Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wow this RuthlessKK thing has gotten wild

Take some time away from the cess pit that general discussion is and you miss out on the majority of the drama.
Here's me trying to E-punch some newb competition host into reality when in General Discussion land you have a community mod using her position to promote her lots and creations in GD, while all other showcase threads get moved...Using a gossip blog to help her actually do the job she was asked to do, and then at the same time slam that blog for being pointless.

That last community mod, Nicodemus or some shit....only ever see him post the usual copy and paste responses to people asking how they private message folks....don't even think I've seen him post in the tech support forum since he became a mod either (which is how he was promoted).
How did Ruthless get the job? Does making pretty houses warrant a moderating job nowadays? Kinda reminds me of being a modeling judge atm, all you have to know is how to type ''I'll judge'' and set up an email and you're it lol.


  1. Nic is there, also posted in my Liam thread by stating the obvious. Did something else too that is uncool for a Mod.

    Ruthless got the job cause mamainred stepped down after the whole Alexurt/Kirby fiasco. She was offered and she jumped at the chance. She's turned out to be a useless choice and a good amount of simmers are royally P.O'd and more will be if anyone who already blogged it before hand gets served with a "You've been banned!" email.

  2. Well she can't perma ban me my account is squeaky clean I've never so much as gone off topic on that craptastic forum.

    Though I still have my trusty Late Night account anyways hehe

  3. Same here! But then who says she needs a reason to ban any of us? She could make it up if she was so inclined. But as I said to Dark, it would be stupid of her to ban any of us (especially since we all have squeaky clean accounts) because the backlash of that would be beyond epic. I highly doubt we will see Ruthless any time soon.

  4. completely off topic......but i just noticed where youre from regina originally....small world :)

  5. Ha, I'm originally from New Zealand :D but I love Canada :D