Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So excited! Got given a link to a safe download of Photoshop recently from a lovely simmer on Symlish. I install it today...took me forever. I also tried to install 900 brushes that I  also nabbed through a torrent, but CS5 has a limit on brushes so I'm going to have to actually go through them all and delete all the ones I don't like or won't use since they didn't all successfully install. Luckily thats really easy to do since I can delete and load brushes WHILE photoshop is open and running.

Normally I would give myself a chance to get used to the program before jumping right in....but screw it. I'm about to finish of the in game base of my entry for Beech Modeling....and then I'm going to slide it on into photoshop and get busy. I think I'm even going to attempt some hairdrawing.

I have until midnight tonight to get my entry in, and even if I end up getting eliminated due to trowing caution to the wind and working with a brand new program right in the assignment that will decide the top three...then at least I would have gotten some practice.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Life, Death and a bit of Lolita

So yeah, I totally forgot to post my stuff....bad PK

DEMONS entry, Assignment was two pictures representing how our Demon sees life and Death.


After recovering from the shock of watching her own body being created Static got a chance to explore her surroundings. She found herself in a strange synthetic world, full of all kinds of information.

She began to familiarize herself with her summoner even before being introduced to her, by viewing photographs and home videos she had stored on her computer. Static watched hours of television shows, flicked through hundreds of pictures and listened to many different audio recordings, most of which were musical.

She learned all about her jailer, her family and well as the eccentricities of this new species called human, via all the media both personal and commercial her summoner had stored on her hard drive, from baby pictures to animations. Some of the discoveries were wondrous, others shocking and some confused Static and had her mind racing.

''Zara'', she said her name allowed, it felt foreign and strange, but Static knew it was a name she would remember.


Zara turned out to be an interesting creature. Sometimes Static quite liked her, she spoke to her like a friend, asked her opinion on things and even entertained her. But she was also very cruel, sometimes treating Static like a toy, a slave....almost like she saw Static as something she had created rather than someone whom she had summoned from another plain of existence.

Something Static found both enjoyable and horrifying were computer games, Zara had a large variety of them on her computer, her favorites though were the ones that involved killing things. She included Static in these adventures, sometimes as an ally, and others as her enemy.

Static had not quite got her head around certain concepts of human existence from Zara's media library and one such thing was death. However during her time in these games she experienced this over and over. At first it was a little rattling, the sudden darkness and feeling of weightlessness, but eventually became expected, mundane. Static would put herself in riskier and riskier positions, having no fear of watching zombies tear her body apart, or bullets rip through her she would just re-spawn to try it all over again, she was immortal.

Not exactaly the most stunning entries in terms of smooth editing, but I had fun making them, and they are decent considering I procrastinated for so long and was late getting them in (won't be doing that again)

And then there's my entry for Hot or Not. Beech has opted for that pesky ''PM me your assignment'' angle, so I feel weird about posting my entry before they have been revealed. I will however try to be better at remembering to post it than I was with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

First assignment was Lolita style, plain background, contrasting colors, sex appeal
Scores are already in for this one and I came first, I'm glad I scored so high even though my background was a bit TOO simple and I should have upped the Lolita look by adding stockings (Sundra has lovely legs though!)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

100 Followers! Mwhahaha

Thank you to all those that visit. <3

Will have some more piccy's up tonight sometime, my DEMONS entry came out ok for a pretty quick job, and I have to do my entry for Hot or Not today too, so I might as well post them all together if I can.
Breakfast/lunch and scores for FLUX come first though.

Friday, August 26, 2011

I Get Distracted Easily

I'm currently desperately trying to finish scores for Inspiration and my pictures for DEMONS...I've been so slack lately. In between forums, and chatboxes, sleeping and spending time with the hubby I've done jack all in the sim modeling department, I'm behind in judging and my DEMONS entry is super late.
Soon as I have it finished I promise to post it, and I'm trying to get myself in order less time wasting, more making sure I'm up to date with all my other commitments.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two Pictures

Been slow going with the Sims stuff, mainly because another friend of my husbands from World of Warcraft has signed up to League of Legends so we have been playing a lot of games with him. Actually did my first pvp games last night. I change champions so often I've never felt good about going a pvp game and possibly holding my team back, but I'm slowly accumulating a group of Champs I'm going to be practicing with.

Last night I managed to finish both my Beech Modeling entry which was something that was due, and my Work it entry which I actually got in super early. Both were of the high fashion style, which is actually quite a bit easier than doing an entry for say...a fantasy or lifestyle competitions.

Beech Modeling was a black and white high fashion shoot, in a swimsuit of course.
Work It was interesting this time around. We once again had a blind choice of CC to use in the picture, this time it was paintings, I ended up with a yellow stylized one. Our model had to pose with the painting on a white background, using the painting as inspiration for our model's style....something that would sell the painting. I kinda got a grunge feel from mine so I came up with this.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Still Awake

Another sleepless night for me, I blame wrestling.

It was good, my husband wasn't overly happy with it, I guess he thought it was going to be a televised show, but that was never going to happen because our stadium (though bigger than the capital of SK Regina) isn't really equipped for a recorded event and the recorded event was going to happen in Edmonton. There were a few things missing since it was just a house event, no commentators, HHH didn't make an appearance in person and no promos, but I enjoyed it all the same.

It probably would have been better if we were seated with some more lively folks. We had some old folks in front of us who looked like they were falling asleep the whole time, and a guy and his son, he spent most of his time taking photos on his digital camera and his son only really got into it when damned Cena arrived (When I started booing Cena the kid turned around with this shocked look on his face like I had just killed a kitten) and this kid actually yelled out for Cena to ''show us his abs'' was quite disturbing. There was also a young girl behind us with the most terrible high pitched voice, she screamed basically the whole time Kelly Kelly was in the ring (lucky Diva's matches are short) and flipped out when Cena came out as well. The guy next to me was about my age but didn't cheer, or get into the chants or anything the sad sack of shit. Next time I think we will drive the 5 hours to Edmonton and get tickets to the televised event for the full experience....that way we can also go to Taco Bell because Saskatoon doesn't even have one grrr.

I was meant to be spending the rest of the night doing sims stuff if I was still awake. All I've done though is scores for PINK because I'm watching the Live televised Intel Extreme Masters tournament for League of Legends, the final starts in about half an hour. I swear my husband has turned me into a bigger nerd than I was when I met him....watching damned Starcraft and LoL tournaments.

I will be doing at least one competition picture today however, so there might be a second more Simmy related post today too. Hope everyone elses weekend is going as great as mine is.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


99 Minions! Just one more and I can rule the world mwhahahaha

Also in other news, I was planning to do stuff yesterday...then I got sidetracked with various things of the time wasting nature, mainly chat and watching games of both the soon to be released DOTA 2 and the new map ''Dominion'' and game play  for League of Legends.

I'm also about to leave to have dinner before seeing WWE RAW, something the hubby and I bought tickets for a while ago. I was thinking about taking my camera, but I think I might just go and have a good time and not worry about taking snapshots, it's all about the show anyways. Therefore there will probably be no Sims flavored updates tonight either, though I'm hoping the adrenalin will be pumping when I get home and I might finish off a few more of the assignment example pictures I've been doing....which was what I was talking about in my previous post. Felicia has asked me to be the co-host for Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, which is starting soonish....prob in the next couple of weeks, so 6 of the assignments will feature example shots done by me....and I've finished a total

Thanks again to the 99 simmers who have pushed that ''Join this Site/Follow'' button, much love.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Up all night once again

I'm definitly a night owl.
I've been up all night again watching another season of Big Brother UK and playing Sims at the same time, very handy having a laptop I can move it over to my husbands computer once he has gone to bed and watch youtube vids while playing hehe.

Some of you already know my exciting news, but since it hasn't really been announced yet....or at least I don't think it has, I won't go into detail, but I'm trying something different in the Modeling community soon, and I've been working on stuff for that.

I've also been tweaking a new sim model for a while now and finally decided she was finished and ready for a competition to trial her out. I once tried a dark skinned model back when I first started modeling....but the EA skins are so flat and lifeless the darker they get and I found it hard to light her well. However that was then, and this is now, and I would like to try something new, so I made Sundra Holt and she is currently signed up for Beechnutbaby's competition Hot or Not, which is still accepting sign ups over on Unbound and on the officials.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Heart Canvas

I tossed up many different made up brand names for this lingerie advertisement, I originally was going to go with ''RedCat'' since that's the name of the creator who made the set. However when I was testing out sets I couldn't really come up with anything that matched the theme that didn't just look odd (who would wear lingerie in an alley way?). So I went with something a bit safe.

Had some issues with the tablet too, kept getting a message saying that my computer couldn't find the drivers and neither the mouse nor the pen would work. I installed new drivers and still had no luck. I actually ended up having to delete all my saved preferences for the tablet and then it started working again.

But it's done, not exactly what I had originally planned....but these days I seem to be either winging it or changing my mind in the middle of setting up assignments.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Quick Update

If I have time tonight I'll be working on putting together the new legacy town (Editing all the residents, creating the starter couple) and/or working on my entry for Work It. So with some luck there might be another blog entry tonight or early tomorrow.

I'm now judging Mythology over on Simagination, link to the site is on the side there. Alix has taken over as host, it's her first time, I think shes also looking for another judge so if you're experienced and interested drop her a line. It's an Elven competition, so as you can imagine the pictures are magical!

I've also submitted an application to become the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Cycle 3, Co-host. This could be where I get some interest in Hosting, or decide that it definitely isn't for me....assuming I get picked hehe. Either way I will be judging as winner of Cycle 2. Sign ups start in September both on the officials and at Simpure Thoughts so if you missed out on Bad Girls Society and still want to check out one of Felicia's comps then watch out for this one, it's non editing and a great start for any beginner, or a great way to further perfect the skills of an already experienced in game photographer.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sleep or Sims?

An age old question.......well maybe not really old, but it's pretty important anyway.
I had planned to do my entry for Beech Modeling last night, and get it in a day early. Unfortunatly my plans don't seem to go as planned these days, and an old friend of my husbands ended up joining the other game I play fairly regulary (League of Legends) and we offered to play a few games with him. A few games turned into 5, and before I knew it, it was already 2am.

Sleep or Sims?

I thought, screw it, I'm going to watch some old Amazing Race (hubby downloaded every season) and work on my picture for a few hours. I scrapped two sets, kept moving things around and changing poses so much that suddenly it was 5am. I was going to stop and sleep, I even mentioned on the compeitions thread that my entry would be in late on the evening of the due date (today).
However my ipod was dead, so I needed to charge that in order to sleep (I listen to rain). An hour passed the ipod was fully charged.

Sleep or Sims?

I have nothing I really have to do today....except maybe walk the dogs so I decided to finish. 7am and I'm finally done. Only problem with staying up all night to do a picture is that my tired eyes don't nessesarily see any I hope there aren't any.

Beech Modeling
Midnight Romantic Swim with that special someone

Thursday, August 11, 2011

So Far...

I managed to install Generations without any problems, took about 30mins to actually update my game though, since I never have and never will do automatic updates so I have quite a few patches to install when it comes time for me to add an expansion or stuff pack.

I have noticed I've been getting Error 12 on my legacy game more often, this was before I installed Generations as well as after. So I think I might have to research and try out the fixes and workarounds, it's not usually a hassle, I don't mind replaying a lost day. It usually happens when I try to save after changing too much, buying and selling, building, editing any sim in CAS along with everything that happens in the regular day. I'm kinda worried about my new project because of it, since I think I read somewhere that the bigger the house and the more stuff you have, the more likely you are to encounter an Error 12 message. However I have been planning to build a totally new house for this legacy family which includes double the amount of space they currently have, three stories and a basement (their current house is one level).

I couldn't put a treehouse on the Neverends current lot, kept telling me it was on a slope for some strange reason (the ground was totally flat). However I added all of the other new playground items.

On the first day the nerdier of the three girls (Dakota) woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and started having a mood swing, much to my surprise. She rolled some interesting wishes, including skipping school, being mean to her mother and getting into a fight with another sim, all of which I fulfilled. She also, of her own accord, booby trapped the shower after getting dressed, resulting in this.....

Her father was not a happy chappy. The other two girls are excited about prom, both are looking for dates. Moon the hippy sister, might be a lesbian, which is fantastic will be the first gay sim in this legacy family. She has her eye on a pretty townie from her class called Stephanie Rowe, but shes a bit of a social butterfly always inviting new girls home so who knows who she will end up with.
I think after her tempter tantrums and trouble making Summer and Shayne might send Dakota to boarding school to straighten her out a bit, I'm leaning towards the Snobby Prep School.

So far it's pretty fun, all the new interactions and things for the younger family members to get into make playing them more exciting....I'm finding I tend to let Summer and Shayne do their own thing on free will even more now.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DEMONS Assignment 1

So it's not like, super fantastic or anything, but I'm quite proud that my overall idea came together. I wanted to do something straight forward for the first assignment which is just a regular old origins theme, but using some tools I've only just started using (the Pen Tool, and Gaussian Blur).

I'm also going to be submitting the story part of the competition like a diary kept by the demon herself, so the story unfolds from her perspective alone. Without further ado, here is the first assignment for DEMONS.

Date: 10th August 2731
Codename: Static

I wish I could tell you where I come from. However I don't remember. The first thing I was aware of was a bright overbearing light, green in color. It pierced through my closed eyelids traveling beyond my eye-socket, I can feel the remnants of it in my brain still. I was aware of feeling weightless, but not in control of all my limbs.

When I finally opened my eyes, I could barely see, like I was looking through my eyes for the very first time. I watched as green lights the same color as my surroundings finished applying flesh, or at least I assumed it was flesh at the time, to a grid of my arms and feet.

I don't remember what I am, or who I am but someone has given me a new body, bald and sexless but made from light and energy. I feel connected to my surroundings, a part of an interesting new synthetic ecosystem.

I cannot leave this small space so I have no choice but to wait. Wait for my summoner to show themselves.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Yeap I'm late to the party, I always am, I like to wait and see if theres any bugs, and ask people how good an expansion is, whether it met their expectations etc before I get it. I waited till I could get a deal on Ambitions, never bought WA (though I might now depending on how much it is online), but both Late Night and Generations I bought just a month or so after they were released.

Working on my entry for DEMONS right now, I want to get that in before I start the long process of backing all my save files and sim files, removing my CC folder and updating my game so I can install the expansion, just in case something bad happens which puts my game out of action for a few days. I'm intending on doing some editing I've never done before (no hair editing yet) but it's not going to be super in depth as it's only the first round and non elimination....don't want to show all my cards just yet, or bust my ass hehe

I'm tossing up the idea of starting another legacy file, this time in Sunset Valley, using another naming strategy. I haven't decided whether I can be bother actually doing a story with this one or not, but I love seeing how the genetics turn out in this game, so I would love to work with a couple of diverse legacy games at once.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Exotic Beach Holiday

Well things got in the way of the sims picture plan. Family friends came over to play Kaiser, which apparently is a common Canadian card game which took up one whole night. Didn't play like anything I've really played before so it took me ages to pick up on what was going on. Then last night we had dinner at the Saskatoon Inn which is really fancy, it was my father in laws birthday supper.
I did finish up my entry for Beech Modeling last night however, was glad to get it in because we were having internet problems all day yesterday, some issue on the ISP's end.

I tried out some of Evie's ''How to Fake Quality in GIMP'' Tutorial and added some shading to Laleina's skin, and smoothed out her skin and hair. Will go a bit further in the next picture I think, when I have a bit more time to play around. Tonight and tomorrow I'll be working on my entry for DEMONS, I have an idea in my head, it will take a lot of editing to pull off and I haven't started yet, so lets hope all goes well.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

3 Shells Advertisment

It's not anywhere near the best advertisement I've made, but I haven't done them for a while, it's good enough for the first assignment, tonnes of room for improvement hehe. Kinda did it based on an advertisement I did for Flux for the Sharma Day Spa.

Proud of myself for having in it before the deadline too for once hehe. Next up tomorrow is my entry for Beech Modeling, so far I'm on track yay!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Yeap, busy again. Summer in Canada this year is actually really nice. I'm normally not a hot weather person, I much prefer rain or snow, but the humidity here is low and other than a shit tonne of mosquitoes it's actually really nice to be outside in. Though I have still to develop any type of tan, I believe my skin to be untannable I am perma white.

I have planned out the next three days to include one simming picture a day though, one for each of the competitions I'm in, so there will be sim flavored updates soon. Feels a bit sad scheduling my sims time, feels like when I had to schedule WoW back in the day due to raiding...but I'm also trying to get back into all the sims sites and blogs I have been missing....mainly hanging around Cstyles again, and getting more involved in Simagination as well as Unbound of course, and catch up with some folks I haven't talked to in a while and meet some of the new crowd.

I've unpacked my camera and tablet so there shall be new new stuff in the works.....and hopefully maybe even some pose creation experimentation....guess you all have to wish for rain in my region so I have an excuse to not walk the dogs/mow the law/work in the garden/go shopping etc etc lol