Wednesday, January 26, 2011

*Shakes Fist at EA Forum*

I've felt like playing my legacy family these last few days, and finally got to the stage of picking my heir, I was going to do a little thread vote thing on the forums...but for some reason my pictures won't show up.

I keep getting that ''this picture has been moved or deleted'' thing, when the pictures haven't been moved nor deleted.

This has made me a sad panda, and I may have to resort to choosing the heir myself. Unless I work out why the EA forum has to be such a huge fuck nugget.

In other simmy news I have started making sims of characters who appear in my dreams. Yes I said characters, I have these things I like to call ''Saga Dreams'' which are more like being part of a mini series or TV show, that continue over multiple nights. So far I've only made one...Kai Malrath who happens to be my very first vampire too.

Here's a non vamp version too

Slowly working on the others when I have time, using people I know and celebrities they remind me of, to help create them.


  1. wouldn't mind if he visited my dreams :)Will you share?

  2. Aye he is a tasty bit...though he's much hotter in my dreams lol