Monday, January 24, 2011

Decisions, Decisions!

There's always a fine line between a modeling competition assignment that is too broad...and one that crushes the ability to be overly creative.

I've had a couple recently that verged nicely on that ''Too Broad'' category, which means I end up spending A LOT of time trying to think of something to do.

Simiverse gave me an assignment to portray three objects that define teenagers, which is a fairly wide open assignment.

And Flux gave me an even harder one,

I usually try to create all my shoots in game, it's not that I can't edit, it's just that I prefer the symmetry of a pure in game creation. Flux is normally an ''editing optional'' competition, just the way I like it.....but this round we had to produce a purely unedited image.

RIGHT UP MY ALLEY! might say!

Except for the fact that, that was all the specifications there was no, boundaries for my imagination.
Normally once I build a set that's it I go with it, though I rarely ever take my first shots, poses etc. However this time I actually made two entirely different sets. Hopefully I submitted the right pictures for both competitions.


The entry I submitted for Flux (set Number 2)

The entry I didn't submit (Only one of the four different angles and poses I tried)

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  1. As a teenager I can definitely say that you got that first one spot on. All the pictures look fantastic though, you've done a great job.