresh was now swarming with little polite robots who speak in high pitched Scottish accents.


  1. Ahaha XD Tribbles were awesome! I love the "they're born pregnant" bit :P such a 'Wtf?! moment' Lol!

    Brilliant picture :D