Monday, April 11, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 12

I'm doing pretty well at remembering to do this hehe, always seems to be really frakken early in the morning too....mainly because my sleeping pattern is all up the fuck atm.


Day 12 is a song from a band you hate.

Now like most people many bands and artists fit into this category. I decided in order to help whittle my choices down that I would find a sing I called REALLY like, from a band I REALLY hate.

I despise seems only douches have the name Chad (no offense to anyone reading this whose name is Chad you could be a rare exception lol). Nickelback's music is mostly garbage, shitty commercial rock made by the studio for mass appeal rather than the expression of art. They use the same melodies and beats, a lot of their songs sound exactly the same just faster or slower or in a key higher/lower. The lyrics are fucken terrible...............not to mention Chad sounds like he's singing with a mouth full of cotton wool sometimes.

On top of that I live in Canada, and I don't understand it, but Canadian radio seems to enjoy airing the fucken shit artists on their radio stations (Nickelback and Bieber being two huge ones) and never any of the good stuff like The Tragically Hip, so my ears get raped by their crappy music often.

I do however like this song, probably cause it's the theme to WWE is however the ONLY song by this band I will listen to.


Nickelback - Burn it to the Ground

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