Thursday, January 27, 2011

Legacy Vote

I have a page up on the General Discussion section of the forum, but I'll re post the shortened version here too.

Radik Neverend
Insane, Bookworm, Genius, Heavy Sleeper, Kleptomaniac
LTW: Illustrious Author
Job: Professional Writer
Age: YA

Alex Neverend
Hates the outdoors, Dramatic, Good sense of Humor, Good, Natural Cook
LTW: World Renowned Surgeon
Job: Medical Career
Age: YA

Piper Neverend (Summers Twin)
Loves the Outdoors, Excitable, Snob, Artistic
LTW: Become Superstar athlete
Job: None
Age: Teen

Summer Neverend (Pipers Twin)
Flirty, Slob, Virtuoso, Lucky
LTW: None at the moment
Job: Grocery Store Clerk
Age: Teen


  1. Vote goes to Summer. Her facial structure is interesting, plus I love the hair colour :D

  2. Summer. I almost went for Radik.

  3. Thanks for the votes ladies! Post has been made, Summer won :D