Friday, January 21, 2011

So Very Tired

I suffer from insomnia as well as a tendency to oversleep.
Right now it's kinda a disturbing blend of the two.

I've been up all night, playing WoW because I couldn't sleep, getting annoyed and disheartened by the terrible human beings that play the game. Sometimes I think I'm mean and rude and then I meet some of these people and realize I'm a big cuddly bunny compared to some people.

Anyways, way off topic that happens when I haven't slept. I want to go to bed, the concept of sleeping sounds so very yummy, except last night I forgot that we have an inspection today.

Last night in the middle of the night, Greg and I secret squirreled a broken couch into the dumpster outside. Secret Squirrel meaning two fatties in parkas, whispered and giggled and huffed and puffed in the hallway, up the stairs half dragging and half carrying a blue three seater. Hopefully when the landlord gets here she doesn't have a security video of us breaking....2? of the building rules lol (no moving after 7pm and no dumping furniture in the dumpsters)

I have to stay awake until after they have made sure we don't live like hobos, which knowing these people will prob be at the latest time quoted, so anytime between 2pm and 5pm means.......... 5pm hehe, I have four hours to kill, four hours of being stuck here, tired and bored out of my gord.

Lack of sleep has also turned me a little loopy, I haven't slept well in days.....which could be the cause of my lack of patience with people recently in regards to said drama's, well that and teamed with the usual ''I don't care, why does everyone else?'' classic PK reaction.

There was no real point to this post, it wasted all of.....5 minutes though :D

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