Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Kinda Feel....Bad

As you all know, I'm a bit of a bitch sometimes.
It's just that I'm blunt, I'm not rude...usually, I just don't understand why people sugar coat everything it really doesn't help anyone.
And on top of that I take my hobbies seriously....I don't like it when I suck at a class/role in WoW I HAVE to learn it, and I don't like it when people half ass Modeling Competitions...whether it be competing, judging or hosting. My motto is, ''If you're going to do it, might as well do it well''.

But I might have gone a little too far this time and hurt someones feelings.
Yeah slap me on the wrist but I hate this wave of shitty judges we have currently rocking the forums....people who have never done a modeling comp before in their life and think that the fact they have played The Sims for the past 3 years and own a camera irl makes them an expert at scoring peoples creations...images some people have spent hours putting together.

Now I'm no means an expert, my entries are still very much hit and miss as most peoples are....except Cele shes like....not human lol. However I do know quite a bit, I've been around for a while now, and the whole time I've been in at least 5 comps at once.....and I've only been eliminated once (though I've had to drop out of a few)

It makes me sad when someone submits an image that has gridlines all over it, or has the walls down etc basic mistakes, and the judges don't even mention it. Meaning new competitors aren't even learning the basics to help them improve to the level of being able to compete in say...Strike a Pose...or a Berry Sweet Competition and last beyond the first round. That in turn means less high level competitors for the rest of the old timers.....we end up competing against the same old folks over and over again...facing the same people in finales.

JK has created a great guildline's for judges post....but sadly not many of these new hosts and judges are going to read it....believing that they already judge fairly and provide helpful feedback to their contestants....when most of them might as well not even write anything compared to the kinds of comments you get in the comps of more experienced judges and hosts (Bliss and JK are great examples).

And I'm the big mean meanie when I try to help these simmers out by mentioning the shit that their judges didn't bother (or didn't notice, or in some cases even know about lol). It's cool I'll take the slaps in the the hope the quality of entries, competitors, competitions and judges increases.


  1. I don't want to say it this way, but one of the reasons I finally started that thread was it really hit me how bad it was. I don't want to say names because I don't know if I have their permission at the moment, but a friend's competition picture was scored incredibly low for having "too much detail". That comment was later defended as saying that the wall paper was too busy. Fair enough, but it was a HUGE hit on the score. Another picture had the walls on the cutaway setting, the set was... idk.. halfway built and didn't make sense, and it just had nowhere near the composition of my friends' picture. I think it was one of the top three.

    I also have noticed an overwhelming amount of "It's missing something but idk what." I might have said that once when I was knew, and please, slap me if I have. That's a HUGE pet peeve of mine. I don't pretend to be like the most excellent, know-it-all judge. That's why I sent a barrage of questions to Sun and Blair before making that post, but I think I speak for MANY others in saying that some real feedback from people with experience would be really appreciated. Again, thanks for your support.

  2. yeeaaaahh and I just realized you already know about all this xD

  3. Pk you are not a bitch and you meant well. I love you for being blunt sometimes! It makes who you are. I am always afraid to say something in fear of hurting someone's feeling, you never know how they are going to take things. Don't feel bad,you made some very valid points!

  4. i dont think thats bitchy...i think thats constructive criticism....speaking of which...on my blog for my latest post is a pic of a sim...which i entered in a modeling comp, my first one...can you maybe take a look and give me some pointers? ive looked at some stuff at siff but i am still in the learning process and would love feedback

  5. I don't think you're at all being bitchy but honest (funny how those two go hand in hand sometimes) I'm not a regular when it comes to the competitions but it seems like every day there are more than a handful of new ones run by just about anyone, with judges that have little to none experience. Or some people host many competitions at once that it seems like they neglect some of the other ones they are hosting.

    And I'll be a bitch here but IMO if anyone submits a photo with grid-lines/walls down then they should get a low score because it shows that they either didn't care enough to go into tab and set up the angle of their photo or they need to learn that grid-lines/walls are a big no-no.

    I know my photos are not at all perfect and I haven't even competed in 10 comps total but I would like to think that I've come a long way in my photos partially due to having my photos constructively criticized when they were judged, because I got to learn from it.

    And I also get a little peeved when a judge makes an broad comment that they didn't like something but they don't say specifically what they didn't like. For example one judge didn't like the background of one of my shots and thats all they said, not why they didn't like it or what they found wrong with it just they didn't like it.

  6. Well I said my bit in one competition thread and now the host is going on about how I incited a flame war....bitch needs to get over herself.

    My comments were there to help her not suck, and actually offer an environment for her contestants to grow in....not a little competition to make her feel good.

  7. The contestants whose picture I kinda slammed however....she actually sent me a gift thanking me for the links I provided to helpful stuff more modeling comps :D So I guess in the end it was just the host who got her knickers in a twist