Friday, January 7, 2011


I would give this post a better title, but really its going to be all over the place so the only thing that really fitted was ''Update''

Bill is doing ok, he's been moved out of Emergency into Emergency outpatients....he's still waiting for a room, I guess Canadian Hospitals are just as overflowing as the New Zealand ones.

My house looks like a bomb hit it, which totally annoys me. Our apartment is small and when I put together the treadmill I got for Christmas I had to move one of the couches out so we had a place to put it. So I have this random couch blocking the entrance to my kitchen. Plus one of our good friends moved in with his girlfriend and didn't have room for one of his flatscreen's so he gifted it to us. The TV is currently sitting in the middle of the room, kinda in the way of the front door.....since its so fucken huge (and heavy) our current Television stand won't support it lol.

Here's a few more modeling competition pictures I've done. Getting harder to juggle WoW, Sim Modeling comps and real life stuff.....especially when my inability to absorb vitamin B12 is playing up and I feel like sleeping all the time.

Hitched Cycle 3, Fantasy/Sci Fi Version
My entered couple: Orpal and Vortox Tantria, Space gypsys
Assignment 1 (Basically an introduction to my couple)

Fashionista Madness Assignment 5
Rock Music

Flux Modeling Assignment 6
Exotic Maiko (Apprentice Geisha)

and finally for all the WoW players
A gnome priest standing next to a sludge with a diving helmet


  1. Nice ;) Lovin' the WOW pic :P what level you at..?

  2. LOL - Love the WoW pic as well. Love your second picture too!

  3. That particular character ''Nomlette'' is only level 22. But my main character is 84, almost 85!

  4. :0 how do you do it!!! You are amazing and if I didnt already tell you, I love your hitched copuple!

  5. Glad he is doing better, and lovin the pics. Where the hell is that sludge? lmao and hey Nom has some clothes!