Saturday, January 22, 2011

Problems with Blogger Account

I don't quite get wtf is going on but here are my issues
I changed my blogger profile avatar weeks ago, it hasn't changed on anyone's follow lists.
When I try to follow any new blogs it doesn't list with my blogger account name, instead it uses my real name, it sometimes posts with my blogger account avatar with with a weird little goggle icon on the bottom right hand corner, or with a totally blank avatar. If it posts with a blank avatar I don't even show up on that persons following list.

Anyone got any ideas as to what is causing this? I've posted something over at the help forum for blogger users but if anyone else has any bright ideas then I'm all ears.

I just checked someone blog I recently commented on (Randomspirit's) and my name and avatar are showing correctly there....I don't understand why it isn't showing properly in peoples follow lists though.


  1. Just followed myself so you can see what I'm talking about, wrong name, correct avatar weird little google icon at the bottom corner.

    When you click on it however it shows the avatar for my goggle account instead.

  2. While fooling around i refreshed somethings and now its not showing up at all....back to a blank avatar that doesn't show in the follow list anyways.....

  3. You said that you changed your profile avatar, but have you changed it under "options" as well? Under followers you can click on options> site settings> then add a photo and hit done. It should change after that... It took me forever to figure out why my picture wouldn't change under followers.

  4. Options then site settings gives you the option to change the account your following with yes? and therefore the picture?

    I got it to show a picture, but to have the right username I had to change my google account name. As you can see the picture has a little google icon at the bottom too.

    I'm so confused I'm signed in under my Blogger account, though the name it is using on followers is my google account name which is why it was showing my real name before, if you click on the icon it takes you to my google account and not my blogger one.

    How do I get it to use only my blogger account, avatar, name etc and not the google one?