Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh Em Gee WoW

So yes, a non ranty, no real life moany...non sim post!
Oooooo Ahhhhh

You all got to see a picture of one of my characters, Nomlette a Gnome priest hanging out with a sludge with a diving I decided to add some headshots of the other three characters I have been playing (sure I have bundles of others I have been playing on and off for 6 years, but these are the ones I playing atm)

I normally play Horde, but to hang out with some simming buddies I created some toons on the opposing faction, the Alliance.

So on alliance with Nomlette I have,

Muffee the Worgen Warrior, have been teaching myself to tank, rather successfully I might add. But mainly she's awesume because of THE HAT.

Next up is, Accent my Draenai (AKA space squid/goats) Shaman. Doing her best impression of a pirate, some of the armor is pretty hilarious in this game.

And finally the only Horde character I'm playing at the moment, recently hit the level cap of 85, in my husbands guild about to start raiding some of the big boy content.
Yazarah Troll Druid

I'm getting back into the game quite a bit.....maybe not as much as I did back when I was addicted, but the changes they made in this recent expansion has really revitalized the game, things are more challenging than they were before.


  1. Haha! xD

    I haven't played WoW recently since all that bullshit went down. I have a Worgen Warlock [so fun, and I LOVE the hats they get! :D] and my Night Elf Druid. Maybe I'll just start playing the Horde toons I created, but never played. I planned to, but I left them at their starting areas and whatnot. I think a Goblin Shaman...Blood Elf Mage? Can't remember.

    What server are you on?

  2. My Alliance characters are on Icecrown, with Kelle, JK and Blaz (might be a few others who have joined us since)
    But my Horde characters are on Silverhand to play with my husband, it was also the first server I ever played on.

  3. They all look so badass. I've worked like.. crazy hours the last 6 nights so I haven't played much :( I'm hoping that will change tomorrow! Kelle and Blair are gonna pass me up D: