Saturday, January 22, 2011

Screenshots about my Blogger Account Problem

This is what I get on sites I've already followed prior to changing my avatar

As you can see it has my old avatar, if you click on the name it takes you to my blogger account its supposed to, The name is the blogger account name, and the new avatar is seen on the profile when you visit it.

This is what I get now after changing my profile picture

The avatar has a google icon on it. The name is linked to my google account and when you click on it, it takes you to my google profile and not my blogger one...despite it saying its logged in on my blogger account.

How do I get this back to the way its supposed to be with it linking only to my blogger account?


  1. I've never seen that happen before. Tell me if this works for you:

    Click options > site settings
    Click "Change" next to "Currently using your Blogger profile"
    Instead of using a different profile, click "Unlink"
    Then reselect your Blogger account with the "Use it instead" link.

  2. I love you Wednesday, have my babies!
    Every time I reselected my blogger account it had no picture, so instead of that I just unlinked it, changed the picture manually and linked to the blog manually.....a whole lot of hassle when it was working just fine before lol.

    Won't be changing my avatar again anytime soon lol

  3. Lol Glad I could actually help. :)