Monday, January 31, 2011

WoW Stuff

Finally got a little time to play some WoW, so I have some pic spam.

First my new hunter. I'm not a fan of the class but I love all the different pets you can get, and now that all hunters start with a racially specific pet I couldn't resist creating a Worgen hunter...since they get wicked Mastiffs!

So here is ''Frizbee''

and her pet ''Chewtoy''

I'm taking suggestions for future pet names, however they have to be somehow related to, treats, games whatever lol.

I've been taking the time to enjoy some of the old and new scenery.

The Night Elf architecture in Ashenvale

The wild new oasis in the Barrens

A sunset from Booty Bay (Yarrr)

Speaking of pirates, I've been fighting some...with the help of my own trusty boat.

Which was given to me buy the goblins and gnomes that hang out on the steam barge floating in the waters of the now flooded Shimmering Flats in Thousand Needles. The boat itself is rather amusing as are it's quests, I quite enjoyed bashing a goblin over the head with a bottle to start a pub brawl in the barge's bar. This gnome and goblin engineering paradise features some interesting spots,

A cute bathtub which comes with a pet crustacean

Goblin BBQ complete with dodgy looking fish burgers

and finally my favorite

A que for the loo (there's also a gnome out house....apparently goblins and gnomes prefer separated bathrooms lol)

Next time I'm playing my druid I'll have to remember to get some screen shots of some cataclysm zones, they have some interesting scenery.

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