Monday, January 24, 2011

Even though I should spend the 20 bucks....

I'm currently downloading a pirated version of Amnesia Dark Decent.

Normally if something is created by a smaller company or is of exceptional quality I will buy it. Amnesia fits into both these categories BUT I'm poor and already spending money to play WoW. So in approximately 3 hours I will have a copy of this deliciously scary game.

I will be waiting until it's actually dark to play it though, to get the full effect :D

I'm trying to remember to take more screen shots of more stuff than just sets for modeling comps, so hopefully it isn't too scary that I forget where the print screen button it hehe.

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  1. Hehehe I've been print screening a lot too :3. I've only solve one or two puzzles and I'm already scared to go on, but I want to soo badly! Last night I played it with headphones in and the lights off.... Ohmygod... Can't wait to compare stories! >.< there's a lot of good one on the Amesia thread on Steam~